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(slow saxophone music) – The Mazda MazdaSpeed3
is like that weird guy that has two first names. It’s a front-wheel drive,
turbo-charge, four-cylinder that made its debut in 2007. The same year that the
iPhone was released. That’s some tough competition. It’s life was short-lived
as Mazda killed off in 2013 because I don’t know, why not? It’s paired with a
limited-slip differential. six-speed manual transmission. Following other cars in Mazda’s lineup, looks super damn happy all the time. The second generation Mazda
MazdaSpeed3 was produced from 2010 to 2013 and
featured some ECU tweaks, a hood scoop to keep up with Subarus, and if you can’t believe it, a face that looked even
more happy than before. The MSRP on this happy (beep)
was right around $24,000. Which could get you 5,466
steak quesadillas from T Bell. It’s in the math. This car looks happy, but
would it make you happy? Today we sit down with a
Mazda MazdaSpeed3 owner and have a good old chat. Driver to Driver.
(upbeat saxophone music) All right, cut, save some battery! The SD card’s almost full! What’s up guys Dakota
from Fitment Industries Wheels, Tires, Suspension. Don’t forget we have a giveaway
going on with Kansei Wheels. You can get some for free I guess. All right, today we’re here with Erik. – Are you nervous?
– Not. – Let’s not beat around the bush. How much did you pay
for this knock-off GTI with a hood scoop? – About 21, 20, 20,000. – How many miles are on that bad boy? – Uh. – You’re making me real nervous. (upbeat piano music) – 29k – Okay. So you paid $20,000, at 29,000 miles. You do realize brother, you
coulda bought a brand new one of these for like three grand more. Brand spanking new. Right of the lot. (bell dings)
– What in the hell? – Yeah. – You got taken for a ride. All right. (buzzing)
How long have you had it? – Uh, about two and a half years. – Okay, so you’re tryna get
your money’s worth out of it. – Yeah yeah yeah. I’m trying. – So these things are
like 260 horsepower from the factory. That’s like 76 bucks of horsepower. You feel like it was worth it? – Yeah. – That doesn’t math.
– Yeah. – (mumbles) – I was tryna think. I’m not gonna add it up. – All right. (buzzing)
– You paid $20,000. I probably woulda just picked the 5,000 steak quesadillas
you probably coulda bought instead of it. (angelic music) – Yeah. I mean if I liked Taco Bell that much. You talking (beep) about T Bell? (beep)
Enough from me. Let’s hear from our extremely
loyal YouTube community and get into the nitty gritty. Justin K says “So you couldn’t
afford the STI hatch?” (slow saxophone music) – Yup. That’s not a good one. – Okay. All right. Well Justin has another one for ya. He says, with the back to back questions. “Does the car’s eternal
happiness radiate to the driver?” – Absolutely. – You are a pretty happy guy all the time. – I’m happy. – We always say Erik’s a funny guy. – Yeah. Yup. – So I think it works. Buy a MazdaSpeed3 if you’re happy. – Yup. Yeah. – Sorry. It’s a Mazda MazdaSpeed3. – Yeah. It’s. You’re forgettin’
the Speed. It’s the– – Yeah. Mazda twice. – Speed. – All right. Atlas Rivera wants to know, “If you didn’t buy a Mazda,
what would you have bought?” – Well. I’m not gonna lie.
You hurt my feelings before cuz you said you want
a Subaru WRX Hatchback? (car whizzing by) And that’s actaually what I
tried to get before that car. – What happened? – I wasn’t making enough
money at the time. So I couldn’t. – Bro you blew 20,000 on a
Speed3 with 29,000 miles. Sounds like you have money. You got Yeezy’s on. – That was at the time. – You got money. – That was at the time.
– [Dakota] Oh all right. – That was at the time. – Makin’ big bucks, huh? – Yeah, yeah. This is big change. – We out here rich. – Yeah. This is shift. – Making like a Speed 6 now. – Yeah. Yup, yup. – All right Dallas Grantley’s
very eager to find out if you like peanut butter. – No. I hate. I don’t like peanut butter at all. – Oh, cut! Cut cut cut! (static crackling) I forgot. I apologize.
That’s embarrassing. You have a nut allergy. Don’t you? (laughter)
– Yeah. – That’s unprofessional. – [Eric] Yeah. You’re gonna kill me dawg. – Did you get a
MazdaSpeed3 because looking at it would never make you nut? ‘Cause you’re allergic? Cut. Cut. I forgot. That’s,
that’s unprofessional. – Listen. It’s just.
– That’s unprofessional, sorry That’s all I’m allergic
to. It’s just that. That’s it. Why you gotta pick on that? – Yechezkei Yireh asks,
“If you have to switch to another car from a
different brand only, what would it be?” (drum roll)
– Right now? – Yeah. – Tesla. (truck beeping) – Tesla? You like batteries? – Oh yeah. – No more exhaust noise. – [Eric] No more oil changes. – That’s true. You like Elon. You like Thomas Edison makes cyber trucks for you. – Cyber truck was cool all right. (tv static) – If you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension be sure
to check us out over at – All right. So she looks pretty
stock from the outside. Do you have any modifications
done on that bad boy? – Ah no. No, uh. You know, just wheels and uh, tires. – What kinda wheels you got on it? – [Eric] Uhh, ESR SR08s. – [Dakota] ESR SR08s. Those are pretty popular. – Yup. Pretty popular. – You like ’em? – They’re top of the
model. Yeah, they’re nice. They’re clean. – So nothing really done to it. Why didn’t you do more mods? Did you already feel like
you spent too much on the car and it’s just not worth it? – Uhhh yeah, you know. Maybe, maybe. Kind of. Uhhh yeah, that and you
know, I’ve also found that anytime you touch that
car, it does kind of tend to blow up or have issues. – You touch it, you have issues? – Yeah. – Show me on the Speed3 where it hurt you. (beep) What made you go with
the Mazda MazdaSpeed3 and not a Focus St or a Volkswagen GTI? Cuz I hear them Focuses are pretty cool. – Uhhh you know, I wanted to be cool. I wanted a cool car. You know. – So you shoulda got a Focus. (laughter)
– [Eric] No. I didn’t. No. Nope. – What, what, what appealed
to you about the Speed3? And not a Volkswagen GTI or a Focus? – Um. I like the way it look. Looked. – I know, you’re pretty happy. – [Eric] Yup. – Has the car been reliable? – Oh yeah. Absolutely. – Probably cuz you haven’t
done anything to it. (laughter)
– Yeah. Ba dum tss. – Ohhh! Got ’em! Do you plan on getting
a different car anytime here coming soon? – Yeah.
– If so, why? You don’t wanna be happy anymore? – I wanna be more happy. Okay? – You gonna get a car that
makes you smile even more? Cyber Truck doesn’t smile. – No but you know what. I’ve heard that the… There’s a thing called the Tesla smile. You know? – I don’t know. Talking ’bout Bill Gates? – Macintosh. – [Dakota] I almost said something. Did you have any advice
for someone thinking about getting a Mazda MazdaSpeed3? – Do it. – Should they do stuff to it? – Sure. Why not? – Wait. Before you said they
blow up, now you’re saying– – Listen, I. That’s a personal preference. – You wanna see the world burn. I see you smiling, but I see right through that
smile and I know you’re evil. – Listen. You can do whatever
you like to it. All right. I just didn’t do anything to it because I don’t want those problems. – So you want other
people to have problems. (clears throat)
– Listen– – All right,
(upbeat saxophone music) I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for Erik coming on the show and talking about his stock MazdaSpeed. Mazda Mazda 3. If you need any wheels,
tires, or suspension, including the ESR SR08s, head on over to That’s the plug. – It’s a cool car. – And we got a giveaway
going on with Kansei. (upbeat saxophone music) – Is that it?
(upbeat saxophone music) All right I’m gettin’ up. (upbeat saxophone music)

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  1. What kind of car owner should we interview next? Drop a comment below! For details on how to enter the Kansei Giveaway, head over to

  2. Unfortunate that this guy didn't know much about his car. I love my MS3 and as long as you start with a high pressure fuel pump upgrade and get an Accessport they are reliable AF. Keep the car at around 300-350whp and you're golden!

  3. I loved the Dr. Steve Brule type intro and interview 😂 I just bought my 2012 speed3 and I'm loving it so far. Cant wait to start modding

  4. Where do guys even find theses drivers? they always act like you pulled them from a bus stop and asked them "what do you think about this car you apparently own"
    But its always fun to see Dakota roast theses guys.

  5. What a shit show of a interview..$20k is not bad for 29k miles.. $25,000 new is not including tax,title, tags.. 30k$$ out the door.

  6. I had one and it made me smile of how stupid fun it was… but then I blew the rings on the 3rd cylinder racing a GTI… still won and drove it 130miles back home then to the Subaru dealership hahaha. If you get one do an EGR delete, a Catch Can, and motor mounts no doubt, maybe a muff delete and intake with a cobb tune if youre feeling frisky. but on the bright side if you blow it up like I did the Subaru dealer gave me 1500 for it on trade for my new WRX. lol

  7. My advice is get a first Gen. None of the goofy looks, with all of the same power. Just do a timing chain job and it'll run like a top.

    Also, as every single Mazdaspeed owner should know GET AN UPGRADED HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP. Either the internals or the entire pump itself if you're not mechanically inclined or just want that piece of mind.

  8. 2010 Speed3 124K miles, factory motor factory turbo still kicking here 🙂

    Have HPFP internals installed before doing anything and you'll be great. Budget it in a protune and do all your mods at once. Don't floor the car under 3K RPM (lug) and you'll be good. Check oil here and there obviously.

  9. take a shot every time you hear mazda, mazdaspeed, 3

    rockin my 11 MAZDAMAZDASPEED3_sport because it cost as much as a gti clutch job, 6's are rusty nightmares and sti's have headgaskets.

  10. ngl would be better if you didnt take the piss outta the intros wih the shitty raspy voice. good concept for a series but kinda annoying when you take the piss outta hr whole thing

  11. Video should of been called, An interview with a guy that owns a speed but has no knowledge of the platform, doesn't have any mods and isn't really sure why he's there lol

  12. As a modded Mazdaspeed 6 owner, I can say that even after modding they are still very reliable, and this is from a car with 134k miles

  13. not gonna lie, this guy screams sheeple. No conviction or confidence behind any of his answers. It's like every purchase he's made has been for the sake of validation.

  14. and then theres the mazdaspeed 6, which was awd, only made from 2006 and 2007, and had the same exact powerplant as the speed 3 (2.3 mzr). and that's what I own and I think I'm gonna run it til the doors fall off.

  15. 😂 – this was great.. but he should have interviewed someone with a modified one. Mine had 330whp, 140k miles, super reliable.

  16. Had a drive in a clients new Tesla Sport, all I can say is " Holy Shiett ", the acceleration on it was rapid, much faster then my Speed 3…

  17. Cringe. The mazdaspeed owner is not really a car enthusiast let along knows much about his own car. Bring on people who can actually make a entertaining debate.

  18. 135k mi on my 12 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 most reliable car I have ever had, and modded to the teeth every except methanol, also a very happy person

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