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(jazz intro music) – The Subaru Technica International or STI is Subaru’s motor sport division. It was created in 1988
but they didn’t release the Subaru WRX STI until 1994. Hey that was the year I was born. And the same year Lion King
came out that was a big year. The blobeye STI was released
to the United States and was short lived from 2004 to 2005. And then they wanted to give
a facelift to that old pig. It featured a 300 horsepower 2.5 liter pair to the 6
speed manual transmission. And bright pink STI logos all over it that kinda remind me of like those Barbie 24 volt power wheels. As original MSRP of just over 31 grand. That’s like 9,717
quesaritos from taco place. (splatter sound) Subaru man. It used to be known for its rally heritage and now its known for vaping and redlining its rumbly exhaust at car meets. Today we sit down with an
owner and have a good ol’ chat. Driver to driver.
(saxophone solo) – All right, so what’s up guys, Dakota from Fitment Industries don’t forget wheels, tires, suspension. Today I am here with Matt. Matt an I go way way back. Way back – Way back. – Years and years and years and its really cool to see that you’ve changed your wheels from
black to white in that time. – And the car is still black. How many cars has Dakota since then? – Too many to count. But that’s for sure. So how are you doing. – Good. I’m doing really good.
– [Dakota] Good. – Glad to be here guys
thank you for having me. – Absolutely. So as I beat around the bush,
how much did you pay for that sexual transmitted
infection of a car scene. A whole fifteen thousand dollars. – Fifteen thousand dollars huh? – Not bad. – How many miles are
on it when you bout it. – 87. – Thousand? – Yeah eighty seven thousand, two owners. Sound like you, you’re a gambling man I’d rather buy scratch offs than get a Subaru with
eighty seven thousand miles. – Oh it bit my ass later.
(laughing) – Have you seen Subaru
math, you know Subaru math. I hear you drive it a lot. – I do. – But you didn’t drive it here. – I did not. Its broken. I broke it myself. – You broke it yourself? Alright we’ll get into that. What made you go with
the blobeye over like a bugeye or a hawkeye or a stinkeye or a pinkeye
or any of that stuff. – I like the look honestly I
just like that whole chasse I would have gone with the hawkeye but blob was just my favorite and quite honestly its what I could afford. – Oh gotcha all right. – Hawkeyes? Add a nice eight grand to that and I was just a broke college kid, so. – True, true. Yeah because you bought
it a while ago right. – 2011. – 2011, oof. So no bugeye though, you like the blobeye more than the bugeye. – Well yeah no drive by,
what is it, drive by wire. – You don’t like bugs? – Yep. – Alright lets take a break from me and lets hear from our extremely
loyal YouTube community. Qqunee asked, why did you
buy a subie, not an evo? – They sound better. – I don’t know about that. And they sound like, you could tell when its a Subaru when they’re running. – I like a challenge I
want it to break a lot. – [Dakota] Okay.
– That should have been, in hindsight that would have been. – So you bought a Subaru
because you wanted to break it? – Sure. – Okay, all right, all right. Evology MR says, sick ride. A little low for my taste but
sweet build none the less. That’s a lie coming from an evo owner. He says, discuss your drivetrain,
specifically the clutch, trans and transfer case. He’s probably a little
concerned about transfer case for the evo guy. – Yeah because the evo guy. Its just stock, ACT, heavy duty clutch. – Any issues with it. – No its, I guess I drive good but. (smash and laughter) – Unless you want to add more
power then I’ll need a new one and they’re expensive I
forgot how much they were. – Lava is dying to know,
how much have you spent and how much horsepower does it have? – Too much for too little. Because I have wheel
problems I don’t know. That car has probably got
twenty grand in it or something and I make like 360 horse
over 400 foot pounds on E. But if I change turbo on
clutch that’s mid upper fours. – Did you say twenty grand? (heartbeat) – Eh, new motor, yeah, new motor, wheels.
– [Dakota] Oh my. – I mean I spent four on
the wheels, so I guess. – That’s a lot of Subaru math. You could have bought a whole other car that probably has 400 horse. – I wish sometimes I would have bought another car I would have
had a lot less headaches. – Let us know what you think about WRX’s in the comments section below and if you’re looking for wheels, tires, suspension, check
out – Squaaaa wants to know. How do you feel about people putting STI wings in their WRX’s? – I mean rock it, if its
what makes you happy, I mean don’t put the
badges and act like an STI. – Why not? – You’re going to sit in there, and gonna be like well this interior’s a lot cheaper than the next guy. – That’s true and they
have bad transmissions. – Benjamin E says, does the STI burn when you pee? Moving on. Caesar asked, why so low? Wait I got this one. If you’re low, you drive
slow, and then you don’t blow. Subaru math. – I don’t even know what to say. – Why’d you make the car so low? – I didn’t intend to just
cause, peer pressure. Peer pressure kids. Don’t do drugs. – Drugs made you get low? Oh my god. Hey, you remember? We did a road rally together. – [Matt] We did. – [Dakota] Do you remember that? – [Matt] Yeah we came dead frickin’ last. – Look. Last place baby. – I thought we were doing good. – We got the noob award. Maybe if we weren’t in an
STI we would have did better. – [Matt] They’d probably
penalize us for being low. – [Dakota] Yeah that is true. – Hey we did hit cow
manure that was great. – Yeah, getting poop all over. – If you can’t drive your
car slow, hey I came out with cow manure all over me. That was great.
– [Dakota] Yeah. – [Matt] Photographic evidence. – [Dakota] That’s true. It was good time. We rubbed a lot and we hit cow shit. – [Matt] I rephrase that one. – So what have you all done to this car. – Uh its kinda typical for
some people but built motor, fuel upgrades, coil suspension,
a lot of it is detail work so I did a lot of
work doing wire tuck, battery relocation I wanted
to stuff to the engine bay so my favorite thing is, some
people might like interiors, I like the stance, I like simple, I wanted things with a good body lines. But my whole thing is I liked engine bays I wanted to do where you don’t
have five different colors of yellow caps and things
I wanted to start color coding it and I just
started going down this rabbit hole of taking
things out, hiding it and kinda making its own piece of when you pop the hood or take the hood
off it’s its own element. Some people like the
interiors and the outside I have a hard time unless
you’re sitting in the car, getting into the interiors, so its stock. But I like being able to
walk over and seeing all these matching pieces of
hardware all this color coded. – Its like purple right,
you got purple in any of it? – Yeah purple and black so the theme we have is a black blocked out stainless hard wear everywhere
and the the candy purple is now gone into the
piping and the shields. – That would look good when it blows up. – So the idea is to pop, and I got some lighting tricks for you too. So hopefully the whole thing will look like it glows in the dark in the night. – Oh.
– [Matt] So. – You’re going to be like batman. Do you think its worth making an engine bay pretty if its just going to blow up? – It is easier to take out. – That’s true I guess it
looks good when it blows up. – But no. – Speaking of which have you
had any problems with the car? – Plenty. Numerous issues with wires, with fuel, and throttle sensors,
bad coilover choices, bad tire choices. – You should have used the
gallery at – I would have saved a lot more money. (laughs) – But what you’re telling me is you had a secret gem in the STI world. One that was reliable and great
and you just destroyed it. – Pretty much. My dad even told me not
to, he says, oh yeah this will be a good upgrade for you, your second car, keep
it alone it’ll be a nice mature car to go to
places, job interviews, things like that. Little did I know, nope. – Sounds like a smart man. I guess spooderman’s uncle was right. With great power comes
great responsibility. – Good thing I don’t have great power. – Yeah he got shot too.
(laughs) – What’s your favorite thing about the car and your least favorite
thing about the car. – My least favorite thing about the car is probably my trash rear fender work. It looks pretty on the outside
but inside it definitely could use some body help. – I remember back in the day, you were rubbing and you
just got out of the car with a hammer and you just sit there and you just pull her out. And then it wouldn’t rub for a little bit. – Oh god I’ve pulled it with a hammer, a pipe, never did a phone book, it’s just too thick but I’ve tried it all. – What about a baseball bat? – No. Just because I didn’t have one. That’s a good thing I didn’t I probably would have beat the car up other places. My favorite thing about
the car was probably that I’ve just kept it as a story piece, without that car without
getting it probably wouldn’t have made the
connections with you. Wouldn’t have met my
wife through it because I wouldn’t have the connections there, so. I wouldn’t be here without that
car, I honestly don’t know. Because it kept me in Wisconsin partially. – That’s deep. – [Matt] That’s very deep. I keeps you in Wisconsin
because you couldn’t drive it? – Yep. – Do you ever wish though that you went with a different model car? Or are you happy you went with it? – Part of me was tempted
to go into the euro scene. I had a lot of friends with
like the B5 S4s and things. And then when I got into
it, the same with evos, I was an evo guy before I heard of Subaru. And then all parts of me thought, Audis and expensive to
maintain the evos look cheap. Little did I know. – Evos look cheap, then you
put twenty grand on the STI. Man oh man. – Do you have any advise for someone looking at getting a blobeye STI? – The only advice I say is just don’t get one that’s one beat up, and just buy quality
parts, and getting a tuner. Someone who can take care of
the car, that’s all it is. You can put cheesy parts, good parts, your tuner doesn’t know how do anything. We know plenty of people in the state that had a certain
someone blow up a number of motors back in the day. – A lot of people have blew up. I think everyone that
I know who has a Subaru has a different motor in
it than the factory one. – Its all about the good tuneup. – You heard it here first. Get it tuned. All right that about wraps it up. Thanks for Matt for
coming out letting us poke some fun at his STI. And don’t forget, wheels,
tires, suspension, at, we’ll see you later. – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – Tata. (jazz music)

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