Robinhood vs M1 Finance vs Webull | Best Free Investing App 2020?

24 Replies to “Robinhood vs M1 Finance vs Webull | Best Free Investing App 2020?

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  2. I started following Robinhood because of your video and than Investment Underground discrediting it now I’m confused

  3. I think M1 finance offers a $10 bonus if you have an account with at least the $100 minimum for 90 days. I’m not sure if the offer is still available, it does not show up on my account under promotions but I have seen a few sites that mentioned it (the offer may have expired). Similar offer if you refer someone with your link and they open & maintain an account. I guess I’ll find out in 89 days.

  4. As a dividend investor I am going to stick with M1 Finance. When looking at it I see Robinhood as the best platform to trade (buy and sell) and M1 Finance to invest (long-term buy and hold).

  5. thank you ryan for adding webull content.Β  for long term investing would you trust trading platform such as m1, webull, rhood or a brokerage account such as vanguard, ally, etc.,?

  6. I started with Robinhood. I don't know why but when they made cryptocurrency available on the second day after I signed I was very pleased. It's probably not a good idea to day trade on it, but it's always with you when you are not at home. I tried day trading coins and it worked fast. I don't know if it's the same with stocks. Next time I get money I may try Webull.

  7. Are you sure that RH doesn't do fractional shares. I saw this on their site "Introducing Fractional Shares
    Invest in thousands of stocks with as little as $1."

  8. can people from belgium use webull? and the free stocks that you get is that just for people from US or do they also give them to people from belgium ?

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