RVSHARE review: An owners view of RVSHARE – my RV got damaged!

do you have an RV that you’re
considering renting out or are you looking to possibly rent an RV today I’m
gonna share my user experience with the website called RV share this is Jeff
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release the video just like this one now let’s talk a little bit more about
RV share so today I’m gonna outline my experience as an owner through our V
share RV share is just one of many different websites that owners can use
to rent out their RVs to potential customers I thought it’s appropriate for
this video I’m to shoot it in my RV okay so as I said I purchased this RV in July
I listed it on RV share not knowing what to expect but to be honest with you most
people that only use RVs recreationally um use it between four and six weeks out
of the year so there’s a lot of time where they just sit and they’re just a
waste of money so why not rent it out right okay
so like I said I listed it about a week goes by and also I get interest someone
wants to rent it for an entire week and I thought whoa that’s pretty sweet
so they communicate with me they’re gonna go to Walt Disney I communicate
back with them let him know the price they agree the total price was one
thousand five hundred ninety three dollars and thirty six cents that’s for
a week rentable that’s what this renter paid out – insurance or deductible I
also charge a thousand dollar deductible that’s completely different okay so out
of that one thousand five hundred and thirty six dollars 1254 of it was for
the rental of the RV our V share charges a service fee and for this rental is
about eighty seven dollars or so and then of course because my RV is new
there’s armed and and another insurance that they have to
purchase I’m sorry not another insurance but insurance that they have to purchase
that two little two hundred and fifty one dollars and change for the entire
week so let me talk about the breakdown out of that one thousand two hundred
fifty four dollars that was charged for the rental of the RV I actually got
about nine hundred and forty of it so RV share charges twenty five percent
commission on all their cells where they keep and they say that’s to upkeep the
website and their marketing and the platform and such but then I also
thought it was interesting they also charge a service fee which I don’t
actually know what that is but that’s where the customer pays an additional
fee so you should know the breakdown there from when I rented it for one
thousand two hundred and fifty four dollars and actually brought in nine
hundred and forty dollars now I’d like to say that everything went well but it
didn’t so as I go through the departure form and I’m talking about mileage and
generator usage and how to dump the tanks and how to do the slide out and
how the refrigerator works and propane I was kind of worried that this twenty
five foot RV might be a little bit much for the people that was renting it to
and twenty five feet is not that big for an RV
when they finally drove off I thought oh my goodness I’m never gonna see that
thing again what did I do so they came back a week later said they
had the greatest time ever which I was really grateful but then I noticed a
large scratch going down from almost the dry or passenger side mirror all the way
to the back and I said hey I notice there’s a scratch here and this RV was
brand new can he tell me about it like yeah well we hit a tree and boy wasn’t a
tree and so of course then in my mind why I knew that I collected an insurance
deposit but how was I able to get this entire twenty five foot long scratch
repaired now I’m gonna link above me here a video that I did previously about
how to repair scratches in your RV and now you know how I got it so I’d love to
get your opinion would you ever rent outdoor RV through a company like RV
share or outdoorsy or one of the other ones also I’d like to know if you
so rent an RV would you utilize one of these services let me know in the
comment section below I mentioned earlier about the departure form and the
return form and those are a must for RV share the departure form lets you
outline any kind of scratches or dents or dings or mileage or generator hours
and the renter actually signs off on it so when it’s returned you know if they
went over mileage you want to over generate at all hours there’s any kind
of damage maybe there’s propane it just keeps everyone honest and there’s really
no arguing now the people I’ve worked with have all been really really great
since my first rental I’ve actually rented it three additional times and I
have a few more until I winterize this thing so I’m really I’ve been pleased so
far with my experience with RV share and the people that I’ve met through it I
will say through the RV show Facebook page and if you’re an owner you can be I
guess part of that page I’ve seen other owners complaining with the insurance
policy remember how I told you that I another fee for the insurance for
everyone that rents and that’s just to protect me well I’ve heard other owners
complaining that the insurance carrier refused to pay for damages and even the
insurance carrier went after the owner personally now I’ve never experienced
that myself in my case my insurance carrier is actually the company that our
me share uses so I’m not sure if I ever did come across that I like the optional
insurance or the insurance that I have because then I know that I’m covered but
I just want did you to know that specifically like I said this is only my
first year renting with our B share I’ve had great success of a few more before
the end of the season I’m looking forward to next year as well because be
honest with you it’s a way to pay for this monstrosity but also maybe some
little extra income for those of you that might need it anyway this was Jeff
with Jeff reviews for you as always thanks for stopping by
I hope you have a great day thanks for sticking around for the duration of this
video I’m actually gonna link up here that time that I did the video about the
scratch repair when I repaired the scratch down the length of this RV I
would love it if you would click on that link I’ll see you over it
that video

8 Replies to “RVSHARE review: An owners view of RVSHARE – my RV got damaged!

  1. Good video Jeff.

    Can a person actually make money renting those? I often thought of those if a person owned one could they actually make money renting it?
    Perfect review because I was actually wondering about that stuff

  2. Great review Jeff, thank you for sharing. I was wondering about this very thing. We sold our RV years ago and don't want to buy one again but since we're retired now, maybe a rental RV is just what we might need. Great video, thanks again. I already saw your 'scratched' video so didn't go there again.

  3. I’m about to rent my RV on the RVShare platform. I’ve also acquired commercial insurance through MBA for my unit due to reading about all the loopholes in RVShares insurance program. Any thoughts/ advice? Thanks for the informative video.

  4. Judging by your demeanor of the people that rented the RV you're lucky to have gotten away with only a scratch. It comes with the territory. Insurance will cover that!

  5. Awesome video👍. I watched the one ,where you buffed out the scratch, now I'm watching this one, on how you got the scratch

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