Ryan Kim from Hashed Talks About Their Investment in Origin

Hashed is the biggest blockchain accelerator which is based in Korea. We are working with a lot of the good blockchain companies like Origin. We are supporting a lot of the high profile blockchain companies in Korea, China, and the US. We met the Origin team in 2017. At the time that was the very beginning and very ‘first concept’, but we think the team is very passionate and very skillful and professional. We like good UX/UI product, and Origin has a very simple, pretty, beautiful UX/UI product. So I think it is very easy for users to use Origin Protocol. Origin Protocol is a connection and they’re providing perfect, efficient marketplaces. Origin Protocol will provide a huge value to the community. And there will be a lot of connection, a lot of exchange, a lot of the value delivery and Origin Protocol can be a central part among that network.

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