Secrets of property advertising and inspections using 360 virtual tours for real estate

(lively music) – My name is Tara Bradbury, I am the principal licensee of Active Agents, but I also wear a few other hats so I’m also the director of the BM Academy and co-partner of the Real
Estate Training Group. Yes, I’m actually using Virtual Tours, it’s a very interesting
space and I’m finding it extremely beneficial for
the tenant inspection side within my business,
so my active agent’s model is a property management only business and I’ve found so far
that with our launch from it’s about early May that we implemented the virtual tours straight away with our vacant listings, even though we do have quite a strong market, where we are under that 1% vacancy, I’ve seen properties where they’ve been in the peak end of our
market getting up to that high 600 mark which
is high for our area, getting great inspections,
fantastic quality of tenants coming through and in fact applications on properties
for people that can’t physically be here but by
seeing that virtual tour they can comfortably put an application in and I can continue that
conversation with them afterwards. Yeah, I’m using virtual tours
across all the properties and encouraging my investors
to pay for that investment, I’ve got 9 key areas that I focus on when advertising the property for rent and the virtual tours is in the top 3 of things that encourage recommendations where we have seen proven results, to be able to have tenants
inspect properties faster I should say has been hugely beneficial, especially when the property
might be a new build as an example, and you
can still see as part of the virtual tour that there might be a few things that are
happening with the final handover stage but the
prospective tenants, they can get a really good visual of what they’re going to experience getting into the property,
they can apply faster, and when you are a marketer,
if you’re in that position where you’re doing a great vacancy, it was just fantastic,
tenants want the opportunity to be able to apply sooner and investors want the opportunity to be able to have a
handover and know that they’ve got income coming
in, so it’s certainly a win-win for all parties and it looks really professional as
well which is fantastic. Yeah Tom, I can’t give away all nine all of my secrets but I will say yes, it’s how to present the property and as you know I’m a huge advocate for Box Brownie as well, and use lot of them for the editing side of photos. Some people feel that
with the editing side that you’re changing the way
of how the property looks, I actually just use it in the sense of today we’re here at Perth, it’s
very rainy and overcast day so to put in that sunshine just makes that big difference of
how the property can look. And if they’re not using a
professional photographer then I’m taking the
photos, I’m not as clued on as to making sure the lighting
and everything is perfect and Box Brownie allows you
to edit that and fix that. So they’re probably two of the main ones that I see of great investment that every office should be using, and it allows me to have
professional photography, professional videos at an affordable rate that investors are prepared to pay for. And gone are the days where you felt that you need to spend $500,000, you don’t need to anymore you can create really good packages and
encourage your investor to how the experience starts is how it’s gonna come when it comes to the end and to get the right tenants
to have the opportunity of huge variety, you have to make sure the property is very
transparent to the market and they’re they key ones that have benefited in making this process. But for me when I was getting started, I was one of those people that I’m terrible at reading things, so I just got the camera,
went straight to the property, and wanted to take on the
challenge really quickly and it did take me some
time with the first one. I practiced on my sister’s house, ’cause she’s got a three
bedroom low-set property and then by the second and third one, I’m getting them done within 30 minutes. So it’s all about just having a go, you can’t break it, asking
questions where you need to there’s other virtual tour
users out there as well, so connected with quite a few of those we’ve got a heap here today in Perth, which is great, and just trialing it and seeing what happens as of today I’m obviously getting more comfortable with the videos side, I’ve just been using the photo side to get through the property in that virtual experience, so with the video side I’m really excited to bring some different ways of approach of advertising and marketing
for the area in general in my market place
utilizing that technology. – [Interviewer] Wow,
awesome, one more thing that I just wanted to ask
but ’cause I’m listening actually to what you’re saying (laughs) I forgot, but it was more about is there enough information or support or training from VTC to get you going? What do you think about that? – [Tara] The training
and support I think is fantastic, I think that
they’re great video resources on there model and information that can help, if you’re
that type of person that loves to read through
everything before you use, and as I mentioned I’m
not the best at that, but there’s a massive
library of resources there and available, I’m a more
kind of get in and do it and see what happens and trial things and break a few things
but there’s definitely that support there if that’s
what you’re looking for to make sure that you’re maximizing on what you’re using the
product and also just picking the phone and being able to talk to Tom and the team is
really beneficial as well, because sometimes it’s
the smallest question that you might have that
will completely diversify how you market that
property and how you market your business so don’t be afraid to ask, use all products in my opinion and programs across your
property management business that full capacity, to get the best value and you’ll certainly get
that from this product. – [Interviewer] Okay, last thing, would you recommend it to anyone that would like to get
– Yes. using virtual reality tools
in property management space? – Yeah look I know how, so I’m certainly and advocate for what Tom
and the team are doing there at Virtual Tours Creator, so I do certainly highly recommend it. I think it’s a space that will get fairly competitive and it’s great to see, I do see other agents using it within my area on the sales side, I really think property management could go a long way if they really expanded on that within their businesses so I love that I’m one of the first to do
it in property management in my area and I know that I won’t be the last, it’s a fantastic product.

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