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[Text: Select USA] The United States has always been a premier
destination for international investment. Well, number one, the U.S. is a very very important market. I think there’s no question that you have to be in the USA. International businesses should invest in the
United States because the United States is
the largest market on the planet. The U.S. is very much business friendly. As long as you make a good product you will be accepted. [Text: Bernhard Kuhnt,
President & CEO, BMW North America]
So my name is Bernhard Kuhnt. I’m actually working for BMW and
my role is the CEO of the Americas. Well BMW is a really established German,
successful company and I’m proud to be part of it. [Text: Terry Gill, Secretary, Kentucky
Cabinet for Economic Development]
My name is Terry Gill and I’m the Secretary of the Cabinet for
Economic Development for the state of Kentucky. [Text: Vivek Sarin, Executive Officer,
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development]
My name is Vivek Sarin and I’m the Executive Officer for the
Cabinet of Economic Development and our mission is to drive investment
throughout the entire state and create jobs. [Text: Hiroyuki Takigawa, President,
Takigawa Corporation Japan]
My name is Hiroyuki Takigawa. I’m President of Takigawa Corporation. Takigawa Corporation started the
plastic packaging business in 1949. [Text: Nancy McLernon, President & CEO,
Organization for International Investment]
I’m Nancy McLernon, President & CEO of the Organization for International Investment. This Summit is amazing! You have thousands of companies and economic
development officers focused on one thing: [Text: Invest]
bringing your investment to the United States. The U.S. is the most stable place to
invest capital in the world today. [Text: BMW Manufacturing Plant,
Spartanburg, South Carolina] Spartanburg is the biggest factory we have globally. We opened about 25 years ago. And those 25 years ago until now we’ve spent about
$9.1 billion dollars in the area of South Carolina. And we benefit from it so you could
nearly say it’s a win-win situation. So we decided to have a plant in the U.S. and I participated in SelectUSA last year. It was the best decision I made. SelectUSA has been a fantastic addition at the federal level. Companies that used to be concerned
about entering our market, trying to navigate our sub-federal system,
don’t have to be as concerned. I think over many years SelectUSA
helped us with a variety of topics. Whether it’s workforce, whether it’s
legal, whether it’s locations, it’s a variety of topics which you really need to
talk to someone who knows it and has the experience. State and local policy makers
are ready to partner with you. They want to understand the skills that are needed [Text: Grow]
To ensure that your business can
grow and succeed in the United States. It’s not also just about convincing a company to come here but have a great experience three, five, ten years from now. SelectUSA doesn’t make a difference
between a small company and a big company. And, even though, we are small, within two days I
could meet 11 states and discuss my plan. I received about 150 site offers. And it was very difficult to choose one. Now is a wonderful time to consider
doing business in America. If you’re serious about growing your business
worldwide, you know you need to be in the U.S. market. [Text: Succeed]
I think any company can succeed in the U.S. And I think that starts with a little
opportunity, one person having a dream. And I can only encourage you to invest in the USA. [Text: Takigawa U.S. Groundbreaking, April 20, 2018]
So, I’m very honored to have the groundbreaking ceremony. I’d like to wish all the best to
everyone who made our dream come true. This was a day that I will certainly never forget. ♪
[Text: Invest, Grow, Succeed Here] [Text: U.S. Department of Commerce
SelectUSA Investment Summit Produced by the U.S. Department of State]

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