Selling an estate in Toronto? | Day in the Life of a JKT Consultant

Hi there, it’s Julie Kinnear of the Julie
Kinnear Team with Keller Williams Neighborhood Realty, and today I thought
I’d talk a little bit about estate sales. And if you’re an executor or a family
member or friend and you’re in the position of selling an estate or
property, you can count on the Julie Kinnear Team as we have a lot of
experience in this area. And of course I do recommend that you do find somebody
to guide and protect you through this process. We totally understand that it’s
an emotional time but also there’s a lot of legal questions and a lot of
misunderstandings and a lot of not-sure-what-the-next-steps-are to help this go
smoothly. And we have a checklist from A to Z on what are the
next steps. And of course we make sure that we have resources and
help you through some of the the realities of what to do with
personal belongings that are not being inherited, or people can’t use
them or what have you, we need to make sure that the property shows at its best to
maximize the value, but I mean what happens with that old piano,
what happens with that old furniture and some of the personal effects and that
sort of thing, and we help you through that whole process, and of course
how it will get probated and how do you sell a property in this
position, the legal ramifications and and that sort of thing. And we make sure,
for example, we give you an accurate market value assessment so that you can
apply for a probate with your lawyer, and we make sure that you’re well
prepared in all aspects for the tax ramifications and that sort of thing.
And of course we make sure that you understand timing and how
to protect yourself and how you can explain it to other beneficiaries of the
property and all that kind of good stuff. So if you are in this position, we have a
lot of happy clients who have had to go through this and understand, and
appreciate that we understand the position that you’re in and can
make sure that you’re well taken care of. So give us a call today!

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