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  2. Satin will always deflect why would someone that represents the slave master want to give justice to the slave. They destroyed an entire race of people and think it's ok because a black man was elected to over see there interests. Obama could not even speak to black issues in office so stop it.

  3. What about reparations for WOMEN who STILL don’t get equal pay and we’re and still are indentured slaves that had no rights in the beginning of this country and helping it be what it is and its contributions. White MEN not women should pay reparations!

  4. Please research Black codes & vagrancy laws & the "convict leasing system. " Vagrancy Act of 1866. These are just three of the tactics to continue slavery. After you research just those 3 topic you will convince yourself that slavery did NOT end in 1865 or at the end of the civil war.

    Most Americans seem to be uneducated about American history.

  5. It was southern DEMOCRATS that owned slaves, so let's start with the current DEMS and look back at their ancestry. Be careful what you wish for and what cans of past sins you open.

  6. Hello Kentucky!! You are letting Mitch McConnell represent you for over 30 YEARS??? Are you starting to see the problem?

  7. McConnell's ancestors? You can tell by just looking at the munch-mouthed chinless wonder, that he is the by product of vigorous ancestral inbreeding.

  8. Anyone else remember when the PBS show traced Ben Affleck's ancestry and found that he had an ancestor who was a slave owner? Maybe you don't because Affleck got the producers to cover up that part of his family's history.

  9. I would guess between 30-150 million Americans have ancestors that were slave owners. Are we going to go after all of them! I am not a fan of Mitch McConnell but are we legitimately going to start blaming people for the sins of their forefathers?

  10. Someone found out that Kamala Harris's family once owned slaves as well … why isn't NBC reporting on that ?

  11. Why is this news? America knew this already, well at least I'm assuming everyone knew this already. Senator McConnell is just like his great ole slave owning grandfathers with his slave set mannerism. Senator McConnell himself talks like he could have owned slaves himself.

  12. Mitch McConnell shouldn't be equating himself with Barack Obama on any level. His sole purpose from 2008-2016 was to derail any and all of the President's
    legislation, not to mention his illegal handling of the Merrick Garland nomination. "We elected an African-American President" doesn't exonerate himself or his ancestors for the "original sin".

  13. So was kamala Harris’s ancestors look it up . Her ancestors owned several plantations and hundreds of slaves .

  14. So what, so did Obama's ancestors!!! Mitch McConnell has never owned slaves so what's your point? The mere fact that Demokraut Parasites want to enslave people today to a debt because of actions they are innocent of, shows how corrupt politicians have become! BTW, they omitted Irish slaves who were sold for less, treated worse and totally ignored when researching slavery. I don't think the people of Kentucky is dumb enough to buy into this crap, which is really your target!

  15. Wait, he just googled if McConnell's ancestors were slave owners? And NBC is pushing it as a verified fact? Omfg…

  16. Obama's mother is WHITE and I am sure he had a few racist relatives. Look most Wyte people have the racist gene. Now onto the weather.

  17. Senator Mitch Mcconnell,the blood of slave ancestors follow in your head and your family for rest of your Life

  18. Democrats have slaves today all the black people what's the difference they don't know any better yesterday it's all the same

  19. Oh so you going to hold that against the senator how about my ancestors from Kings and they slaughtered many many I'm a Christian nephew my enemy I saw you

  20. Will the families of the hundreds of thousands of white men that died in the civil war to free the slaves be part of those reparations?

  21. I'm sure somewhere in the past, a family member did something wrong. I think I've heard a story about my great grandfather's grandfather picking his nose in public. Where do i fit into the picture? My family had nasal problems. I guess I need to pay up my money to someone whose distant past relatives were offended by him.

  22. The question that really needs to be answered is "Who freaking cares what Mitch McConnell's ancestors from 200 years ago did or didn't do?" What possible bearing does that have to do with anything today? And where is the NBC expose on Kamala Harris' relatives owning slaves? Why the double standard?

  23. Congratulations, NBC for your exhaustive investigation revealing absolutely nothing relevant to the present day Mitch McConnell. I hope your world shanking revelation also includes that back in 2007, The Guardian reported that amateur genealogical researcher William Reitwiesner found Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves in Kentucky. Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves. Duvall was a descendent of Maureen Duvall, “whose estate owned at least 18 slaves in the 17th century,” the Guardian reported. So does that make Obama a White surpremacist? Oh, if I recall correctly Obama was also against reparations. Yes, NBC more and more of us are remembering, more and more of us are thinking, more and more of us are connecting the dots and more and more of us have decided NBC is a joke with an agenda. Once you see it you can’t miss it.

  24. Did NBC News also report on the fact that Pres Obama is the descendant of Slave holders, along with Kamala "smokes dope" Harris?

  25. Oh my God. Badass Mitch 😎
    Obama should pay reparations now. Democrats next. Only then should anybody else be even questioned.😂

  26. Well because he opposed reparations we suspected that there might be some nefarious reason, i mean how could someone hold an opinion unless he is evil that just makes no sense, everyone knows that youd have to be a racist to oppose what we think, what we found after digging through years of records from 150 years ago was shocking, keep in mind we hated him already but it all makes sense now. McConnell‘s stance must be inherently evil because of what his great great great grandfather did, it was all infront of us. Through cocaine mitch’s blood runs Slaveholding👹💀

    ^left logic

  27. Short biography of Mitch McConnell’s career contributions in the service of the American people.

    Mitch McConnell Admits Republican Party Is Failing, Mar 8, 2019,

    Sean Hannity to Mitch McConnell: "You need to get out of the way." Fox News,

    Inside Mitch McConnell’s Villainy. — Trevor Noah, Jun 1, 2019,

    Democratic Senator DESTROYS McConnell with amazing speech, Apr 3, 2019,

    How Mitch McConnell Is Destroying the Senate. Apr 15, 2019,

    Mitch McConnell has done grave damage to all three branches of government.

    Ode to Senator Mitch McConnell – Musical Memorial. — Lyrics by Don Caron,

    Mitch McConnell Caught Colluding, Feb 23, 2019,

    Mitch McConnell Proves He's Just The Worst. May 29, 2019,

    What Senate Republicans said about Merrick Garland’s nomination. Washington Post, May 29, 2019,

    Poll: Mitch McConnell is America's most hated senator. — Anna Giaritelli, October 31, 2017,

    Poll Shows Republican Senator Mitch McConnell Is America's Most Disliked Senator. — Wochit Politics, Oct 31, 2017,

    Schumer Slays Mitch McConnell's Oil Money Corruption, Reflect, Mar 5, 2019,

    Mitch McConnell, unfit to eulogize John McCain. "And then there [was Mitch McConnell] who spoke on Friday [at McCain’s memorial]. You had to control your gag reflex watching … Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) … extol McCain’s greatness as he was accorded the honor of lying in state. … McConnell acknowledged McCain as a “generational leader in the Senate.” McConnell said that McCain represented all the values the Capitol stands for. But what does McConnell stand for? He has accommodated Trump, ignoring or rationalizing his worst behavior. McConnell personally destroyed the comity in the Senate by denying Judge Merrick Garland a hearing and then extinguishing the filibuster for Supreme Court justices. He has refused to protect the rule of law by preventing a bill protecting the special counsel from reaching the floor. In short, he too is everything McCain is not, and has presided over the very changes in the Senate that McCain despised. McCain, with all his soul, cared for and fought for the Constitution, the dignity of all men and women and the basic values we hold dear. McConnell cares about power, ready to enable Trump at every turn. There is no principle for him beyond winning."
    — Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Opinion writer, August 31, 2018,

  28. His come back is perfect. Reparations are ridiculous. Are you going to give money based on the percentage some one is black?

  29. Mitch would probably still have slaves if the law permitted it these upper elite Americans are one and the same

  30. Reparations for Slavery are a joke!
    Slavery ended over 150 years ago in 1863.
    No one is alive today that experienced any type of Slavery.

    If you look at American history…

    1.) The Democrats were the ones that supported Slavery.

    2.) The Democrats were the ones that supported Jim Crow.

    3.) The Democrats were the ones that fought women sufferidge and mass resistance.

    4.) The Democrats were the ones that supported Segregation!

    5.) The Democrats were the ones that rounded up 10's of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentration camps.

    That is the history of the Democrat Party in America folks!

    That was not the Republicans!

  31. Heres a fun fact. Him and Obama are decendents of slave owners and are agaisnt reparations! So there you go socialist Democrats!

  32. Another election year so racism and reparations are topic now? Why wasn't it an issue in 2016, 17, 18 until now?

  33. We are seriously discussing slavery as a campaign issue in 2019, over 150 years after it ended. The rest of the world must be laughing at us.

  34. The only reason all our ancestors did not own slaves is because we could not afford them. Singling out one person is disgusting.

  35. Time to drop this slavery BS reparations talk before it blows up in your faces. Get over it get moving and keep it pushing. Mitch McConnell is not responsible for the behavior of his ancestors. Period. And there is no legal mechanism to pay out reparations.

  36. I am 27 years old. My grandmother raised me. She was 99 years old when she passed in February 2017. Her grandmother raised her on a farm in Fort Smith AR. Her grandmother was born in 1847. She was a slave and property to another human being until 1865 when she was freed. My grandmother was raised by her until she moved to Missouri when she turned 18. The person I was raised by was raised by a slave and all experiences, customs and ways of life we're passed down from the generations. The argument that no one was alive back then during slavery should be null and void. The effects of the past do still have an effect on society because this clearly shows how close this American original sin is to today's society.

  37. Dose McConnell put his feeling before what best for the country and the citizens of the USA. or whats best for his friends and donors. shame on you. Kentucky is this what your states is about. are you proud of him and all the good he's done for the middle class and education of your state. ya low unemployment because everyone is working part time with crappy pay thanks, now I feel better about the republicans.

  38. Isn't it funny how (mitch) says it's divisive when speaking of things White supremacy has done to cause the wealth gap . It's equally funny that he would say we fought the Civil War and we have pass landmark civil rights bills when he was on the opposing side historically…🤔

  39. INEZ Qtaish is writing" I only see what God allows me to see, God sees all, God knows all , Inez Qtaish hear what people say .

  40. Look into Kamala Harris. Her ancestors in Jamaica were huge slave owners. Why don't you report that and the reparations she should pay first. Come on NBC, do your homework and report these stories honestly and fairly. I'll be checking to see if you do your job.

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