Seungjae ran away from home!? What’s going on? [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.16]

Chocolate, please. You can’t start the day with chocolate. Dad, may I have some crackers? Dad, may I have some crackers? (Jiyong pretends not to hear him.) No, crackers aren’t allowed. (Then I’ll just steal it.) These aren’t crackers. Eat a spoonful of breakfast first. Just one cracker, please. After you eat, okay? (They clash over junk food all day.) Seungjae, I have something to say. Take a seat. (What is the matter, Dad?) Seungjae, actually, you used to have an older brother. (He seems flustered.) – No, I didn’t. / – You didn’t know, right? – No. / – You had a brother. But he ate chocolate every day that he turned into a fly. Show me how he turned into a fly. A brother who turned into a fly? What is going on here? He became a fly, right? (Looking serious) He became a fly, right? Isn’t this you? Who else is here? – A fly. / – That’s right. This is what your brother became. (Say hello to your brother.) (Hello there, little brother.) Do you want to become a fly, too? Recently, I saw on social media a child who refused to take a bath. She kept grumbling. So they told her that she’ll become a mushroom. They put pictures of mushrooms into an album, and coerced her to take a bath. Seungjae is also afraid of flies. So I took the opportunity to try disciplining him. – What is this? / – A fly. – It’s a fly, right? / – Yes. Do you want to keep eating chocolate and transform? (Is it working?) You don’t, right? But I only eat one piece. How many did you eat today? – Two. / – See? It’s just two. That’s how your older brother became a fly. – That’s him? / – Yes. Do you want to become like him, too? Will that be okay? – No, it won’t. / – Right? – It’s two p.m., correct? / – Yes. For six hours until eight p.m., let’s not eat chocolate, okay? I will set an alarm. So be patient for six hours, okay? – Do you understand? / – Yes. See? Two minutes have already passed. You can do it. You can wait eight hours. (His eyes are fixed on the clock.) If you keep staring, time will pass slower. (In that case…) (How will Seungjae choose to pass the time?) If you keep smashing the insects… (He catches imaginary insects.) (He catches them one by one.) (Chocolate keeps piling up.) (Gosh. I want some chocolate.) (Chucking away) What is it? (If chocolate is not allowed,) (then I can just eat ice cream.) No! That’s not allowed. I told you. You can’t just open the fridge. (He discovers a chocolate wrapper.) Who ate this? (Licking) (He might end up eating the wrapper.) Seungjae, are you licking the wrapper? Yes. (Staring vacantly) (Time, why are you passing so slowly?) (Seungjae suddenly remembers something.) Creep, creep. (Tip-toeing) (He moves like a drunken master.) (He approaches a cameraman.) Uncle, give me some snacks. – What? / – I want snacks. – Snacks. / – I don’t have any. You can’t do that, Seungjae. Do you have snacks? You can’t. Ask your dad. If you get permission, then I’ll give you some. (He whines over their answer.) (His head is filled with thoughts of snacks.) Come here, Seungjae. I’ll make something tasty. (Something tasty?) – Do you like fritters? Yes or no? / – I do. Lotus root fritters are really good. – Lotus root fritters? / – Yes. It puts French fries to shame. While Jiyong prepares a healthy snack, Seungjae finds a snack. (Seungjae attempts to eat it secretly.) (Startled) What was that? (A snake-like object jumps out of the chips.) (He tried to sneak some chips and met a snake instead.) (You’ve been caught red-handed.) These are potato chips? What is this? It’s a snake. If you try to be sneaky, this is what happens. (Feeling embarrassed) (I can’t stand this.) (He is protesting his snack ban alone.) (Screaming) (The withdrawal symptoms are about to continue.) This is Jiyong’s strategy to wean him off chocolate. Will Seungjae be content? Give it a try. (Unsure reaction) Isn’t it tasty? (Grumbling) Isn’t it very good? You can eat it all. Eat it all. – It’s salty. / – It’s salty? – I didn’t add salt. / – I want some water. (I prefer sweets.) Wait here, I’m going to the restroom. (Seungjae suddenly bolts for the door.) (He wears his shoes.) (He returns determined.) (He stashes something into his pocket.) (He free-handedly fetches his dad’s bag.) (Glancing about) Is he really going outside? (Is he leaving?) Where are you going, Seungjae? Oh, no. (I’ll take my leave.) (The cameraman is flustered.) – Jiyong, Seungjae left. / – Just now? (Seungjae has run away from home.) (Red alert) (Being a dad is an extreme job once again.) (He scrambles around town in his slippers.) (He couldn’t go far after all.) He’s dragging my bag around. (He finds Seungjae under the staff’s watch.) One, two, three, four. (This cutie is off and about on his own.) I’m going to buy a snack. (He makes his way to the convenience store.) (This is paradise>) (He finds himself facing snacks galore.) (I choose you today, my jelly snack.) (He attempts to pay.) (Oh my gosh!) Do you have real money? This is real money. This is play money. Earlier, he stashed away a toy credit card and play money. – Is this a credit card? / – Yes. It’s a credit card. (Goodness, my son.) (Did you want snacks that badly?) – Hey, Seungjae. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Look at this. Didn’t you make a promise with me? (You’ve been caught red-handed.) What is that? (He appeals to his dad by being adorable.) – Jelly. / – Give it to me. You. (However, the attempt fails.) Come outside. – Come out. / – I don’t want to. (Feeling cross) You promised me, Seungjae. (I went through so much trouble to get here.) – You promised me. / – I’ll just eat and become a fly. (I’ll just eat snacks and become a fly.) (Flustered) – Really? / – Yes. – I’ll become a fly. / – Then what? What about Mom and Dad? I’ll become a fly. (This is how much I want my snacks.) I didn’t bring my wallet. We can’t use that either. – But I have money. / – This isn’t real money. – I need to eat it. / – No, you don’t. – I want it. / – You can’t. – I want it. / – No. I’m angry. I’m angry, too. Let go of that already. Let go. Come here. Have a good day. Sorry. – No. / – What do you mean “no”? Didn’t you make a promise with me? I hate you, Dad. (Seungjae just feels sad.) (They return home together.) Sit down. Seungjae, how could you leave the house alone? (He sits him down and disciplines him.) It’s dangerous outside, but you went out alone. What if a car hits you? Then what would happen? I made sure to walk on one side. The issue is that you went out without me. I’m sorry. Promise me you won’t do that again. I won’t do it again. Promise me. (Now he won’t go out alone.) Will you keep the promises you make? – I will. / – You will, right? – Is it hard to hold off on snacks? / – Yes. But you must, Seungjae. (His father wants to teach him patience.) There are bigger things to be patient for. Let’s try this once. What is this? – It’s chocolate. / – It’s chocolate, right? You shouldn’t like this. – This is… / – I like it. Sit back and stay still. (He places it on a plate.) I’ll leave this in front of you. – Can you wait five minutes? / – Yes. – Just five minutes. / – Five minutes. – Just five minutes. / – Okay. If you wait for five minutes, – you can eat two. / – Okay. But if you just eat it, – you’ll only get one. / – Okay. – Do you understand? / – Yes. He needs to learn patience for delayed gratification. I wanted to teach Seungjae how to be patient. – Wait five minutes, okay? / – Okay. – I’m going to wait. / – You are? All right. Begin. (Will he be able to wait?) If you wait five minutes, then you will get two. (Jiyong leaves.) (It’s just you and me, chocolate.) (To eat, or not to eat) (He stares at the plate.) (His lips begin to protrude.) (His gaze begins to wander.) (His face slowly turns back.) (Squirming) (He shuts his eyes.) (Just looking at it makes me want to eat.) (Peeping) (It’s me, your sweet friend.) ♪ Daddy finger, Daddy finger ♪ ♪ Where are you? ♪ (Seungjae attempts to resist by singing.) ♪ Mommy finger, Mommy finger ♪ ♪ Where are you? ♪ (Chuckling) (He’s resisting fairly well.) Baby finger, baby finger ♪ Where are you? ♪ (Singing passes about half the time away.) Seungjae resists very well. Will he be able to succeed? (He has a long way to go.) (His tongue is the problem.) (He can’t keep his mouth still.) (He touches it.) (Cawing) (Did someone call me?) Do you want some? (Cawing) Do you want some? (Cawing) (He has a short talk with the crow.) (He needs to hold out for one more minute.) (His mouth approaches the chocolate.) Will he fail? (Will he fail?) (He overcame the crisis.) (Did you think I would eat it?) (He marks the chocolate.) (Five minutes is an eternity.) (His patience runs out at the five-minute mark.) You didn’t eat the chocolate. – No. / – Why didn’t you eat it? You restrained yourself. (He eats it as soon as he sees Dad.) – Why didn’t you eat it? / – I ate it. How did you restrain yourself? (Hugging himself) (I restrained myself to eat two chocolates.) You ate it now after five minutes. Yes. You are good at restraining yourself. Since I restrained myself, give me two chocolates. – I will give you one more chocolate. / – Okay. (Seungjae gets a chocolate.) When you keep a promise with me, – The second chocolate. / – you can eat more. I was surprised. I thought he would eat it as soon as I was gone. He chose to wait for a bigger prize. I’m very happy.

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