Shit You See on the Range | Polenar Tactical

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  1. you also forgot the tacticool-weenie, The american. The quiet professional, the obvious next-week schoolshooter, the military-vet, Mr.surplus ammo.
    The tatted-up felon who bought a gun from a swap-meet. The safety violator. Mr.Oldmoney who only buys guns from 911 to 30-6 and reloads his bullets.
    Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Mr.Glock.
    Done! redo the video! 😀

  2. This is such a great video. Its like a nice throw back to early 2000 comedy when it was okay to make offensive jokes. Loved it!

  3. oh my that was funny hahaha i needed a luagh today… great video bro <(the new fan boy) haha

  4. I’ve watched this about 50 times since you put it out and I laugh out loud every time!!😂😂😂. It’s soooooooo true

  5. 0:53
    The fucking transition to Nazi is fucking hilarious! And also, where do you get that uniform though?

  6. 1:38 basically every “tacticool operator” youtuber that starts a video with them in their front yard doing speed drills on cardboard targets

  7. The C.A.R guy haha literally the definition of the guy from Trex Arms

  8. "Revolver Dad". Really. This is a thing. Often accessorized with a cardigan over a golf shirt, .38 special, carefully center of massing his targets, thousand yard stare of a man mentally murdering his "enemies" and not talking to anyone.

  9. @2:18 when the Hitman Absolution theme plays, I'm positive that some shit about to go down. And I'm not disappointed.

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