Should You Buy Cheap Rental Properties?

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  1. Hello Again Andy. I have 2 questions for you.
    A) Would you ever consider purchasing a property from a sourcer? And B) if you have any videos about the right way to have a contract with a private investor?
    Thank you again for your time!

  2. hope you can help me. I got 2 property both on my name. i got job that earns 30k. from this year i will be in high tax payer if i combine mine and both property rental income. shall i open a limited company or what can i do to pay less tax. i heard that i can make a deeds on my wife name so that she can have the rental income as she don't have any job. please give me advice anyone.

  3. I have bought a number of cheap houses, most at auction, recently some cost as little as 34k. Houses I bought for less than 40k have returned 5k in rental income every year. I bought one for 36k let it out for two years and sold for 65k, plus 10k in rental return. Others have returned more in rental return than I originally paid for them. I think I been lucky because I bought every house in Rhondda, South Wales, houses are very cheap and thereโ€™s good demand for rentals. I would recommend anyone doing similar, but please remember not every cheap house is a good investment, do lots of research on the house, the rental demand, mortgages and the areas before you buy anything. Also I think a good Letting agent can make a massive difference, a bad tenant can make lots of problems and cost big money. I no longer work and my income is 100% rental return.

  4. Hi Andy, Hope your well and working on another gem for us to absorb. I'd love to contribute/donate to your channel for all of this juicy content – It truly is helping me on my journey! I would like to ask a question – if I may? When evaluating a house price and carrying out the due diligence – the house price was sold significantly higher 12 years, than the asking price today, even though the property has had vast improvements, (seen from the images only). How would one analyse if this is a positive factor? Thank you in advance.

  5. I am currently in the process of looking to do this up north (in Bedfordshire at the moment but selling my home) i work as a stock trader and actually live for 6 months in Spain now but would like a place to be in the UK in the process of renovating and flipping and considered the mass amounts of cheap property up north, what do you think, would yorkshire be a mass risk?

  6. All sounds good untill you factor in section24. Also all houses tend to cost the same to repair like for like . A boiler in a 2 bed 30k house is the same as boiler on a 2 bed 150k house. The roof is same price to replace on both houses along with everything else . Or am i missing anything?

  7. Great content. I have watched most of your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Which areas are you looking to make your first purchase between 30-70k Have you now made this purchase? Many thanks

  8. I've been thinking about making this kind of investment for quite some time. My biggest worry is that my returns might be much better with less headache keeping everything in indexes. The other thing is that real estate in my area seems to be cheap only if it's absolutely terrible. I live near Detroit, so this usually means high crime rates, etc. Deals are very hard to come by.

  9. Useful video, thanks Andy. I bought a ยฃ70k flat 5 years ago. 2 tenants to date and a solid ยฃ5.4k revenue each year.

  10. If I want to buy a house that is on the market forยฃ45000 and I have 25% deposit could I get a mortgage for the remainder of approx 33k or won't be able to happen? Advise please

  11. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your insights, I will be dipping my toe in with a few cheap rentals shortly.

    Have you any advice on estimating renovation costs please?

    Thanks again.


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