SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME » 5 Easy things you can change right now

Welcome back to Simple Happy Zen, it’s Vera here. Today I have 5 easy things that you can do
right now to simplify your home. I talk a lot about decluttering on this channel
and decluttering is great, but you can’t deny that it’s also quite time consuming. It’s a journey, most people will not be
able to do it over a weekend. And that’s okay, it’s worth it, but sometimes
we just want some easy, simple solutions that we can do right now, that will already give
great results. And that’s what this video is about. The first thing that I recommend to get that
simple, minimalist look into your home a bit more is to clear your surfaces and have as
little on the floor as possible. In my home, I do have a few things on my surfaces,
they’re not completely clear, but they are almost completely clear. The things that are still there, are there for a reason. And I’m gonna share how to decide if it
should stay on a surface a bit later in the video. And about the floor, with the exception of
one box that I keep my yoga stuff in, my floors are clear and accessible everywhere in my home. This tip works great to simplify your home
for two reasons. First reason is that it makes everything much
much easier to clean. The more stuff you have on your countertops,
the more dust gathers in these areas. You have to pick them up, dust them off, clean
underneath, and place them back again. Whereas if you have a simple, clear surface
or countertop, you can just quickly wipe it off and it’s clean. And the same goes for cleaning the floor. I can easily vacuum and mop everywhere and
I can just go underneath my couch, underneath my coffee table, underneath my bed, without
having to move anything around. If you have lots of stuff stored on the floor,
especially if it’s cloth material like those cloth storage thingies, dust is going to gather
around there. And you have to pick it up, clean it, clean
underneath it, put it back again. Whereas if you keep your floors as free as
you can get them, cleaning is much easier. And the second reason that this tip works
really well is that it is much more relaxing. Think of it like a spa. Spas are designed to be a very calming, relaxing
environment. They want you to feel more at ease from the
second you walk in. And one of the ways they do that, is keeping
all the surfaces clear. There’s often very little stuff going on
around you, they don’t use a lot of little accessories and things. And that’s so relaxing because it feels
calm. Instead of having all this visual clutter around you, demanding your attention. So what I do is, with every item that’s
on a surface, I ask myself. Is it just really beautiful and does it make
me happy when I look at it. And most of the time, plants make the cut
for me. Or, is it really functional and do I need
it there. For example the coffee machine and tea kettle
I keep them on my kitchen surface because I use them several times a day, especially
the tea kettle. But the food processor I only use it about
once or twice a week, so I keep that stored away. The next tip is something that I learned about
the Konmari method that I found a little weird at first but now I really get it. And it’s also not very well known, I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. And that is to be careful with written words
and language around your home. For example book covers, all have words of
course. Also, lists on your refrigerator, things you
want to do or groceries to get. If you look around your space, you can quickly
find a lot of words and language around. And the thing with words is that when we see
them, we want to read them. Our eye just goes there and it stays there
until we’ve read it. And if course we get used to them so it’s
not like we’re reading all the book labels in our book closet every time. But words can be distracting, especially if
you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff. Now if you’re like, what? Haha then no worries, this tip just doesn’t
resonate with you, we’ll move on to the next thing. And if this does resonate with you, then this
is a quick thing that you can change to simplify your home. The third tip that greatly helps to simplify
your home and have a home that makes sense, is to identify the purpose of each room. And it can also be 2 or 3 things. And then make sure that the stuff in that
room, actually serves the purposes of that space. Let me explain this with an example. Take the bedroom. Now for me, the bedroom should be a space
where I can relax and rest, so that’s one purpose. It’s also the space where I exercise most
of the time, and where I meditate most of the time. So that’s another purpose. So I make sure that the things in that room
serve those two purposes. Now a tv in the bedroom would not be beneficial
for achieving these things. It doesn’t help with relaxing and resting,
it’s actually the opposite. And it doesn’t help with exercising or meditating
either. So because of that, we don’t have a tv in
our bedroom. Now what I do have there, is my box with yoga
stuff, and a meditation cussion. And also we keep a comfortable chair there
where I can read a book and relax. We also keep the decoration very simple and
minimal so there’s no distractions. Then the living room, is for relaxation and
also entertainment and having people over. So the things in here contribute to those
goals. And what I often see is that people keep things
in certain rooms, just because they’re there. And actually they might work against what
you want that room to be about. Whereas if you switch them to a different
room, they make much more sense. So take a walk around your home and consider,
what do I want this space to be about. And think of 2 of 3 big reasons max. And then whenever you find an item that doesn’t
make sense there, move it somewhere where it does serve the purpose of that space. By the way I’m curious, do you guys have
a tv in the bedroom and why, or why not? Leave a comment down below. Now when you do this, you might come across
some items that don’t make sense in that room, but really don’t make sense anywhere
in your home. And of course they can be decluttered. If you want to learn more about decluttering
I have some videos where I really go into it and explain everything you need to know,
I’ll make sure to link them in the description as well as my decluttering playlist right
here. Next tip to simplify your home and make it
more clutterfree and minimalist is to identify problem areas and create a system for them. If you have more problem areas then pick one
and start with that one. Because we want to keep things as easy as
possible. So areas that tend to get messy, cluttered,
or that just don’t make sense. For most people, paper clutter is one of those
things. And making a system can greatly help to reduce
clutter and make your home more simple. So collect all papers that are coming into
your home in one place, have everyone put them there, and sort through them once a week
for example. It doesn’t have to be a super inventive
crazy system, it can be very simple solutions like this. Also, let’s say you have a room where clothes
and laundry tend to get strewn about. Instead of trying to make yourself or the
people you live with walk all the way to the laundry room, which won’t work most of the
time, see if you can place a small extra hamper there instead. So make the space work for you. Same with kids toys. Keep a storage bin where they tend to pile
up. So think of easy hacks you can do to find
a solution to these problem areas. And lastly, circulation. I am not an expert on feng shui, in fact I
don’t know that much about it. But I do feel like it’s important for your
space to be open and have some circulation going. You don’t want things to be stagnent. So something that I do is Opening up the windows and getting fresh air
in your home is so nice, it makes everything feel much more clean and fresh and new. So if you have any areas that tend to get
a little stuffy, open them up a bit and make sure to get some fresh air there regularly. Healthy air circulation is important for a
number of things. It prevents build up of dust and mold and
bacteria, it improves humidity levels, makes the air healthier to breath, and especially
if you have allergies like me, it’s important to ventilate. And consider getting a plant, because plants
make for really great natural air purifiers. They also provide that nature element and
inviting more nature into my home environment just gives me more harmony and balance and calmness. Also, think about placement. If you have certain clutter blocks, or little
corners where things just kind of form a block of random things, gathering dust, see if you
can open them up. Because these cluttered areas, can be very
draining and exhausting and stifle your energy and your creativity. because subconsiously, we feel responsible
for our possessions, we have to manage them. So getting rid of these clutter blocks can
really help to open up the space. We don’t want to be stagnant. We want the air and the energy to flow freely
if possible (if that makes sense). I have a video about keeping your home clutterfree
right here, and here is a video about minimalism, and 10 common things i don’t buy anymore. Questions, comments conversations down below
and I’ll see you next week. Byebye!

100 Replies to “SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME » 5 Easy things you can change right now

  1. Hi. Thanks for your fabulously helpful videos. I had a tv in the bedroom but tossed it bcz I never used it. I got it biz,,at times, I was too sick to be sitting up in a chair. Now, I'm always well enough to be sitting up in a chair and so, that tv is now gone. =)

  2. Wonderful and easy tips!!! Love it🤗 Can you do a video on the top five books that made an impact on your life ? That would be very much appreciated

  3. I have no tv in my home and I am a believer and practice feng shui so I would not have a tv in my bedroom, I read for entertainment and I have my iPad and iPhone I only watch YouTube of what is useful to me and what I can learn.

  4. I don’t have a tv in my bedroom. I want my bedroom to be a relaxing space. I have removed other things also that are too much for me and keep me from relaxing. Thank you for all you do. I am a big fan.

  5. Great post! I agree with keeping surfaces and floors as clear as possible. It's very easy to tidy up every evening before bed when you have clear surfaces, and things won't pile up as much.

    As a serial plant killer (great term! xD) never thought I'd be able to keep any sort of plant alive. I did kill a cactus and an aloe vera, but another cactus and a Sanseveria are doing quite well! 😀 They don't require a lot of water (hell, I killed my cactus and aloe vera because I gave them too much water…). So cactuses (cacti?), succulents and Sanseverias are good, sturdy plants to start with.

    As for TVs, I have one in my living room. I do have my desk and my desktop in my bedroom, which according to some is an even bigger 'sin'. xD At least it's in its own corner by the window with my back turned towards the bed, and I keep my desk as clean and clutterfree as possible after I finish (unless it's a drawing that needs to dry). I do prefer having a specific writing/text editing/drawing area, thouh, and I don't want it in my living room. I also have my manga in my bedroom, but I do like reading before bed.

  6. Hi Vera! I do have a tv in my bedroom BUT I use it to play YouTube meditation videos. Every night I listen to calming music / sounds of nature as I am falling asleep. I set the timer on my tv for about 30 -45 minutes. Last night I fell asleep to the sounds of ocean waves!

  7. I got rid of my tv and never looked back. Television in the living room is depressing. Living room should be a place to welcome your guests.Television in the dining room is worse and sad. You should interact with your loved ones while partaking a meal. Priceless. Television in the bedroom is pathetic. Bedroom is a place to rest and should be your personal sanctuary. Of course, these are my personal opinions…

  8. Going back to what you said about writing in the home reminded me about the Scriptures and how God said in Deuteronomy 6:9 to write God's commandments upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates." I have writing in my bedroom of verses from Scripture to inspire me, but none of God's commandments. I think I am going to do that. That's the only writing that doesn't bother me. Thanks for the video Vera! Have a good week.☺

  9. I have a smart tv in my bedroom so I can use Netflix from time to time. I don’t use it much, but sometimes when I am cold from being outside, even though my house is warm and toasty it takes me time to feel warm again. Snuggling in my bed watching a tv series helps a lot. Also my dog is elder and wants to go to the bedroom to rest real early. Going to the bedroom with him and watching a film there helps him getting his rest.

  10. Hii!! As both me and my husband are working in IT, we are almost all the day spending our time in front of the screen.. so to reduce unnecessary unmindful screen time, we haven’t kept any tv or work desk in our bedroom 🙂

  11. Great video! So cool to see you enhanced method of Marie Kondo. Thank you for sharing. Feel motivated to revise my surfaces now 💪

  12. I’ve never had a tv in the bedroom nor in the kitchen… many families watch television while eating but I find it quite a negative habit, as it prevents communication and distracts from the food, so you end up eating automatically without really appreciating, plus you don’t enjoy the company of your family… at least, this is how I see it!:)

  13. I have never heard the konmari thing , interesting! I am book LOVER and my books always distract me , heehee

    yes we have a tv , but we also live in a one room cabin . 240 square feet .
    2 kids , 2 adults . it’s a challenge.

  14. Great tips, I ve been on this journey for the past year and starting to see the progress that's not to say its cleaning because I ve always kept my house spotless but now clutter free which makes the difference. But I have a problem I cant seem to figure out I have four yorkies which means they have crates and they are always out when we leave the home they go into the crates. Its visually distracting I dont know what to do with it also have birds/ big cages .I don't want to get rid of my animals but the cages 😥

  15. No TV in the bedroom. I still have one in the living room, but mostly for my family when they come over. I listen to national public radio and watch YouTube.

  16. Hello Vera great video it’s my birthday tomorrow the 22nd in the US thank you for the gift of your video. No tv in the bedroom

  17. I had my TV in my home office for a very long time and I was fine with that. But at the same time I wasn't watching movies anymore because I don't have a nice seat at my home office and I REALLY love to watch movies (in fact, I write a blog about movies, so I need to watch them in order to keep up with my blog). So I relocated my TV back in my bedroom, but I still almost never turn it on before bed time 😊

  18. Hi Vera thank you for the great tips no we do not have a TV in our bedroom. We feel you're room should be a calm & peaceful place for resting & sleeping.

  19. Thank you so much for the tips Vera! You are so right, the more things we have the more things to clean and putting them back again😅I love my place to be spacious and relaxing I don’t have a tv in my room and I don’t want to have one. For me my bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleep and tv just stresses me out😅have a wonderful day Vera😊💕

  20. We have one tv but not in the bedroom. I keep that space as simple as possible. Great timing for this video. My sister is visiting this week and keeps wanting to “decorate “ my home. I finally had to tell her we are different and I love my home the way it is. This was a great way to end my day. 🌸

  21. We do have a tv in the bedroom. I would be happy to get rid of all the televisions however my husband needs to watch sports.

  22. Words and written clutter is something that is considered in a lot in asian in indian culture (vastu sastra) it is advised to display words or pictures in your house that shows positivity.. pictures or words that r negative not only distract you but subconsciously make you think negative thoughts thus attracting negative energy to your home and life. And having less words around to look at, reduces mental stress or exhaustion.

  23. Ashamed to admit that I've had a TV in the bedroom for years because my husband and I had very different tastes as far as programs were concerned. Plus I liked to watch O.V. films and series whereas he stuck to Spanish – soccer matches, political debates, etc. Now that I am alone, the TV is leavin for good.
    I also love plants and am a constant ventilator, both day and night. Really need to declutter surfaces and floors so found this video very helpful

  24. No, We do not have a TV in our room our in the kids room either. Just the one tv in our livingroom. The more TV'S you own the more you watch .

  25. Married 33 years and no television in our bedroom. It’s almost like the dinner table but just for my husband and I. Just some quiet time and time for us to discuss the days events.

  26. I have a problem with plants. I have them in both bedrooms and living room. I would have to get rid of my plants to be zen. How to live with an obsession of plants but then a zen space.

  27. I think it is good to calm down your spaces but i think the new minimalist surge takes things to far. Uf everything is bad then we will all be sitting in and empty space staring into space doing nothing because hay" It is bad" .you can take anything to far. No written words, no tv, no books. Geeze.

  28. So many great tips! The one about clear floors is something that's bothering me because I have so much furniture to move all the time I clean. But I've finally cleared many surfaces in my room. As a child, I used to have SO MANY knick-knacks and I spent a lot of time dusting them off 😧 now, I only keep a couple of action figures on my bookcase as decorations and a framed artwork on my dresser and it's much better!

  29. Getting rid of all the words/advertising around the products I use was one of the best konmari suggestions I implemented years ago. Putting all my soaps and such in containers and dispensers without branding was immediately calming and “put together”

  30. I told my husband that the bedroom is used for 2 things and he could pick those 2 things…..he didn’t pick TV watching , so no TV in the bedroom 😂

  31. Yes, I have TVs in 2 bedrooms. One is because I have sick person who is bed bound. I will never remove them because that is one thing I do when to rest.

  32. Hello every body I don t have a TV at all. I don t need It because i prefer doing others things more interesting like reading or listening you tube to learn more english or singing 🙂

  33. "Serial plant killer" …this made my day. Also, I wanted to thank you for a tip you gave in a previous video. The idea of swishing water after meals has stuck with me since you mentioned it, and I'm trying to make it a habit. It feels great when I do it. Thanks Vera!

  34. Hi Vera no tv in our bedroom ever would definitely not work for me ? Need to relax before bed so no screen time either just before bed? Not sure about the word thing? As when I read your email I immediately wrote down on my new heart shaped blackboard the message your home is living space not storage space love it and hope my family read it ? So I suppose visual words can work both ways great video thanks ❤️

  35. I have one tv in my home, it is in the livingroom, bit I an thinking about taking it away soon. Anyway we almost do not watch tv, but we have it plugget to my pc so we can watch YouTube for example

  36. I used to have my tv in my room but due to where the windows are it left very few locations for it to be to avoid glare. After a few months of living where I am I realized I used my tv very sparingly so I just put it in my closet until I move to a place where I can have a designated room watching it and movies.

  37. I loved this video content as always, Vera! I have the things that you spoke about in common with you, just need more green plants. I might be a plant serial killer..but not by choice😣😂 They stay green, but fail to bloom. I always crave the flowering kinds.
    No T.V. in bedroom, just one in the LR and at 48", it seems more than enough. The family loves television more than I do.
    Thanks for the tip on airing out the house daily; I had always thought that would make my allergies worse. How great to learn the opposite. I will definitely give it a try for everyday. Windows are open now 🏠as our am temp has finally cooled down to 65F😊
    My mom just left after a stay and told us, " Your house is so peaceful and relaxing💜" Thanks, Vera for your tips!!

  38. Just one tv here and it’s in the sitting room, I read in bed before going to sleep so I wouldn’t want a tv in the bedroom. I feel just the opposite about ‘words’, I love my library and feel nurtured when I’m surrounded by books, they comfort and soothe me like a security blanket, I could never be without them. They’re portals to other worlds without ever having to leave home 😁💛

  39. No tv in bedroom…only pics of us on trips, no family pics, no pics of kids, I am working on my husband to get motivated on decluttering some of his stuff…wish me luck, I like things simple and clean, I despise clutter, I grew up in a hoarder home and I couldn't wait to be on my own and vowed I would never let myself live in such a way. My kitchen is simple, only have items I need & use regularly and not of lot of multiples…few dishes utensils drinking glasses, etc and its all put away, we live on a low carb diet so our pantry is pretty empty as well as our fridge, our place is pretty empty but for me not empty enough, hoping by spring it will be when we move to a smaller place 🙂

  40. The words point is really interesting. I guess for me if there are lots of lists and paperwork reminding me of things I need to do, it just stresses me out. Thanks for the fab video. 👌😁

  41. I used to have a tv in my room but I would let it keep me up all Now that I dont have a tv in my room I never want to put one there again. I like the peacfulness that I have in there now. I also use my bedroom now to meditate so less distractions are better. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Lovely video! Thank you for all the tips. No, we don't have a tv in the bedroom. We own one tv. It is in the living room so our family can sit around together and enjoy movies and shows. It seems kind of sad and isolating to have different tvs in individual bedrooms with family members all watching their own separate shows. 😔

  43. I don't keep a TV, computer, or even cell phone in my bedroom! I use a digital clock radio to wake up. I've noticed that the fewer electronics I have in my room, the better I sleep.

  44. I HATE tvs in bedrooms. I watch tv in the livingroom and when I'm ready for bed I go to bed. I prefer to keep those things separate.

  45. My husband family are excessive visual clutter people, it gets difficult to move around and they are very jealous with their things. I make sure my hubby doesn't accumulate in our home.

  46. Your place is great!! I like your great tips! I can’t stand clutter so I cannot figure out why I have so much and am so attached to it😳

  47. No I don't have a TV in the bedroom. My bedroom is a quiet haven for relaxation and deep sleep. I would find a TV distracting, intrusive, noisy and it would impact on my sleep because I would have problems trying to switch off and and also would end up staying up late probably watching rubbish!!xx

  48. Tv in bedroom.. yep! We have a two bedroom apartment and when my bf has friends over i like to knit and watch tv in my room.

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