Small and low budget single storey home | Video tour

Hi welcome back to another home tour today we have come up with a small and
low-budget single-story home the main material of this house is flooring in
marble walls in laterite stone roofing in concrete all the details about this
home is provided in video description now let’s enter into this beautiful home be checking with the sit-out it is a
spacious one with wooden benches are placed the sit-out leads to the hall the dining
area is provided just left side of hall we’re a dining table with eight seating
capacity is available the zebra blind curtain used a simple and elegant we can see the washing area just right
side of the staircase moving to the bedrooms here we see a
double cot and wardrobe with awesome design second bedroom is designed very
beautifully a double cot and wardrobe is available now checking the third room we see room
similar to all rechecked previously moving to kitchen inside we see a
modular kitchen with rack storage on shelf the kitchen extended to the work area we
hope you enjoyed the video feel free to comment in the box your feedback and
opinion about our videos

100 Replies to “Small and low budget single storey home | Video tour

  1. Much impressed… Hope u will be constructing in Thrissur District.Pls contact me on the WhatsApp#00966583205959. My dream home mode is activated now…

  2. I do not understand the whole concept of these videos on internet. They do not say the price, location, what other expenses like taxes, home owners association fee if any etc. I see often these kind of videos from India. They are wasting their time and resources, let alone potential buyers frustrations.

  3. I never subscribed to your program. It show up my YouTube . I wonder how other local people have same issues I pointed out.

  4. Immature attempt . First show distance from connecting main road . Width of road . Courtyard size . Enclosing wall . Roof

  5. I fully agree with Mr.Rajiv"s comment and remark. Why do you guys upload all these omitting important details such as location, price etc. Nobody will have time and interest to get in touch with you without furnishing valid information. Anyhow house seems to be okay. Just enjoyed video.

  6. It's simply amazing….wow….kindly requesting you contact no for Architecture design… I need architect..thank you

  7. Plan is good but execution is bad!!
    There is not enough ventilation and natural light throughout the home. People will get suffocation on entering the home.

  8. ഇ വീട് നമ്മുടെ പാലക്കാട് ജില്ലയിലെ കൂനാമൂച്ചി എന്ന സ്ഥലത്തുള്ളതാണ് near കൂറ്റനാട്

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