Snow Globe Real-Estate – GEICO Insurance

She wanted to move someplace warm, but he wanted snow for the holidays. So we built a snow globe. We’ll get that later. But the one thing we both could agree on, was getting GEICO to help to help with our homeowners
insurance. What? Switching and saving was really easy. I love you! Sweetie hands off the glass. Call GEICO and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. I love her! Hey who wants to have a snowball fight? Nope. I’m good Well at least you can continue the fun by subscribing to more GEICO videos. Anybody up for snow angels? Nope. Snow angels?!

14 Replies to “Snow Globe Real-Estate – GEICO Insurance

  1. I love you guys. I want a TV show with nothing but Gieico commercial. Thank you so much when Im down these make my day. Please don't stop.

  2. Where can I buy a snow globe like that? I live in Florida and miss the snow. Maybe I'll try ordering from Amazon. I'm sure they have them, but that size will be a challenge.

  3. is that Robin Curtis of Saavick Star Trek fame? just wondering. I know she may be a realtor now, but maybe she still does acting?

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