Social Media Marketing Training for Business Owners

well hello there my friends of the
internet Lorri here from Klassen Marketing Co a little while ago I created an event
a training event for social media marketing for local business owners
home-based business owners small brick-and-mortar small to medium
brick-and-mortar sized business owners everything soup-to-nuts
on social media marketing that you need to know to become your own social media
marketing manager now it is quickly dawned on me through conversations I’ve
had in-person and online that the original plan of having an in-person
face-to-face event just wasn’t happening for a lot of people be simply because
you know a lot of things there’s responsibilities there’s that’s shortly
after Thanksgiving here in Canada anyway and people are already in prep mode for
holidays and just so many different factors right everybody’s busy and I was
asking people to take a full day out of their schedule to spend with me and
while I thought that was a great idea it just didn’t really fly so I decided to
turn the tables just a little bit it’s still going to be that same full day of
training however it’s going to be online which at the end of the day it’s going
to make that a little more cost effective for you because part of the price I was
charging earlier was to be able to cover a few of my expenses rental of the
facility and that sort of thing so no more facility anymore so the price is
going down which is good for you so what’s gonna happen if you do decide to
join me on October 25th for that day of training is you still get the full
day of training now you will get the recording and you will get access to me
for six months for one low price I’m still going to be delivering the same
amazing content there is no difference there it’s just that now
you get to learn from the comfort of your own home or your own office or
whatever it is it’s still intended for the small business owner the local
brick-and-mortar the home-based business owner and that includes network
marketing so there you go a bit of a change to the format of the day of
training but at the end of the day you’re still getting the same great
knowledge that is going to make sense of social media for you and your business
click the link below to register today I’ll see you around friends bye for now

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