Stock Market Recap 2-6 Mar – Sloshy Market – Invested Over 5,555 Into M1 Finance This Week!

hello financial investors and welcome to
the channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be doing our stock market
weekly recap for March 2nd through the 6th 2020 we’re gonna go ahead and cover
the four main indexes look at stock futures look at the entire S&P 500
performance here for the week what stocks were up what stocks were down
we’re then gonna look at financials homebuilders oil the dollar silver gold
bonds and we’ll take a look at the portfolio’s what I did buy this week
it’s not exactly the one-week recap as far as the portfolio goes but I wanted
to kind of go in and discuss a little bit of the purchases that I bought and
kind of why I bought them this week so with that said if you are brand new to
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say hello drop it below I do read and reply to all your comments and let’s go
ahead and get into the video so I posted quite a bit this week over on Facebook
had a little bit more time to post so I did make only one video this week I’ve
been really busy trying to get some of my business
accounting done and wrapped up for tax season for businesses which is due on
the 15th of March and then I have personal taxes due on the 15th so I’m
just kind of wrap all that up and just been most of my time has been going
towards that I did put out a video earlier kind of going over what took
place last week putting us 10% down in the market into correction territory and
we’ve been kind of hang in there you know we’ve had a lot of ups and downs
throughout this week but mainly stayed flat with a slightly
positive gain on the week I was actually unexpectedly I didn’t expect us to see
any sort of recovery I in my last week’s video said that I expected going into
this week that we would probably end up about flat so I know sure how next week
will kind of play out I think on Monday I’ll probably have a better idea of what
could be going on I see a lot of the trading volume there’s lots of high
trading volume and that’s all due to the computer algorithms that are out there
just quickly selling off and quickly buying
it up and you can see those huge swings of hundreds of points within the Dow and
just the other indexes just major swings going on prior to the market opening and
after the market closes and then during the market during the day
that’s just all sort of just fear and such kind of going on with the market so
this week what I posted on Facebook was I did make another buy in my own Roth
IRA over on m1 finance I only purchased one ETF I purchased SP LV it’s heavy
within utilities and real estate investment trusts and it’s an SP 500 low
volatility ETF and it’s a monthly pain ETF that
pays out well from what I invested in its gonna be paying out roughly 110
dollars and 78 cents throughout the year or around nine dollars some change every
month which is kind of you reinvested into himself I still have another six
thousand dollars to dump into my Roth IRA for 2020 this was fifty four forty
that I put towards 2019 that I hadn’t completed I did another 600 or so into
an IRA last year when I was started up my kiddos sort of test account that he
can kind of play with so I put the rest of it into my own Roth IRA over on m1
finance and I Sol am undecided if I want to invest $6,000 over on m1 finance in
this account or put it over into Merrill edge or start up the fidelity one I did
create a fidelity Roth IRA account and I think what I want to do is put $6,000
into my Merrill edge one to kind of push the the equity in that account up and
then I’ll transfer the m1 Finance accounts the mineral edge accounts all
over to fidelity here shortly and then I’ll just kind of have fidelity kind of
going on into the future as my primary broker that’s kind of what’s going on
there on Tuesday the fats cut by 0.5% half a percent cut and it was all due to
kind of combat the slowness of what’s kind of going on right now at the
economy you know we already had a bit of a sluggish end of 2019 we we picked it
up towards the end of the year you can see
the last three or four months of 2019 that’s when we got the majority of our
growth but a lot of that was due to stock buybacks to just lowering of the
corporate tax rate and just other little miscellaneous things there’s still lots
of other little warning signals out on the market with the inverted yield curve
we now have a tenure the long-term rate is below one which I know when it is
below one that’s when the market tends to sell off quite a bit and it kind of
slows down after it kind of picks up around 1 or higher so I know there’s
quite a bit different signals out there I know I posted earlier up here earlier
so that was a little meme and Tuesday after the Fed Cup I think having the Fed
cut rate to show it a little bit of weakness and the market you know they’re
expecting a slowdown in the market I think Monday was a great recovery if we
just bring in the S&P 500 here we had the biggest record gain here within the
sp500 within the Dow Jones up over nearly you know 1,300 points there in on
Monday with I can’t yet can go back to the net last week but what are we ended
on Friday and open on Monday we had already gapped up quite a bit on Monday
gapping up and then we continued to just chug higher put it on over 5% in a
single day so that was a huge huge increase right there on Monday biggest
point gain there in the Dow Jones and I thought that would have showed a lot of
strength in the market maybe finding some sort of a bottom now what I didn’t
expect it was an emergency rate cut and I don’t think the market expected it
either I think this showed a lot of weakness
from the feds saying that ok why did they do this you know is our economy
slowing down our company’s really going to be losing that much revenue that much
earnings into 2020 and that was just a big sign of weakness Plus president
Truong has been coming out recently saying and calling up for other rate
cuts you know that’s also another sign of weakness so we have multiple signs of
weaknesses kind of being shown with the Fed do in emergency cuts which hasn’t
happened since 20 2008 and then President Trump calling for additional
rate cuts putting us into the negative tore territory in the future where
with you if with your tax write-offs you’re actually getting money back for
taking out a loan around this rate I know a lot of investors kind of
disgusted him I had seen that my sofa was cut from a 1.6 percent down til 1.10
my wealthfront rates were cut from one point seven to
eight to one point two seven percent so I started it will go out and I may move
all of my savings into just bonds that Hart
you know I’m looking for something that’s very low volatility it has a
decent yield maybe any anything from 1.75 to 2.5 I’ll have to also look at
the expense ratio for it to make sure that I just I’m not getting a 2% yield
but then I have a high expense ratio 0.75 that just wouldn’t make any sense
and I just wouldn’t need that volatility the length of one how long it’s been
around how long how it’s done in the downturns with negative rates and all
that so I got quite a bit of research to kind of go through I have a list here
that I put here of just different ETFs that I have been doing a little bit of
research on I know I was also kind of giving giving some ideas from a couple
viewers subscribers here on the channel so these are just a few different ones
that I’ve been kind of looking at and one of them I don’t think it was posted
in here and kind of wrote it down afterwards but is a tax-free bonds if
it’s these these are just the yields okay so you can see that these yields
for these bonds are pretty high we have bonds with a 2% yield up to four point
six seven so we just kind of have to look for those ones that have a long
standing history here’s the 10% change so over the past ten years how have they
done in the market you can see a few of these right up to the top they’re kind
of covered with the letters but a few of these have actually done pretty well
just kind of remaining flat they didn’t dip in that 2013 I want something to
kind of avoid these dips when the market dips so there’s a couple lines in the
back that are actually kind of very flat throughout here throughout the time
frame so I just want something that I can kind of maintain my equity because
that’s what I’m going to be using to buy real estate but I also want to be
getting something a little bit higher than
that 1.27 percent rate over a wealthfront so that’s some of the
information on the savings and bond-style did see on March 4th that was
Wednesday Abby just the whole market the whole market was up over a good percent
there on Wednesday we can see SMP put on four point two two percent the Dow Jones
put on four point five three percent and the Nasdaq put on three point eight five
percent this was a very green positive day I think every all my portfolios were
in the positive here this is one off Merrill edge IV I had actually kind of
watched this one for a while to see where it was that if it’ll bake it will
break 93 dollars I’d like to kind of trim this position down a little bit
more I have about five thousand dollars of a V I think it’s one of my largest
single holdings as far as single stocks goes it does it does hold a large
position there as far as equity I don’t like to have I don’t think I normally
have more than two or three thousand dollars in any single individual company
so I think I might thin that down and kind of move it into an ETF just to kind
of move there now I looked at the 2008 to 2009 recession that we in the Hat
that we had in the past and I kind of made this graph so in the graph below
the recession you know that the time in the market where the market gets hit was
around April 1st of 2008 to April 1st 2009 now the market initially fell by 10
to 12% this is the sky here we were moving into some all-time highs and
there’s j-mac investing put it on a new video got that notification so the
market was moving towards all-time highs and the market toppled by about 10 to 12
percent here we had a correction just a normal 10 percent correction this was a
12.5 correction it’s kind of what we’re kind of going through now I’m not saying
that history’s repeating itself this is just to kind of show you what could
potentially happen and I’m not scared at all I would actually really like to see
a period where we do go into a 40% area where positions and the stock market
just fall really hard because a lot of them it’s going to get they’re
going to get sold off due to fear they’re actually going to go below their
intrinsic intrinsic value their actual value and over time investors will see
this and they’ll just kind of move equity into it in the future say two to
three years out and all these positions while they may get hit in the short-term
as long as you’re in the you as long as you continued a dollar-cost average as
long as you continue to control your emotions and just make a commitment of
actions versus just think you know think with your take control don’t think with
your emotions just invest as you normally would you know you’re going to
buy on the way up why not buy on the way down when you’re getting that better
rate and yield or just opportunity for a return so anyways kind of moving on we
did see a slight increase here of seven point five nine percent between the
bottom here so the bottom took place and it record the date so May through June
August or September is a ninth September it went up July August
so from May to around August or so the market was kind of putting on it was a
slow slow decrease you can see here a 12.5 percent decrease in about two to
three months so now we had a 10% decrease and about a week so all this
could be shortened timeframes so here from maybe June July midpoint August or
may be midpoint July we put on roughly a seven point six percent gain there and
then right at August 15th that’s when this recovery sort of stopped and the
market took a really hard dive and you can see it happened very quickly just a
quick drop in the market just within a few a few weeks there we lost nearly 43
percent here and then we kind of just continue to try and rebound but it just
couldn’t happen we just kind of continue to make lower lows and eventually we
bottomed out right around March 1st of 2009 and then from that point if I took
March 1st 20 2009 right at this bottom point that’s when the market just
started the recovery and it’s really hard to time these so if you are
watching your portfolio on a daily basis on an hourly basis on a minute basis
it’s not worth it trying to time these events if you are like me and you just
kind of dollar-cost average your way into the market on a weekly basis I
think that’s funny probably one of the best strategies in
this timeframe Raynham don’t you huge deposits unless you’re trying to
maximize your Roth IRA prior to that cutoff for the year so in my example I
did put 55 you know some amount into the market on Monday but that was because it
was for 2019 after April 15th of 2020 I can no longer put that amount towards
the past year so I had to take advantage of that I saw the opportunity there I
still have another good chunk to and fast towards 2020 that’s why I did it
there airlines were taking off on Friday they’re kind of recovering from the
whole scare that was kind of going on recently so we can see Delta up 2.5 2.5
percent and so on so most of the airliners we’re doing really well here
on Friday that’s basically everything I kind of posted there so I do want to go
in to do a quick recap of the market here and see where our time frames up
I’m gonna go quickly through here I know I covered quite a bit over on Facebook
just kind of talking a lot so S&P 500 this week wasn’t flat it actually came
up point 6 1% I was a little bit you know I don’t know how what to expect
this week I was actually expecting a flat week this week next week I don’t
know what to say you know I think we’re actually showing
some signs of recovery you know where we’re going up and down and refined in a
bottom right now is what it seems to me I think that we’re finding some support
we’re not moving to new highs because there’s not a lot of investors aren’t
willing to kind of dive in right now there’s still unknowns so the market
moves up it moves down it moves up it moves down and it’s kind of in this
range but we’re still kind of put it on a little bit looks like it’s not exactly
recovering right now it’s not falling right now it’s just training sideways
trying to find some ground on whether the market will continue to move higher
or lower so we may see another flat week I went into the next week so Dow Jones
put on 1.7% code recovery over there and and 3m I know 3m Walmart Costco we’re
doing really well this week I know my Costco was sold out of toilet paper if
you have a Costco near you do you have some items that were sold out at your
locations I never what to construe this week but my co-workers did and they were
coming back saying that their toilet paper was completely sold out so kind of
interesting weird is going on out there Nasdaq increased by point 10% basically
flat on the week the Russell 2000 was down by 1.8 4% kind of showing some so
this is the mid small cap it called us mid the small cap businesses here in the
United States more a national level so this is kind of showing the state of our
economy of the smaller businesses I think the smaller businesses will get
hit a lot harder than some of the large larger cap companies that is because if
they do get sick from what is going on right now then they have to take sick
leave the company is I know here in Oregon we get our normal PTO but we also
get sick time off as well so we get X amount of days of sick time off if we
get sick plus we have to get paid during that time frame and then we have PTO on
top of it so these small businesses that are having to pay out to their sick
employees having a work from home having to go out buy a bunch of new
infrastructure in order to kind of support working from home I think it’s
going to hit them hard harder than a lot of these larger companies that can kind
of take that hit so we may see some of these smaller companies get hit much
further they have in right now we can see our year-to-date quite a bit of
these a lot of these look at all this red hair here today at a lot in this
position so I think a lot of the national any of these smaller mid cap
companies will get hit very hard here in the short term due to what is going on
right now in the market now long term wise you know what kind of goes on right
now in the short term it’s going to be pretty rough but long term as long as
they can kind of weather through what will get what will happen in a downturn
they’ll make a recovery in the future most likely and stock futures right now
are looking flat you know nothing really kind of going on no news it’s kind of
going on right now we’ll probably see stock futures begin
to pick up here on Sunday Monday when I do my Monday video so look forward to
that but right now not a lot of news kind of move in the market right now I’m
Friday we can see some positions such as Walmart Disney one rumor saying that
they have a lot of sales kind of picking up due to what’s going on people are
going in buying cleaning supplies masks chlorella gel Clorox wipes hand
sanitizer just their sales are picking up I saw a lot of food items getting
bought out at local coops and I know from friends and family overseas some of
their locations they’re also getting bought up all the foods kind of getting
bought off the shelf so a lot of you know Walmart and other retailers they’re
kind of been getting a bit of more traffic so Walmart up 1.3 percent on
Friday Dollar General up 0.5 and 7% if we look at the one-week performance here
we can see probably about a 50-50 split here so what do investors move to you in
times of like we have a health care or not health a health scare kind of going
on so what are the companies that are going to do the best the ones that
produce products or services to kind of combat what is going out there so
Johnson & Johnson five point six one percent on the week Merck up seven point
three seven we have Eli Lilly up twelve point one five percent Pfizer
rebounding up four point seven nine I didn’t buy any Pfizer I know that was on
my bucket list but I kind of went off and went on something a little less
risky Apple kind of picking back up at five point seven three I didn’t see that
they dipped down into the two 80s that’s where my buy point was I wanted the
rebuy Apple around 280 so we’ll kind of see how this one kind of plays out I’d
like to see this one kind of fall again but I don’t know if we’ll see it Procter
& Gamble coca-cola Pepsi Kimberly Clark has a lot of nice products General Mills
up to eleven point seven eight percent so consumer goods healthcare at
utilities that’s where you kind of want to be also REITs REITs are also doing
really well Essex property trusses in them that’s the only one that I know
from this list so telecom also poppin AT&T up five point one four I would say
that these are safe area especially during this time services
telecom consumer goods healthcare and utilities those are going to be your
pretty safer buffer sectors in this current market if we look at financials
they sold off by 3.8 7% if we look at home builders semiconductors so the
Nasdaq lots of semiconductor technology stocks this one sold off 2.6 4% we see
home builders up 1.2 7% this could be off from lowered interest rates on
Tuesday going into Wednesday we can see here lowered rates effect of the
negative on the day from the news by point 80% but Wednesday once that news
and the rates start to kind of go out showing that rates drop by 0.5% I see a
lot of investors and in the real estate market gating rates in the two percent
range now they’re getting locked in at 2.25 percent for 15 years or 2.75
percent for 30 years I think it’s crazy I know Graham Steffen over his channel
he was talking about potentially doing a portfolio and getting all of his
portfolios kind of down into that 2% range as well such that saves a lot of
money over the long term Thursday Friday home builders kind of sold off what they
had made there on Wednesday oil continued to sell off hard down 7.7 2%
they did have a bit of recovery here on Monday maybe having found some bottom
but then with rates and the rest of the market kind of selling off they can you
know just fall really hard dollar also moving low off those recent highs of 99
they hit 99 86 here on February 20th on that date since then they just continue
to move lower and lower and lower as the Fed is pumping more and more money into
this market they’re weakening that dollar they’re bringing the rates down
so you’re getting a really weak dollar you know the dollar the the value of the
dollar is decreasing what you can purchase what the dollar is decreasing
they’re also lower in the interest rate on your money funds and the savings
rates so state savers are getting becoming losers your dollar is getting
weaker the Fed really wants you to move your money into stock something that’s
going to pump more money into the economy something’s going to pump more
money into businesses so we can see this we can see the dollar move down
into the 90s here shortly like in low nineties versus the high
nineties almost a hundred so that’s just gonna go on there
silver and gold bounce really nicely this week silver at four point two two
percent gold up six point one seven percent bonds continue to move higher on
the week one point three nine percent you’re at state four point nine percent
bond there and mortgage rates mortgage rates here
that’s not mortgage rates mortgage rates decreased by not as much as I would you
know here raised to decrease by 0.5 percent but we may not see that
initially or depending on who you’re going and checking out they may be
offering a very low rate of three point two five percent like I said some
investors were getting rates down in the twos for a 15-year fixed two point two
five percent or some of them that I had seen two point seven five percent were
some others that I’d seen for the thirty-year so you want to shop around I
know I refinance some of mine through better calm they gave me some really
good rates on my own my last property versus my local credit union so
definitely check around for different rates and that is basically it as far as
what I’ve posted her from Facebook what was posted here on the channel so
now kind of going into the portfolio recap of last week what went on in the
market I think the portfolio’s did really well for what had a you know what
happened in the market we already saw the SNP was that 0.61% the Dow Jones was
up one point seven one and the Nasdaq was up point ten I in the m1 finance
account over the past week we put on two point nine six percent roughly five
hundred and fifty five hundred and forty dollars of capital gains come coming
back and we made dividends of seventeen dollars and sixty nine cents which I’ve
not may not be paid out into the count so some of the safer holdings here when
he talked about kimberly-clark General Mills utilities Consolidated
Edison Southern Company Walgreens made a huge recovery here ten point three eight
percent here in this last week alone Walmart eight point eight seven Clorox
eight point six eight CVS health corporation you know anything health and
pharmaceutical related up early night the 8.4 REITs digital Realty Trust WP
carry a free Tennison Apple Johnson & Johnson Kellogg so I have a very well
diversified portfolio of consumer goods utilities healthcare pharmaceuticals and
REITs that did really well some of the ones that didn’t perform as well Stanley
Black & Decker sort of a it’s a consumer but people don’t need to go out and buy
power tools or items within this area so I can I can see why they kind of fell by
ten point three four percent in vans financials all financials got beat up
this week we really saw let’s go look at this where’s the map financials got
hammered JP Morgan due to lowered rates so when they cut the rates that’s less
money that the banks are gonna be able to make because they can’t loan as high
so JP Morgan down six point nine two percent Bank of America down nine point
seven nine Wells Fargo nine point two Citigroup three point four four PNG now
PNC nine point six three I think financials a continue to gonna get
hammered I am actually interesting and picking up some fine mint financials
more than likely pick up tiro and more JP Morgan if I do pick up some
financials I think there’s one other financial I’ve had my eye on in a while
in Vance I’ll be buying more Eaton advance JP Morgan I like the tiro and I
think there’s one other but I’m not going to dilute my portfolio with more
financials and I really want I think two or three positions is good for
financials they’re not anything that I like to hold long term JP Morgan I’ll
probably more than likely get rid of that in the future but for the time
being it’s not a bad company I think it’s one of the better of the bank so
shopping malls Las Vegas Sands or not shopping malls but casinos and resorts
down 5.92 Simon Property Group retail 3.27 genuine parts a sort of sales
companies cardinal health actually very interested why this one’s down one point
six three percent really not a lot of red you can see here that our biggest
loser here invent and you know financials and sans Black & Decker and
some of these ones but overall pretty positive on on the weeks there you can
see a lot of green and that’s for pretty positive overall or still positive by
thirteen point three nine percent mainly just are earned dividends of 900
and $13.32 and some market gains which we kind of made it back this week kind
of putting us here as far as some of the activity we didn’t get paid out by
Fiserv six dollars and 64 cents and the subject company 387 so good there I
didn’t do any other buys besides the Monday pies which we already covered I
bought Main Street Capital in Vance and McDonald’s McDonald’s kind of put on
some recovery this week I’d like to buy more of it we’ll kind of see the other
count this is my other account where I do some of my buys themselves this is my
own Roth IRA this was just fun to just here recently okay
so I only had a couple accounts in this one I had my growth account I had my IRA
which is this is the account that my kid had kind of started to kind of showcase
how you can have your money make more money so we put in about five hundred
and sixty dollars into this you can see it’s down as far as equity nine dollars
and 79 cents we’ve made eight dollars in 96 cents and dividends and we are
currently down over all could be an opportunity to buy more but I’m not
adding any more to an IRA I’m focusing on a Roth IRA right now until I can no
longer in the sand Roth IRAs and then I’ll primarily invest few I raise just
tax deferred and in the Roth IRA I started this account up recently and
made my advisor on Monday so Monday after last week’s correction of 10% I
thought Monday was a really good opportunity to put equity into this
account so I just did one by targeted 5400 five thousand four hundred and
forty dollars about ninety eight shares at this one at $55 this one did
appreciate quite a bit this week up on the week by three point one five percent
so if we actually look at the differences in these ones if we go to
the taxable and look at the portfolio this fund oh this is vu let’s go to the
other one this one this one we look at the one-week performance this is the
same ETFs PL viii it put on 4.75%
but over here this one for the week put on 3.125% that is because I did not buy
on Monday at the bottom I wasn’t expecting it to be a bottoming out point
but I wanted to make sure that I maxed out for 2019 and I still have my six
thousand dollars that I can invest for 2020 so I will more than likely get this
portfolio up over the amount the threshold needed that I can make ten
dollars of monthly dividends and then I may just kind of let this one kind of
set for a little bit or I may continue to dollar-cost average into this one so
I’m unsure how I want to continue to play this one out I am going to be
moving more equity into my wife’s account obviously this was the primary
one that we kind of invest in most of my equity is moving into my own businesses
so that’s where my capitals move it into so that is going to be it for today’s
video if you guys did enjoy this video let me know in the comment section below
what you have done this past two weeks I know it’s been a bit of a rocky time but
I don’t think as long as you’re making you’re thinking about your process of
what you’re doing you’re not emotionally jumping in and out of positions you’re
not you know you’re not getting scared you’re not overthinking it as far as
emotional as long as you’re making thoughts you’re kind of jotting down
your ideas of why you are making the actions that you are doing and not
selling you don’t want to sell on the way down you want to take your profits
on the way up so in the past weeks I sold off a little portion of my IV a
little portion of my Apple a little portion on my Cisco at highs because the
market was trending up I was taking profits when the market is that in
certain territories when the markets flushing around and go negative and
positive and negative and positive you don’t want to let your emotions take
advantage of you there and selling the red buying the green saw on the red
buying the green because if you do this too much you’re gonna be bleeding on
capital versus if you just kind of stick through it on the days that are red if
it’s a company you’re going to be buying and holding for the long term you still
believe in the fundamentals and the company and the business and all that
you know the reasons that you bought it for buy it when it’s low
you’re gonna lower your unit cost you’re gonna increase your yields if it’s a
yield pain company your dividends and eventually when this volatility is out
and the unknowns are no longer unknown they’re known the market will eventually
you know do its thing I’m not gonna say it’s gonna move higher we’ll kind of see
how this plays out in the future but that is going to be it for today’s video
thank you all for tuning in Iowa so next time have a great day bye

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