Studying Property, Construction or Project Management at RMIT | RMIT University

[Music] So, construction managers are essentially mediators in the construction process. We’re the middle players between the architects the client and ultimately the sub-trades that deliver the project. So, by doing that we handle up the contracts, the payment processes, the safety aspect and ultimately deliver the final outcome. Construction management at RMIT is the management process of undertaking commercial and residential construction. So, I think what separates RMIT from lots of the other universities offering construction management is that the tutors are very up to date in terms of industry and they’re very practical many of them still work in the industry, so what they teach us is very relevant. At the moment I’m working as an undergrad building coordinator for Cockram Construction. I’m currently placed at Parliament House, which is a quite a complex project, but I think that by the end of the project is putting me in good stead for further career development. The school of PCPM offers exchanges and study tours every semester. I was lucky to take part in exchange to Hong Kong to the Polytechnic University, and that was a fantastic insight into the overseas process of construction. Project management is a high-profile career that requires superior analytical skills, organisational skills, excellent communication skills, and multitasking skills. I chose RMIT here because, globally, it offers the best project management courses. I could see that it not only had the technology to facilitate my learning but also the strong sense of community that I wish to be a part of. I’m currently working as a project manager at Montlaur Project Services. It’s been a great experience, I’ve been able to use my newfound skills and knowledge that I’ve gained at RMIT immediately in the industry. I highly recommend the employer of choice events to future students to really get out of their comfort zone and start networking and building those opportunities. Property forms the foundation of our economy. It’s not just real estate – it’s also about property development, asset management, valuations and investment. A property evaluation degree teaches me the essential skills needed to identify analyse and manage property assets, and gain a rewarding career in the property industry. I’m originally from the Gold Coast in Queensland where I was working as a tradie. I had this goal to pursue a career in property development. I started studying all the leaders in the property industry and I noticed the majority of them studied at RMIT. So, that’s when I decided to pursue the career and move to Melbourne. RMIT has provided me with the important skills and principles to build the foundations of a property profession. In my second year I decided to work in the commercial real estate industry, and I worked as an assistant Sales and Leasing consultant for 12 months. I’m currently working in a 12-month intern program at Development Victoria. My initial goal in moving to Melbourne was to eventually work in the property development industry, I didn’t expect in two years to have the amount of opportunities that I’ve been exposed to only through RMIT’s strong industry connection. [Music]

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