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– Hello, it’s Simon Zutshi here and in this video I’m gonna share with you what I believe is one of
the most important things for you to be a successful
property investor. And that is having the correct mindset. Mindset is critically
important, not just in property, but anything you want to do in your life, if you have the right mindset you can do it, if you don’t have the right mindset it’s going to be very, very difficult. So what do I mean by mindset? Well, I like to keep things simple and I like to break mindset down into the A, B, C, of mindset. So first of all A, is for attitude. A is about having the
can-do positive attitude. There’s always a solution. You see in property very
often things go wrong and you can either dwell on the problem and feel sorry for yourself or you can say, okay, there’s
got to be a solution here and as a property problem solver we’re always looking to solve
problems for other people. So attitude and having
that can-do attitude, and the glass is half
full, is really important. Now your attitude often
comes from your environment and your beliefs. So B, stands for belief and that means what can, what’s the belief
that is actually possible, what do we think can be done, and then what do we think
that we can personally do? So if you think it’s impossible to find motivated sellers in your area, or you think it’s
impossible to find people who’ll lend you money, or you think it’s impossible
to replace your income. Guess what, if that’s what you believe you’re absolutely right. Henry Ford had a great quote he said, if you think you can,
or you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right. So you’ve got to be very
careful the beliefs you have. And those have come from, you know, a childhood and an environment
of what we listen to and people we speak to, so we can actually change our beliefs. And the way that we can do that is we can, if we want to replace
our income for example, all we have to do is find other people who’ve actually done it. And if they’ve done it well, surely it means it’s possible otherwise they wouldn’t
have been able to do it. So we first of all need to make sure that we’re finding
people who can inspire us or we can learn from and then we need to change our thinking. Saying if they can do it maybe
I can also do this as well. So belief is absolutely critical. And then the third
element, from the A, B, C. A is for attitude, B is
belief, C is for courage. It’s about having the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and achieve what ever you
want to achieve in your life. And I believe your
success is waiting for you just outside your comfort zone. Because if you do what you’ve always done, and we do that as humans
we’re creatures of habit we tend to do the same things. But if you do the same things you’ll get the same results. You see the actions you take will lead to certain results which then gives you certain behaviour because you respond to
the results you get. So we need to change the things we do and the way we do that is
by doing things different. If we want change in our life we have to be the element of change, we have to change first of all. And so stepping outside your comfort zone feels awkward or uncomfortable and we’re worried about things. But when you actually do it you find it’s not really as bad as you thought it might be. So that’s the A, B, C, attitude, belief, courage of mindset. So how can you work on your mindset, how can you improve your mindset? And I believe that it’s something that we consistently need to do. So what I do is I like to surround myself with like-minded people. I fly to America for two separate
mastermind groups I’m in, maybe between three and five times a year I’m flying all the way to America, it’s expensive to go,
it takes a lot of time, but I do it because I want to put myself in an environment where I’m
not the smartest person, I want to be stretched, I
want other people around me to stimulate my thinking
and look at what they do and thinking, if they can
do it I can do it as well. I want to be inspired. So think about your environment. Now on a slightly lesser scale you could go to a local property
investor network meeting. Now if you’re interested
in investing in property probably the people around
you, your family, your friends, your work colleagues, they
probably don’t get it. And if you listen to them they might say, oh, well it’s not a good
time to invest and I agree, if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s not a good time to invest. But if you do know what you’re doing now is a fantastic time to invest because there’s so much uncertainty. So sometimes you’ve
gotta go slightly against what the general population think, by going to a peer meeting
you’re getting yourself around like-minded people who if you say you want to
replace your income in a year, they’re not going to say, oh,
that’s crazy, you know, you’ll never do that, they say, wow, that’s
amazing, how are you going to do it? How can I help you? It’s a totally different way of thinking, totally different environment. So put yourself into the
environment first of all. Secondly, be very careful
what you put into your head. You know, stop watching the news on TV and listening to the news on radio, or even reading newspapers. It’s important to know
what’s going on in the world I get that, but there’s so
much negativity in the press. If you allow that to come into you well, probably it’s gonna make you a slightly more negative person it’s not gonna help the right attitude. So instead choose what
you put into your head. You know, you can listen
to great audio books that’s why I wrote, “Property Magic” because now it’s available as
an audio book, on audible. Podcasts, you can listen
to successful people. We just released a
“Property Magic” podcast. You can get it on iTunes, on Google Play, on Spotify, it’s completely free and what you can do is you can
download these kind of things and choose to listen to those
that are going to inspire you, and motivate you, of all the things it’s going to neg you out and make you think what a terrible place the world is. So be very careful on what
you put into your head. And finally, be careful
about your attitude, what you say to other people, and what you say to yourself. You know that little voice in your head, you might think, well I
don’t have any little voices, well, that’s the little voice by the way. Be careful what they’re saying to yourself because sometimes we can
talk ourselves out of things we can sometimes say,
oh it’s okay for them, but you’ll never be able to do that. You got to stop listening to that voice. You’ve got to be careful of the language you’re putting out there because language and words have energy. So be conscious of what you’re saying and what you’re thinking and that’s the final way
to help with your mindset. So I do hope that’s been useful. I believe that mindset’s
the most important thing, anything you want to do in your life you’ve got to have the right mindset. And that’s because I meet people who, they know what to do,
they’ve got the knowledge, they know the strategies, but they don’t take action because they don’t have the right mindset. So if that’s you maybe
you want to start thinking about how you can improve your mindset and I hope we can help you with that. Go and get the audio
copy of “Property Magic,” go and download the free
“Property Magic” podcast and I hope on a weekly
basis I can help inspire you and slowly get you to change your mindset so you have the right mindset to be a successful investor. So I’m Simon Zutshi, as
always I encourage you to invest in knowledge, invest in skill.

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