TEAM TIBET: Home away from Home (2017) Trailer

As I always told people, the moment my Mother landed on the earth, me on Tibetan soil, I am a Tibetan Buddist. I am a full blooded Tibetan. There is nothing one can do to change me. I would hear some action being taken in New Zealand, done by a lone Tibetan there. The Tibetan flag is banned in Tibet. They are not allowed to fly it at all. At some stage the person who was following me, I knew he was following me, he was asleep on the bench. So I used to go and tap him and say, “I’m leaving now!” I was so frightened that he would be taken and we would lose him. Today if you look at any furniture that comes from China or any chopsticks that are coming, I guarantee they’re Tibetan wood. You are the generation who have the responsibility
on your shoulder to build this century A more happier century, more peaceful century, more
compassionate century. Truth is the weapon.

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