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The Tesla is a car that
reveals the future in its full form. It is not just an electric car. It is a great car, in every way. I’d say it’s already changed
our existing concept of a car. As a car it has wonderful features The word to describe
the Tesla Model S is elegant. The degree of perfection took me completely by surprise. It’s completely different from
how I’d thought of cars before. I often go to Awaji at the weekend. It’s about 150 km from my home. It gets me
there and back with room to spare. The car’s design is definitely sexy. I love the design. You feel the influence of controlling
the car’s performance with software and sense that you’re experiencing
how cars really are going to change. The thing that I found about
the Autopilot is that it makes driving
much more relaxing. It’s so easy to drive, the trip from
Tokyo to Karuizawa seems no distance. I think that electric vehicles
are going to be a lot more common in the near future. For me, it’s a device
connected to the Internet of Things. And it’s fun to drive. It’s so spacious inside the kids really love it. I see the Tesla more as a revolution
in UI than in electric vehicles. The accelerator response of the motor. You feel the wheels respond
as soon as you put your foot down. This is a new experience! The car being updated like I said Usually a car is at its best when new
and deteriorates from there. But this is obviously evolving fast. Even right now
there’s really no inconvenience You feel that the times
are changing, that’s for sure. So yes, with Model S
the future is in the palm of your hand.

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  1. My next EV will be a Tesla, its one of my dreams. Beautiful, powerful, road presence, cool tech, quick, fast, range, the future.

  2. ソフトウェアのアップデートにより車の価値が増していく、これは他の車にはない要素だね。

  3. I saw one here in Philippines doing Test-drive. Hope there's a lot of charging stations along the way during a long drive.

  4. Toyota has been crippled by their very good corporate culture and even their fun car is efficiently executed (GT86). The Prius is also efficient in almost every way. Yet, all of these are logical choices and not an emotional one for the consumer.
    I just wish Toyota push with their fuel cell tech and produce more competition in the electric vehicle market.

  5. More super chargers in Japan plzzzzz!!!!! Know one would. Buy them unless we had more charging points teaming up with Nissan might be an idea….
    just throwing it out there

  6. I wonder how many Japanese people own Teslas, considering that they have so many options for locally-manufactured vehicles.

  7. I'm a sophomore who is inspired to change the world with AI. Every time I'm frustrated with things not working out, I just look at Tesla and SpaceX, and tell myself, 'they've done the impossibles!'. Thank you guys for changing the world!

  8. Tesla (cars) and Panasonic Corporation (home appliances, Toughbook computers) are manufacturers of the best equipment in the whole world. Best regards from Poland !!!

  9. I tell you what living in japan and driving ICE car are expensive! Specially for road tax and 2 years emission tax.

  10. I can imagine that Japan is a tough market to crack. Like Germans, the Japanese are very proud of their domestic brands. But on the other hand, Japanese like technology.

  11. It's great that electric car are being adopted, the only thing we need to change now is how electricity are produced. Unless we move toward the renewable/greener energy, it won't change how we put out co2. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth. If you're burning Coal and produce CO2 as its by product to charge electric cars. The move electric car you have on the road, the more power you need to charge it. In my opinion, we are moving toward a better future with these electric car, just need a better power source.

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