Tesla Model 3 2020 Owner in-depth Review l Good and Bad

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I want to make a full indie preview of the new Tesla Model 3 2020
model after owning the car one month and almost two thousand kilometer I want to
share with you all my impression the good stuff the bad stuff
and I try to review it and show you the detail around the car I want to show you
what I liked the most about the car and what I don’t like so much about the car
so stay with me guys and we will go through every single detail and I hope
you will enjoy it so if you want to buy an electric car a Tesla Model 3 or
whatever Tesla you will probably find a lot of useful information in this video
so let’s go to the car and let me share with you all the information that I that
I gained until today so let’s do it guys so first time I just want to show I want
to start with the exterior of the car and I want to show you a few things
around the car that you probably didn’t notice or didn’t see it before
so first time I want to start with the cameras because the car have cameras
here you can see on the blinker side even here on the both side the car have
the blinkers and also the cameras again the car have camera right here in the
front also this camera there help for the lane assist you can see there are
two cameras actually there are free cameras right there and the raining
sensors up there on the roof and camera in the front is the dash camera that can
film it with the Sentry mode so you have an option in the car that you can
activate it and when someone is close to the car or when happens something
happened with the car around the car these cameras will film would record and
you can also record it you have a button inside the car I will show you you have
a button that you can clear you can push it and the car will start record with
all the four cameras and the fourth camera is right here in Reverse so you
have another camera here in the back so you will kind of cover 360 degrees so if
something happened with the car and you have activate the sentry mode the car
can film what happened around the car and you can use this in case of an
accident or someone’s try to stole your car or someone breaks something to your
car so just this is the first thing that I want to start with then the second
things are the sensors and there are others right here on the b-pillar we
have these sensors I think you can see it very clear that help you to keep the
car in Lane and to help you with the autopilot and all that cool
cool feature that this car can do it’s almost one of the best car without a
pilot on the market today he can do he can drive itself I don’t think you see
my other videos if you didn’t see just check out my other videos and you will
see you will see there how the car can drive itself with autopilot and also
with the full self-driving so pretty cool now the other thing that I want to
show you are the light we have LED lights everywhere even in the back the
car have already lights in the front in the back and even the blinkers are LED
also the other cool thing is the door the way you open the door you have to
press press the with one finger and then you pull it like that it’s kind of
electric and then for a better aerodynamic the choice to hide these
handles so the car have a better eye or dynamic this is another cool feature and
from the interior how you open the doors is just this button here a little button
that you have to push it and then the door will open I see this almost tank
they make the same same style of of doors so if you’re informed you know
that and the emergency in case that the car doesn’t have the battery you have an
emergency handle right here you can see this little handle you have
to pull it you have you have to pull it up and then you will open the car
there’s a lot doesn’t recommend this because when you use this the windows
will not go down usually when you use the electric button the window go down a
little bit and then the door will open and in this way you don’t do not break
the the rubber here and you not break the window in time so use the electric
button whatever is possible so yeah that’s another cool feature that I want
to show you I like the mirrors because they are very big you don’t have like in
other cars the blind spot in the mirror or something like that because the blind
spot it’s really integrated right here on the screen
when you are driving they will show you here the other cars and they will show
you when someone is in her blind spot so that’s a cool feature again now let me
start the blinkers the blinkers in this car are right here close to the SOS
button so you can see it I’m not sure if you can see it the light is not so good
there is the blinkers the SOS button and those are LED lights in the interior of
the car pretty awesome I like them very much so let me try to open the blinkers
and let me show you the blinkers how they look like so right here on the on
the side we have two blinkers guys we have a little LED light and down there
is the camera under it I think you can see it so pretty cool we don’t have any
blinkers in the mirror like usually we have another cars and in the back the
blinkers are also very small but very powerful so you can actually let me dark
a little bit and you can see it better so like that so you can see how small
they are but they are super powerful but they are super super small they take
such a little place here on the on the reverse light it’s kind of amazing how
small they are and the problem it’s kind of from the side you cannot see it so
well if a car come from from a side or something like that they cannot see this
but they can see it there on the sides of let me go in the front to show you in
the front the blinkers the blinkers in the front are really down there so this
time they are all the way all the way from from the left to the right so you
can see it very well from the front side the blinkers are looking much better and
the drivers can see that much much better so this is this is okay this time
now let me close this and let me open the
the lights I don’t know if you are able to see because it’s sunny day today but
here you can open the light so let me open the lights just like that just like
that and let me show you in the back the LED in the back look fantastic in my
opinion it has a beautiful shape and I love the way they made it it’s a super
beautiful and it looked nice in the night you can see it from the both side
the LED are super awesome on the outside all over the the the
backlight and let me go in the front to show you the light we have full LED
lights in the front guys also this part it’s like the daylight I don’t know if
you can see it so well but let me adjust the light here for a bit and let me tell
you that we have full LED lights here I don’t know if you can see it yet full
LED and up here is the daylight because of the camera the frequency you cannot
see it so well maybe from this maybe from this distance you can see it better
now but anyway maybe I will do another video to show you in the night time so
anyway let me close it because the car scream like that all day long so I just
close it let’s go outside and finish with the exterior so on the roof I think
you already know about Tesla Model 3 all the Tesla Motors fries come with this
beautiful panoramic glass roof and you can see it’s all over the roof there so
it looked kind of amazing I also add some rubber here for noise reduction I
will make another review with all the information and all the accessories that
I put on the car because you have to take some accessory if you want to make
the car much more you have if you want to protect it or there are some helpful
stuff that will be needed to the car for example
down here I recommend you to protect this part right here because the wheels
when you turn the wheels all the little stones will come in this on this paint
right here and then you will make chips and and little stones and with time this
can can make rust very easy and also down here at the moment I have a
protection film down here is just for the moment I just installed it myself
and I have protection all over down there on the down side of the car
because I want to protect it for the moment
and I wait to come those mud flaps I don’t know if you know mud flaps the
plastic that come right here until down here and it will protect all this paint
but I see on the internet one guy have problem because those mud flaps fucked
up the paint here in this area so just like that
he’s fucked up the paint and the coating and I’m not sure right now if I will
install it or not but probably I will put a paint protection film in all that
area when I have time so yeah for the moment it’s just a little bit of
protection other than that I add paint protection film on the on the hood here
on the light headlight and on the front bumper
I have protection so whole lights bumper and then the hood I will have to add the
protection the paint protection film on this side this is very important because
this part can rust and then it’s very very complicated to to paint it or to
change its and it’s also much more expensive than the bumper or than the
hood and also down there it’s very important that part so you have to
protect it to the car anyway other than that I say I will review the car so let
me explain other things and not the protection things
so I like very much about the car one thing that I like I like the shape of
the car and the back of the car look fantastic it has a great eye or dynamic
and the consumption of the car it’s awesome
I have to tell you I have a great consumption on the car no complaining
about the consumption it’s worked perfectly I have the winter tires right
now on the car I change it when I get the car and also the car come standard
with those rims I have 18 inch rims right now I have the
winter Bridgestone Bridgestone blizik those are I think in my opinion the best
winter tires and the price it’s it’s great and also you have kind of rubber
protection here for the rims you can see on the side a little bit so they are
special so they are great they do a great job in the winter so also if you
want some information about them you can see there the 18 range they come
with this a iyer cups then they call that you can also take it out of those
caps they are very good for aerodynamic because the air will go around the car
and then the range will be longer some people take out those caps I will
try to show you in a moment so let me put the camera down and let me
let me show you guys it’s very easy to take it down you just have to pull it
like that from different side and then it’s out so it’s just it’s just a
plastic cap right now you can see it you got some clips there and yeah anyway I
have to I buy some protection for the let me put this right here I don’t want
to scratch it or something and some people leave the car like that some
people take out those caps and leave the car like that you will lose some range
because the air will go inside here and you will lost some aerodynamic and look
at this when you buy the car it comes without any protection
for those caps I buy some protection from the eBay
from eBay and I will add those plastic caps and it will protect from rust
because you see the car it’s almost brand new and you have some rust inside
there so I have a cap that will come like this here and you will protect the
water cannot go inside there you can see have some water you cannot go inside
there probably I would have to spray it until rust spray and I would have to
spray all that all that screws there I have someone to rust spray up so maybe I
will do that also I like the caliper from Tesla you can see how cool they
look if you wash it very well they will look very nice and also the
brake discs on the electric cars you don’t use it too much so you can see my
brake discs are not like in the normal cars very glossy because the most of the
time this car will use the regenerate regenerate braking and it will not use
the caliper the caliper will be new for a very very long time I don’t like the
look without the caps I like much more with the caps on without the caps I
don’t know I just I just don’t like it too much and I will probably leave the
cap forever or maybe when I change the rims I will take the 1920 or 21 rims
they look much better on the car but for the moment I will stay with the range
and I prefer to have much more range to the car so yeah I will put the cap on
good I’m finished with that anyway if you buy the tesla model free long range
or perform long range performance and not the standard one the cheapest one
the cheapest one come without those fog lamps here we have LED light fog lamps
you can see it there it’s LED lights and they are helpful sometimes they look
very nice and I take the long range because I want the longer battery and
the bigger battery and that’s that’s pretty cool it come also with these fog
lamps on the normal standard version down there you will have just the black
plastic so it’s much better like that and I also add on this plastic here
I had some pain protection film because here will come a lot of stones and chips
from the road and it will in a few years one two three years maybe it will be a
full of chips and will not look so good so anyway great great setting with the
exterior I’m almost finished I like the chrome around the car the
chrome it’s very beautiful some people hide it but I like it I like the chrome
I want to look like that I want to be with chrome and yeah I like it very much
so the truck and even even the the shape of the car it’s super awesome and with
this chrome around the windows look very very nice I like it very much
so my only concern in time it’s that you can see around the windows right here we
have the windows we have a gap right here you see a little gap and then again
a little gap here again a little gap in the back and then we have a rubber and
and my only concern is that with time you have to change those rubbers and
sometimes you have to protect those rubbers I have some protection rubbers I
buy it from the shop it’s very cheap maybe $10 or something like that and you
can you can protect those robbers because in time when it’s when it’s cold
when it’s freezing outside you will freeze and it will break in two years
you have to change all the rubbers because it’s very important the water
cannot go inside or the the the water the air and all that stuff will go
inside so it’s not so protective it’s just the window here if you see it’s
just the windows kind of strange to see is to see that but yeah that’s the way
it is so until now I didn’t have problem and I have some minus degrees so it’s
kind of cool other than that the car perfectly the paint was no problem maybe
the only problem is this door right here on the passenger side it’s not aligned
perfectly it’s a little bit down it come like this from the factory so you can
see even down here you can see a little bit of difference so you can see the
difference here it’s the back here it’s a little bit in the front I don’t know
if you can observe that difference and down there look at down there you can
see the difference wonder it’s upper and one door it’s down so it’s kind of
strange but I see this on on other cars as well when I make the reviews with
other cars I see the same program other than that around the windows here is no
problem so I see that the gap it’s perfectly aligned so I don’t know if
yeah I don’t have any problem here is the charging port you can open it very
easy from the application or when the car is open you just have to push your
finger there and it’s open and we have in Europe here the fast charging port
and then we have the DC CCS that you can charge fast charging on the Tesla were
on the other super charge when you want to close this you can do it from inside
the car or you can do it from here pushing like that I don’t recommend to
push it too many times when you push it too many times you force it and maybe in
time this plastic you will broke and you have to change this plastic and yeah you
don’t want to change this maybe it’s expensive but it’s costing
and you have to go to Tesla stuff like that you can do it from application or
you can just press here close and when you place close there will be closed
automatic so it’s much better to use your button or your application
I like the mirrors I like the visibility from the interior it’s awesome which is
the best car the great visibility also I will show you the roof in the moment
yeah and other than that I think I’m finished
with the exterior of the car in the back here we have some light reflectors
they’re super awesome very very helpful in the night when the car illuminate
your car this will light up and it’s pretty cool also the LED lights on the
number plate this is good because we have LED and not a normal light so this
is pretty awesome and also the reverse camera I also like this shape it’s
beautiful shape here like a spoiler and you can add also a spoiler a little
spoiler like that you will find it on the internet and then make the car much
more sporty and cooler and also we will help you at a higher speed here we will
have dual motors when the car if you buy the long range the car will come with
two motors one in the front one in the back in total we have around between 300
and 400 horsepower because Tesla always upgrade the the software and sometimes
give you more power for example the last software update was Tesla give us around
30 horsepower more so we have around around 350 400 horsepower on the car
with the both engines running now going inside the back here we have some
plastic here very small plastic at the entrance in the car and then we have a
huge huge space in my opinion it’s really huge space deep here it’s not so
big it’s not like like a hatchback so it will probably be hard to stick things
here because it’s not so big entrance in the back in the trunk but actually
when you are in the trunk it is very huge trunk we have LED lights
2 LED lights on the both side and it’s a huge huge space I don’t understand why
here it’s kind of a plastic up here you can see some rubbers and you can see
some some some how you say that screws there but I don’t think it’s normal like
that maybe it was better if they add some ex
I don’t know something like that what is here on the side to be up there it will
look much better and not just a plastic that you can scratch there your things
that go inside the trunk it’s kind of kind of a strange thing and you can see
here on the side a little bit of of cables and stuff like that I don’t think
this is normal but yeah I think they they want to cut the cost anyway the
trunk is huge other than that the trunk is huge it’s long it’s nice for me it’s
perfect I still have a lot of space here on the side where I put the stuff look
how big is this space it’s a really huge space here on the side and on this side
we don’t have any space it’s just on this side other than that going under
this trunk we have another trunk here kind of big where I keep my cables and
stuff I have a lot of cables and it’s really deep you can see how big it is i
buy this protection stuff protection robbers for the trunk I think it’s
better and also here I have this protection because you see how much dirt
it can get here inside the car if you don’t have this protection so I always
keep those protection robbers up here and I like this space down here I have
the cable free cables here when I charge the car I don’t want to go into detail
with that but yeah I think you get the point
so here other than that up here just the plastic just two handles that you can
close the trunk and also the brake light it’s right here you can see it right
here on the down part of the windshield right there is the brake light when you
brake anyway let me show you the other thing that I don’t like so much it’s
when it’s raining too much the water will come here and then it’s a robber
again a robber a lot of rubber in the car I don’t know the why they choose to
put so much rubber because this rubber in time it will fucked up and you will
have to change it right now it’s so flexible and nice but in
two years you have to change all the rubber around here because you will
fucked up but when the raining it’s big you open the trunk all the water come
inside the trunk right here so it’s not so pleasant to have water in the trunk
but if you are careful yeah that’s that’s okay for me it’s not a big
problem opening in the back and let me fall down the seats to show you how the
car look with the fall down the seat here it’s very simple you have a button
up here and then you fold it you have almost a flat floor you can see it’s a
little bit upper in the first models model free when it was in 2070 first
time those seats in the back was different this was not so fluffy you can
see now it’s fluffy and nice and comfortable you can see how fluffy it’s
on the side before it was flat floor you know it was straight away we don’t have
these side supports here like you have now some side support up here side
support so very nice those side support are nice we find it in almost all the
car before was flat and because it was flat he was able to put the seats all
the way flat and then you have a flat flat trunk and flat floor and you can
sleep even here in the back without any problem I think you can see even now but
is not more so flat like before so yeah maybe for some people would be a problem
other than that big entrance in the car I like this entry huge entrance in the
car it’s very very pleasant to be there and also if you look from here you have
a huge yawning space there it’s a very long space and very big space where you
can put your stuff if you want to carry bigger items actually yeah bigger items
not so much but longer items longer and bigger because of this part here you
cannot you cannot carry so many things so big things
yeah you have to you have to yeah pay attention of what you can carry with
the car or remove what you cannot I want to take a fridge I want to buy a fridge
it small fridge these days but I’m not sure if if I can carry it with this car
from here you cannot put the fridge inside it’s not so much space and maybe
you you scratch the car and from here also I think the distance between down
and up it’s not so big to put it in so I don’t know I would probably give up and
take it find another solution but this is the space guys as an information also
I have a lot of space down here on my legs this is something that I’d love it
look how much space you have on the legs you can put a lot of stuff down there
and even up here in the back you can put many stuff so that’s the space I think
it’s it’s kind of big space if you don’t if you don’t carry ya fridges or
something like that so anyway that’s with the trunk closing the trunk
normally it’s manually so we have known you have to do this manually but I see
on the internet you can buy some stuff that will do this electrically but yeah
now we just review the car the way is putting putting back the car it’s very
simple and I will show in the moment just like that just pull it up the
seatbelt also you have to take it out and then yeah as you know the same story
put it back in one second it’s up perfectly so yeah let’s go to the door
first time guys I like I like very much the car that are frameless like this
model free you see we don’t have any frame on the windows or window it’s just
like that but you have to pay attention to the windows sometimes it’s
yeah it’s sensitive because of this robber we have a lot of rubber here and
you have to pay attention to this robber you have to take care of this robber and
sometimes put some cream on it that will last longer even on the freezing days
you have to put the cream because the the window can freeze on this robber
sometimes and you can open the car of the door it’s it’s complicated and can
break the electric systems there also look how much rubber it’s in the car
even down here down here a lot of rubber yeah other than that even here you can
see between those in the front as well plenty of rubber I guess that’s normal
also here on the doors we have plenty of rubbers and those windows the way there
stick it here around those edges we have plenty of rubber and stuff like that
other than that I also add an extra layer of rubber here those part here I
added personally because I don’t want to have so much noise inside the car so I
add to every door those double type of rubber here the car come with only with
this one but I add the extra one so yeah you can see the x11 that go all the way
there so any extra noise reduction and also dirt doesn’t get so much here on
this side but yeah it’s not so good I didn’t notice so much of a difference
but yeah anyway now let’s go inside the car guys here we have some plastic that
I also have to tell you I protected you see I add some extra fake leather here I
buy it from the internet so you can see was also opening a little bit because
it’s cold outside so I have to press it like that and I would stay there without
any problem you have to heat it a little bit I didn’t hit it but it’s very cool
it’s beginning here it’s ending here inside so all this part it’s
protected until here so when someone comes in the back of my car cannot
scratch the plastic here is plastic maybe I will I will put also up here to
protect this part but yeah I don’t want to see many scratches right here so I
just protect it like that other than that I love the fact that Tesla choice
to go with leather this is a fake leather I mean they say it’s a vagrant
leather but it’s kind of fake leather Vanille I don’t know if you see the
balls we play with the balls of football balls before was made from the same
material it’s very sensitive material you have to pay attention if you have if
you scratch it it will get scratched very easy in in a few years there will
be fucked up so anyway you have to pay attention with those seats yeah other
than that they are very easy to clean that’s for sure and I like the fact that
here it’s soft material you have a very comforted comfort even up here until up
here is soft material you have a great comfort inside the car I like the shape
of the car of the of the seats the shape of the seats are awesome I love the
shape I love the way they look I like I like the comfort inside this leather
it’s awesome it’s soft material you can see how soft it is for long trips it’s
super awesome and super comfortable we have armrests two cup holders here with
the same regulator and then here you cannot open it to carry long items that
are – for the car too bad but up there on the roof we have a big big glossy
window that became all the way in the back to the way in the front here so it
is amazing I love this glass that was one of the reason if I buy this car and
also the glass continuing in the front there you can see all the roof of the
car it’s it’s made of glass almost everywhere it’s glass guys going
inside the car it’s super easy super easy going inside the back of the car I
think this is one of the greatest thing about this car that I love it in the
back here I have plenty of space on my on my legs you can see how much space I
have on my legs even down here I cannot stretch my legs under the front
seat but I can just leave it like that and I have plenty of space on my legs
plenty of space in the right side right here I have on the doors another thing
that I want to show you guys yeah I forget something I have a child security
so I have to this active eight it from there I cannot go outside but look at
this soft material on the on the doors here it’s of material everywhere from
here to here it’s soft material even back here it’s soft material here we
have rubber again and this rubber is not perfectly glued here you can see from
the factory it come with some problems like that so they have to glue it like
that but anyway anyway anyway I don’t want to speak about this problem from
the factory soft material here soft material on the doors here we have again
soft material right here is no plastic you can see and then we come on Cantara
this is leather Alcantara right here I love Alcantara I love soft material even
here we have this leather on the door right here on the down side then we have
this glossy plastic that look fantastic with this button here amazing I love
this black glossy plastic I love this even here it’s leather everywhere
leather down here soft material we have a speaker we have huge huge huge space
here in the storage space huge storage space down here and then we have soft
material even down there so no plastic on the doors
that’s fantastic this is something that I love about Tesla motor free we don’t
have any plastic on the door even in the front even in the back
everything it’s leather or bacon leather or Alcantara leather or just a rubber
soft material so awesome Tesla great job I like that
the seats are soft and great the back of the front seats we have some plastic
here cheap plastic here and then we have leather the same Reagan leather right
here and the soft material so the plastic is just around around around and
here it’s leather up here it’s leather this same thing on leather soft leather
I like this it’s very very cool to be on these seats there they’re really tiny
they are not so fat see it’s like in other cars and you have a great
visibility from the person in the back you can see this seats is not so big so
you can see very well also in the front and you can see very well also on the
screen from here you can also watch movies or stuff like that because now
the soft telecom with that cool feature to see movies now great visibility on
the windows guys look how great is the visibility the windows it’s huge and
also you have a little small window there window on the roof look at my my
head I have plenty of good visibility if I stay here in the back like that it’s
too bad that I cannot adjust this headrest here that way I think here in
the middle you can sit much better because you can put your head just like
that and then oh it’s great but now in the middle the seat is not so good we
have a straighter position here was better and here it’s a little bit harder
on the back and you have a straighter position but if I go a little bit in the
front the head will be perfectly here and then the visibility on the on the
roof it’s it’s fantastic but I like much more here
the passenger side is much more cool I like that anyway
anyway great guys now look at the screen look at the sky look how cool you can
watch the sky and how cool it is and also the Sun there it’s looking
fantastic up here in the middle we have kind of a roof but it’s small roof there
look how small it is the roof it’s kind of crazy how small it is and here on the
roof we have the light LED light and – I don’t know what’s that that I’m really
curious guys if you know what’s that please tell me I’m really want to know
what is this here maybe microphone and what I don’t think
so USBC or yeah I don’t think so usb on the roof crazy huh here we have a
kind of hair hooks when you can put your clothes look how fancy it is it’s super
fancy and super nice also the roof have a great great quality soft material this
white roof it’s it’s great quality it’s awesome really really awesome great
quality and also yeah I love it I love to be here in the back it’s really
really awesome up here we have this soft material kind of soft material and up
here I think it’s the speaker so you have a speaker right there
all the way in the back and inside the windows here on the on the back part you
have this heating stuff that will help the the the window to heat up and you
have a great visibility so anyway down here I have plenty of space as you see
it I love the fact that here in the middle is no no step nothing is just
flat floor you have a lot of space here to play with your legs and stuff and
this is something that I love about electric cars the space guys on my head
plenty four or five fingers also in the left side you can see almost stretch my
hand and also here almost stretch my hand three people can stay here without
any problem I tell you that because you can stay also with your legs together
for example just like that and you see it’s plenty of space for other people on
the left on the right side even here on my knees huge space no problem about the
space I can stretch a little bit the legs under the front console so how cool
is that look how cool is that I can put my my
legs a little bit in the front as well so you don’t do that in other cars I you
have to trust me I tell you that you will not we will never find that in
other cars so this is awesome look you have that I have the seat right here
there are the legs right here under the console so it’s super awesome you don’t
have a space down here nothing there but you have here two USB ports how cool is
that and the vents right here so they are
awesome really really awesome guys I love that they are super cool and they
feel good quality other than that is just plastic here here is plastic
plastic down plastic I take a cover for that I will show you another video the
cover now I also love the window in the back the roof window look fantastic it’s
so big and so nice and even there in the front you can see you have just a little
bit of roof there I think you can see it there is the roof and here guys we go a
little bit in front here we have this cool feature look how cool is that the
LED lights and the mirror look how nice it is fantastic it’s also tiny so
special so fancy so premium I can say and also I don’t like the fact that this
one here is the same material as the roof and if you touch it too much time
when you touch this too much time it’ll get dirty very easy
and I don’t like that also a speaker there we have on the a pillar speaker
the pillars on Tesla Model T are a little bit bigger
you have to know that I have to tell you they make the pillar bigger that way
here it’s bigger and here it’s still because this car have five star safety
rating and to have this 5 star safety rating
the Tesla must add a lot of steel they’re still strong steel that the car
will keep his shape in case of an accident so this one there it’s bigger
you have to know that bigger and the visibility sometimes it’s not so good
because of this pillar there and there this is something that I observe after I
buy the car so yeah you have to know that speaker there speaker there on the
door speaker on the dashboard in the front all over there the sound it’s
fantastic in this car the premium sound sound amazing
also speaker on the door I will show you in the moment but for now up here on the
roof you see it before the blinkers button SOS button and LED lights and the
mirror it’s also super fancy the mirror looks fantastic
tiny edges and it’s a beautiful beautiful mirrors the dashboard it’s
super simple you know the Tesla motor feed dashboard
very simple you have an awesome visibility because this windshield the
windows in the front the windshield it’s much more bigger than in a normal cars
it’s go all the way up there so it’s go up there and then down and left right
it’s so big you have so big visibility so awesome visibility when you’re
driving it’s amazing I have to tell you I like that I like that the window it’s
bigger than in a normal car I like the visibility I like the dashboard down
there it’s awesome the steering wheel it’s also great it’s easy to use you
have plenty of great quality materials on the steering wheel yeah it’s soft and
nice and also you have only two how can I say two buttons here as you can
you can adjust different settings only with these two buttons and then you have
the wipers stick there and the blinkers from the left side and then here you
have the cool stuff is that here you have the gear shifter you can change the
gear and also autopilot this stick here make everything auto pilot gear shifter
you can go to park now withdraw reverse and all that stuff only with that shift
like an hour like on a Mercedes and also the autopilot is from that stick so this
this steering wheel here doesn’t have so many buttons just a few buttons and
those wheels do the old job so it’s cool also the screen have all the buttons
other than that no buttons in the car the glow box I
will show you you have to open it everything on the screen let’s go in the
front guys but before going in the front look how cool the Sun look through this
glass roof so awesome awesome classroom I love it I love this car until now I
love it here it’s soft leather as well big armrests super awesome for me but
before that let me let me open something here because I cannot go outside from
the back I put this child safety option and I have to do is activate this child
waist looks child lock and I have to deactivate this child lock other than
that I cannot go outside the car so just let me go outside let me go in the front
I’ll show you the rest of the car so in the front you see it before the handles
are quite interesting here the same soft material on the doors the speaker right
here I show you before the buttons for open the doors just have to press it
soft he’ll have leather Alcantara right here super awesome quality and even down
here we have soft material soft material big space here
for storage and here we have a speaker again down here we have the model free
logo on this aluminum plate and then we have again this some plastic here
that I also protected had some this extra video here so I protect this part
from here to here so from scratches and stuff like that because my legs come
here sometimes so it’s much better to be protected electric seats the car come
with electricity in the front there and here also we come with heated seat all
over the cars we have heated seat in the back all three spaces are heated in the
back and also in the front and we have electric adjustable seats in the front
from here you can adjust every single stuff front back forward a lumbar
position even the lumber position you can adjust it the seat are awesome they
are soft they have side support even down here they are sporty but in the
same time soft and you can drive long trips with them the pedals are normal I
like them nothing special there here even here down here is nothing just this
dashboard it’s soft we have soft material on the dashboard I like that
no plastic very little plastic inside this car only this chrome design are
from plastic here and other than that here we have the wood really real wood
all over the dash I like that let me go inside tearing from inside the car now
as I told you I don’t know if you can see on the video but this pillar here is
kind of big and with this speaker it’s kind of a little bit of blind spot there
but when you see this windshield it’s so big you have a fantastic visibility for
the driver point of view so I’m not complaining it’s quite cool for me the
vents in this car are right here in this hole
so all this hole or vent inside this hole vents so you can control the vents
from here you can press this vent button you put all the free option right
here and then with your finger you can choice where you want this vent where
you want the air to go you want to go up you want to go together you want to
spread it like that look how cool is that
you can spread it directly to us and down you see how awesome it is and also
the passenger you can adjust those who air vents so the way you want it it’s
quite amazing really amazing I like that I really like that it’s super awesome
also if you go here you have the heated seat you can stop it and start it so you
have heated seat all four six seats are seated you can turn it off from here
very simple and also you can turn this off for here now it’s off the vent it’s
quite awesome so I like that I like that very much
and also the speaker you see it already there in the front speaker soft material
here even here they have rubber on the dashboard this is awesome
everywhere soft material the wood and the vents there so other than that
simple we have this just big screen right here in the middle 15 inch screen
that’s great did you see everything on it the only
downside with the screen I tell you from now it’s that it’s it’s true the
everybody it’s for everybody in the car so everybody can see perfectly even
though the person in the right or the person in the back there I wish it was
an option to turn it a little bit to the driver side or maybe it was cool to make
something in the back here that will be able to turn it towards me sometimes
when it’s many people in the car put it straight or put it on the other side or
you know what I mean down up or down up left right would it
be better because sometimes I’m when you’re alone in the car you want the
screen to be towards you you have better visibility and you also can control
sometimes you have to go with your finger and and you have to you cannot go
with your finger all the way there in the corner
or down there and it’s complicated this it was much better when you can turn it
and you make it just like that it will be everything around here you know what
I mean that’s why I have to change this that
would be awesome anyway steering wheel it’s awesome great
quality even here soft material everywhere just a little bit of plastic
down here where is the air bag but other than that it’s cool you can adjust the
steering wheel electrically as well from here you go here you go to the mirrors
and now left and right mirrors you have it electric folding mirrors as well I
don’t want to show you now it’s simple and then you can control the mirrors
from here you can see you can adjust it up or down just with this wheel right
here so it’s quite awesome left right you go to right and then you adjust it
the same from here you can see just just from this wheel so simple
super simple when you want to adjust the steering wheel also you press this
button and then you are just it just like that you see what I mean down and
here or wait only this one to me back up down awesome simple very very simple it
was a perfect position right now so cool huh so steering wheel I show you
everything so this is the stick here you change the gear and all that stuff
now here I love that that is perfect I have a perfect driving position this
thing I’m not complaining perfect driving position really a lot of space
here I like how much space I have on the left on the right for my hands and it’s
very comfortable here I have plenty of space so you can still have things here
down here you can take this out and you have a huge space here and an LED light
I even have an LED light down there not many cars have the LED lights down there
but this one have and I have also a 12-volt port you can see it there so how
awesome is that huge space and kind of cool features I
have my cameras there so big space here then the center armrest it’s a glossy
plastic I like this glossy plastic very much some chrome design around here we
have soft material on the on the dash on here on the other sides of material
glossy plastic you can even open this one here very simple and you have a huge
space you have a space to put your phone there wait a second to put this back let
me put this back on so you have a space here for charging your phone so you can
put your phone if you have space for two phones you can even close this if you
don’t like it if you don’t have any phone and you want to leave it like that
you can close it but I always leave this open I don’t know why and you can also
put this up like that many people install a wireless charging here and can
you install it you can charge your phone Wireless then you have here two USB
ports guys you see one is for my cable to charge the phone and one is for the
sticker for the century mouldings this stick you have all the information in
this stick all that camera that I told you before around the car save the video
on this stick and also send it to the Tesla so this is really cool that you
are able to to send the video or send into test life someone stole your car
you can contact Tesla and they will show you the videos in the last I think one
month or something like that I don’t remember
but anyway it’s cool so two USB there and a huge huge space here where you can
put another another many things there I like that again I take the stick up
because I want to see the videos from last days when the car filming with the
sentry mode also great now what I want to show you the glow box the glow box
you have to open it from here you have this button for the cloud box you press
this button and you open the glove box the glove box is not so big but it’s big
enough for four you things like porking stuff and yeah
stuff there I don’t know not so big but it’s big enough you close it simply just
push it there and it’s closed now it’s luck nobody can
open it only if they have to the key of the car so that’s cool
then going forward guys now I want to go to the screen but first time let me show
you the visibility the visibility around the car it’s fantastic look how great it
is great visibility in the back you don’t have any blind spot in this car
you cannot you cannot say that you have a blind spot and even so on the mirrors
on the side have great visibility even so while you’re driving whatever you
want you can see the back reverse camera right now you see the reverse camera you
see in the back everything you have a wide-angle camera there so you see
everything on the camera so even when you’re driving on the highway you can
see that so you have a great visibility physi I think this is the best car with
the best visibility ever I think so with cameras with all kind of stuff it’s
really awesome the only downside I find it yeah but all the sedan have this
problem when we look in the mirror you can see when you look in the mirror in
the back you don’t have such a good visibility in the mirror in this mirror
right here you don’t have such a good visibility you cannot see so well the
cars there because the windows there in the back it’s small and the back of the
car it’s a little bit upper so that for me it’s a downside I don’t know not for
many people but for me it’s a downside I like to watch in this mirror all the
time but now yeah with this car I’ve done it it doesn’t matter anyway
now lock and unlock the car is just here you just can press this lock the car
right now it’s look okay now it’s unlock the car you can open the franck from
here the trunk from here I will show you the Franck also I forget to show you the
trunk let me go past now and we can open it from here or you can open
the Franck from the application from the phone I will show you this as well after
that so this is the Franck guys pretty simple you just press it up the electric
so yeah you don’t have to do nothing here I never open this it’s it’s I think
it’s three times I open this first time when I put this protection and yeah
second times when I show to someone you have an LED lights also here but I never
use this I don’t know why I never use it it’s just like that and here you can put
your water for for the wipers and other than that yeah under this is the engine
the motor it’s the front motor under all that stuff here and also the vent air
vents here I have to open this these days because I want to add some
accessories to the car I will show you another video but right now I have to
tell you another cool stuff on this car we don’t have this Pringles water for
wipers the water comes from here from inside those wipers you can see this
little how it’s called a little I forget this in English how is this called but
the water comes outside from here and this is better because you not lost the
water that go all over the windscreen and the water will go directly to the
wipers and then the wipers come with the water and this is part this is the best
wipers I have I have in a car I have to tell you that that’s for sure I like
that I like those wipers I love them not like it loved them now the car will show
you you have the door open the Franck open that’s cool you can open the
electric charging port from here you can also see right now I open the trunk from
mistake but you can also see here from this button how much battery of still
have so right now the battery it’s like 53 you can set up when you want to
charge the car when you want to start when you want to stop
and all kind of stuff when you’re charging and also they will show you how
much you have to pay to the super charging here when you go to super
charging I don’t want to go I don’t need to go to super charging so I don’t have
in the last video that I didn’t have time or I didn’t have roads on the super
charging so I charge it at home yeah anyway other than that here is the
speaker so you can speak with a car and tell it different stuff that you can do
the wipers are right here you can turn it on or off from here I don’t want to
start it right now because I have cleaned windscreen and I don’t want to
break it now I want to show you the consumption other than that I know many
people are interested in consumption so in the last one thousand six hundred
sixty seven kilometer I consume 258 kilowatt hour and the consumption was
155 this is highway County Road city everything mix so the consumption it’s
pretty awesome in my opinion it’s very good consumption great alright so now
let’s go forward guys here you have all the information about the car right now
you are in parking here when you’re driving it’s show you the car is through
the lanes and you can check out on my other videos you see all that
information that you can see it here everything about everything what what it
should be here in the front on the cockpit it will be here so your new
cockpit it’s kind of here all this part it’s copied all this part it’s
multimedia system so here you can see you have a big big big big big big big
map right here you have a huge map and it’s awesome you can see the old
supercharger for example you can drive to the supercharger it will show you how
many kilometers and how much cost you will see the cost of the supercharger
even in other country look how cool is that you go to the MU Han for example
Germany here you see the price 34 cents euro cents is the kilowatt hour charging
cost you if you go start here right now it will show you the road
the trip right there and it will show you how how much how much time you make
and where is the supercharging until there and how you should go to the road
so anyway let its charge and let me show you forward quick controls here we have
the light up there the fog lights real real rear fog lamp the mirrors you see
it before you can fold the mirrors from here windows lock the brightness of the
screen right here you can adjust it pretty simple go then go to the lights
here we have all the information about the lights ambient light I would have
high beam lights ahead light after exit the car steering wheel lights the
steering will have some small lights here and then let me go forward go into
the locks here you can control with your phone you can add your phone because
with if you have the phone you can go inside the car and outside it’s like a
key your phone will be a key so for example if you have this Tesla
application here let me show you it would contact the car right now if sure
it’s park its lock you can see only in the applications show you what it’s open
what it’s closed it’s so cool you can control the media from application you
can go inside the car you can see how much it’s charged how many kilometer you
have and all kind of information about the car controls you go to control you
can flash you can start the car you can open the Franck Franck
and so they start and also activate the Sentry mode and this this telephone this
smart phone will act like a key with this car so child lock I want to
activate that because sometimes people in the back open the door and hit
another car and I don’t want this happen I go out and help them unlock on Park a
lock confirmation song when you lock the car you will sound you will hear a
confirmation like tip like the car it’s look I take this out
but maybe I will activate it display here are an information about the
display right now it’s on the day but if you go to the night mode you will see
display with a gold dark in the night mode it’s better for your eyes
so yeah the brightness screen clean mode you push this the screen will go black
and you can clean it up if you want to clean it the language you can change
every language you want I put English the country you are the
navigation language you can also change it the time format 24 hours you can put
the distance from here now I have 53 % battery if I go to distance on 53%
battery I have 264 kilometer I can drive with the car with this battery around
there so you can leave it on energy or you can leave it on distance kilometer
miles cell zoom temperature foreign hind here is the the pressure sensors of the
tires you can change the way one depends where you are in the world now those are
driving modes driving modes in the driving modes you can choice you go
sport you go comfort with steering mode or you go standard the steering wheel
will be on comfort very soft on sports tire very tight and on standard between
them like standard regenerate regenerative brake you can put on
standard that the car regenerate really strong or you can go low because you can
leave the car much more slowly slow down so I like that I like it on the low now
stopping mode I like that very much on hold because for example you drive the
car you don’t accelerate at all you leave the car to go the car will drive
and at some point it will automatic self line alone stop and then it will go to
the hold mode like Auto hold you know many cars have outer hold and will stop
you don’t have to touch the brake the car will go in how to hold without
touching the brake so that’s cool or you can leave it on row so the car will
roll just roll and not not stop and not activate the out of old and on the creep
you know the creep it’s when the normal automatic gear cars you know how the
magic gear cars when you talk or when you take the foot on the acceleration or
the foot on the brake the car will will drive slowly slowly slowly forward this
is one it’s the creep zone slip start here is for the yeah used to help free
vehicle stuck in the snow sand or mud autopilot here information the cruise
control following distance the distance between fourth car speed limit warning
here display or tell you stated it or something like that speed limit absolute
or relative you can set it up I like it on absolute speed limit forward
collision warning medium late or early lane the portal avoidance here are all
that cool safety feature assistant for example when you go out from the lane
and you’re not paying attention the car will keep in the lane or warn you and
also all that safety feature blind spot technology automatic emergency brake
obstacle where acceleration emergency lane departure blah blah blah all that
pull us all that stuff or cool information about the navigation here
the navigation when speaking with you automatic navigation this is a new
feature that come with the last update also online routing avoid Farion and all
that stuff yeah furious and all that stuff
safety and security here you can power off the car for example you want the
power of the car and safe energy right now just power off the car you push it
here push it off and then the car it’s stopped you don’t have to go out from
the car the speed limit mode I like that III put it activated and because I don’t
want to drive too fast this car goes so fast and sometimes I didn’t pay
attention and I go faster than normal so I put the limit so I don’t go faster
than this sentry mode this is the coolest feature you activate the same
team or the we’ll film will record and we’ll film
all happened around the car even the accident even someone look at the Kerr
car even if someone walk ten meter around the car this century mode will
will film this person and this is cool you have it on your stick you see it
before I take the stick I will take it up to to watch it also airbag passenger
airbag Joe mode parking assist cam security alarm this is all this tilt and
intrusion if someone is come inside the car the alarm will go on it will film it
will make all kind of stuff also I don’t know if you know that but here it’s a
camera a little camera inside the car right there I don’t know you can see
that guys but it’s a little camera right there you see it yes you see it right
now this camera can film what happened inside the car it’s quite awesome we
don’t have access to that camera yet but maybe in the future update Tesla can see
what happened inside the course also the pin to drive and all that safety
features that no one can stole your car are here it’s impossible to spoil this
car you can stole this car but but Tesla will find out very fast where the car is
so this car it’s impossible to stall yeah going forward let’s go to service
here it’s all about service wiper service mode adjust headlights towing
reset the sensor stuff tires and factory reset wheel configuration and owner
manual you know this car doesn’t have a manual on the paper you don’t have to
cut the trees to have this manual you have the manual right here on the screen
and it’s awesome you can you can see in the menu everything you want about
autopilot for example I want to know about the pilot Lane Assist how is this
working you go here in the manual and it showed you it show you every single
information you can read it right here in every language you want you can
change the language from up here so you have all the manual in all
the country language not all but yeah almost all the most important great now
software update here you see the information about your car you see the
lastest update software and here you have standard or advanced the way one
have the the update so the less that’s update come with something cool very
cool you see now if I go to software right now you will see checking for
updates you see that Sean one look again checking for updates and the car it’s up
to date before that before the update that was never happened but now this
software inside the car is much more intelligent and it will check for
updates sometimes so I leave it on advanced like that and then the car will
check for update automatic right now you also have the possibility to connect the
car to the wireless for example right now it’s connected to my whiffy to home
and it’s quite cool that you can use the internet from your home and also the
Tesla have this internet connection that it will come with the car now new days
you have to pay for it I think it’s like 100 dollars per year or maybe 10 dollars
per month and they will give you access to all that cool feature I will show you
in the moment now look at this trip look how cool it show you you will have I
will have to drive to here first time and then I would have to go to the
supercharger and charge for 50 minute and then I will go forward to that
destination so how cool is that it show me it show me here where I have to stop
and how to go forward from where I am so that’s quite of impressive so you put
begin trip and then the trip will begin and I will show you how how can I Drive
anyway I go to cancel so I don’t want to drive now good here is the navigation
it’s awesome you can see it like that in the navigation view to have this view
you will have to pay in the future for the internet so after one year owning
the car you have to pay that you have one year free when you buy the Tesla
motor free one year free premium connectivity
premium connectivity you have this map but if you don’t pay for premium
connectivity premium connectivity also show you the traffic so right now I
press to show me the traffic let me see if the map is charging and show me
for example Jenny yeah right here in Geneva so you can see the traffic right
now look at this look at those lines but you never use that I never use this
really I never use this traffic alert so you see how the traffic is today I don’t
care about that really don’t care about that was always dis activated and the
charging mode you can push here and you see the closest charging port anyway
that it will show you but if you don’t pay for the premium connectivity the Mac
the map will look like that like the normal you know like you use it on your
phone sometimes most of the time I use it like that and when I use this when I
drive this car in navigation I like to see it like that because you have a
better visibility like that so yeah anyway and if you pay for the internet
you will still be able to wait the second I show you down here you go to
entertainment here and you will be able to see Netflix YouTube with the internet
from the car from Tesla you have to pay $10 a month that you will be able to see
those those two features and you can see the movies here on the Netflix in the
car so how cool is that this is the lastest software so I have the internet
from my home right now so I can watch movies inside the car right now you can
also connect your phone with the car you can give the internet from the phone to
the car and you can watch if you have a account through the net Netflix you can
watch movies right here in the car so that’s a cool feature I like that anyway
let me go outside from here you can also watch YouTube for example in the car you
can go here inside the car and you can watch YouTube without
any problem so it’s super awesome feature and I like that very much so you
go here you go to for example my channel now just like that you go to my channel
and you can watch you can watch the latest videos here for example if you
didn’t check it out guys you can check it out
my videos so you can go to one one video and then you wait this is the
advertising because you have to see advertising it’s normal these days and
then you skip it and then you will be able to see and the sound is awesome oh
this lomotil free long range the sound it’s also awesome inside the car and I
hope you will enjoy the trip so how cool is that guys you can watch YouTube
inside the car while you’re waiting but if you want to be able to see that with
the internet from Tesla you have to pay for it otherwise you have to use your
own internet and stuff like that so anyway that’s just an information and
also if you want if you want to use the Spotify because you have the Spotify
right here where is the Spotify yeah right here let’s go to the Spotify right
here down here you have Cara okay also you have to pay for it to use it I
never use it and I don’t care about Cara okay really I don’t care maybe I will
test it one day but Spotify if you want to use it you have to pay for the
internet from Tesla other than that you have to use your own internet so yeah
tool to hear this fortify this is really good this is the only thing I’m yeah the
only thing that I wish I have but I will use my internet and
and with my phone sometimes maybe I go to other country will pay for this $10
it’s not so much so anyway the cool stuff is that you can use Spotify and
you can hear music on Spotify on the internet so that that’s awesome
also another cool option also you can hear radio of course here it’s no
problem radio you can hear from your phone the
music or stuff like that tuning settings you have settings in the car you can see
the band set the balance and all that stuff the sound in the car it’s super
awesome so I have to tell you down here you have the call you have to call
different you can call different persons here you can use the cold you go to
calendar you have the camera back camera already see it you have the energy mode
right here you can see the energy you can see the consumption on the last 10
kilometer 50 kilometer 25 kilometer so I see I have low consumption I like that
also going forward you see the charging information the web you can go to the
web also you cannot use web only if you paid Tesla you can use this web so you
can browse to the internet wherever you want the same as on the computer but you
have to pay for it or just use your own Internet only one year you have free
when you buy the car one year free after that you have to pay ten dollars so want
going down entertainment you see it before and then toy box here on the toy
box you have all kinds of stuff like yeah I don’t know like kids stuff you
know like a fire the only cool stuff here is the fire spare place so inside
the car you will hear this noise the vents will start will go hot air inside
you will have this fire space place here if you park the car on the mountain or
on the sea on the beach you can stay with your with your
girlfriend you can impress some girl or some boy or whatever you want to impress
or your kids whatever I don’t know it’s just like that just to play another
thing that I forget to show you it’s our card mode our card mode you have here
the games that I have games so you can play games inside the car some small
games and cute games if I can say like that I don’t play games but yeah it’s
just the future for some people that they use that heated seat you already
see it are also here this is pretty cool feature if you press this the vents will
blow up on the on the windshield and if you have foggy windshield they will go
faster the fries and and this is the freezer and the back and on the mirrors
as well and also in the back of the back of the window here is the volume you can
also adjust it from here we can adjust it from this wheel right here boo boo
boo boo boo what’s more I think this is all I think this is all guys the the
easy entrance up here is you can save the the position of your seat and
electrically and also position of the steering wheel when you go inside the
car this will open and close the way you want it so you can choice this cool the
temperature the time Tesla information here it will give you
all the information about your car so I guess that was everything guys I hope
you really enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful for you I don’t know what
can I show you more here I think I show you almost everything yeah so anyway
guys I really really hope that was a helpful video I know it was really long
video but I want to show you everything about this car the next video will be
with my accessories what kind of accessories I put on my car what kind of
protection I use inside the car and outside the car to protect the Tesla
Model 3 and also I hope you enjoyed this Indy preview with Tesla Model 3
if you want to buy a Tesla Tesla motor free model ekes whatever test light you
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out on my channel subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of these
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Tesla Model 3 with information and all kind of stuff so subscribe like it if
you liked it share it and thank you very much for watching you

15 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 2020 Owner in-depth Review l Good and Bad

  1. Look, with all due respect, this video is very informative for prospective buyers of a Tesla car…BUT please do not use unacceptably vulgar language like "fucked up". I understand the narrator is not a native English speaker, and I realise that it is very difficult to gauge the effect of using vulgar words in a language that is not your "langue maternale". I am not a prude, but please…language which might be ok "entre copains" is not ok in public. The information in your video is much appreciated! Please keep up the good work.

  2. Just to clarify the car does not "drive itself" because full self-driving is not out yet nor is it legal. It was autopilot which is basically really advance cruise control and auto-steering which is where it can keep itself in the lane as the highway curves etc. There is Navigate on autopilot where is will switch lanes on the highway so you can get off at the right place. All of this stuff only works on highways and your hands need to be on the wheel at all times and you NEED to be paying attention at all times

  3. I’ve seen online that the 2020 model does not come with the frunk hooks nor the frunk mat. Does the LR 2020 still come with these?

  4. Well this is the longest most detailed review yet. I also think it's very well done.
    Unless your forced to park in the sun, I wouldn't be so concerned with premature failure of rubber seals. Suggest you stop being so concerned and when and if a section needs replacing, just replace it.
    I'll be getting the dual with FSD but presently have a 11 year old car that even today is better than any new car I've ever purchased so I'm in no hurry and might even wait for the Y. Nice problem to have actually.
    Anyway, you got your dream car and I'm pleased for you.

  5. If you want to buy an TESLA Model 3, Model S or Model X Here is my Referral Code for 1500 km FREE Supercharge :
    http://ts.la/stupinean5809 ⛔🙏👍

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