The Enrichment In Vintage Home Economic Books

hello and welcome to Friday night I hope
you’re having a really good day and it’s evening time and I’m gonna share with
you something really special today I’m gonna share with you a little story I’m
gonna show you my love for books you know what the saying is don’t ever judge
a book by it’s cover you know that’s really true the books that I love my
favorite books are very bland in fact they have no excitement whatsoever if it
illustrates playing bucks but I’m going to share with you a story a little bit
about my love for books and how that all started age 22 I had a five year old and
my children attended a small Mennonite school and I was the youngest mother
there I didn’t like school very much in fact I didn’t like school at all but
when my a child my oldest was five years old
I would take her to school and I would pick her up and the waiting area was a
library as I would wait I would look at all the books on the shelves and I would
start to admire them for when I was a little girl school wasn’t very important
to me but as a young mom I wanted to learn at the time the librarian was in
her 70s one day she saw me looking at the books and she said Theresa would you
like to take a book home I never thought about taking a book home but I thought
what a great idea so as the children would take out their
books at the library so would I I took out books that talked
about history and learning things those years that my children went to school I
also went to school in the library I ended up doing a lot of
work for the librarian in organizing the books and it started me with a love and
passion for reading now all the books that I read are nonfiction I really
don’t have time for books that really aren’t true not really too much into the
novel romance books everything that I read is about things that happened in
life or things that teach a lot of people say I should have been a teacher
you know in some ways I was a teacher being a young mom with three small
children I raised and taught them and I learned with them so I did teach but my
classroom was really small then by the time they reached sixth grade I
homeschooled my children they wanted to be homeschooled and it was a fun
opportunity to spend even more time with my children I was a farm wife for many
years and those years spending with my children are years that I will always
treasure my favorite books I’m going to share with you today are just very
ordinary books but they live extraordinary in me because there are
homesteading books hole-making books from the 50s and the 60s this cookbook I
love called the attic cookbook all of these cookbooks are very old but my
favorite books of all are the home eck books it’s sad where has it all gone the
home at classes of the 50s in my home xbox it teaches you everything from how
to save money to how to have that perfect meal to how to wash your
clothing how to take care of children these home making books are very cheap
you can buy them used on Amazon or thread books but it talks about
nutrition it talks about the old ways of living economy cookbook from 1948 was
one of the very first books that I got that was very old 1948
the economy cookbook it just talks about everyday foods and a lot of you remember
the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook almost every mother or every grandmother
had a book like this and these are from the 50s and 60s I love the old ones this
brings back a lot of memories I hope you’re enjoying my videos of my memories
and I’m hoping that you enjoy all of the things that I’m going to be sharing with
you I can’t wait till tomorrow evening to share with you a little more and
Sunday I’m going to be sharing even a lot more about a direction that my
channel is going you know there’s something about a book paging through
the pages smelling a book it just brings the senses so many times we are living
in this electronic world where everything is with a touch of a button
we can find any book or anything we wish just by swiping on the iPad but there’s
so much we’re missing in the written word and the written book we are missing
all these beautiful treasures paging through a book that’s decades old it’s
something that our children are not learning they don’t understand the
written word and the power of the written word in book form so I hope I
inspired you a little bit in learning about the history of the world that we
live in and learning about how our mothers and our grandmothers our aunts
how they had their households how they lived their life what did they learn
what did they do history can come alive all we have to do
is open the book and read this book I subscriber gave me called
housekeeping in old Virginia and what a treasure it is housekeeping in old
Virginia the foods are quite odd some of them but when you didn’t have grocery
stores or the internet you didn’t have the quite the selection of food that he
did then this was one of my earliest books the growing year and this was
written by a woman who had a cottage and every single month she wrote a chapter
and she shared her life in written form many people asked me if I do what my
grandma Fanny did if I write in a diary no I haven’t done that but I am putting
all of my videos I’m putting them all on CDs for my grandchildren someday because
we can always have the new but we always hold on to the old and somewhere along
their line in the middle is perfection a little bit of old a little bit of new
and together it makes it complete so I don’t know what you’re doing this
evening other than watching my video after my video why don’t you turn off
your internet and open a book and sit and read you might be surprised what you
learn take care of one we’ll see you guys tomorrow hmm apple vinegar I want to make that I
didn’t know you plant pumpkins that way that’s really interesting you mean grandma had to set the iron on
the coal stove to get it hot oh my goodness such work that our order
ancestors had to do hmm raising small animals rabbits that’s
something I could learn how to skin a muskrat oh I don’t think I’ll be
learning that not anytime soon boil linens and lemon to make your
linens white and crisp I think that sounds like a video you you

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