The Most Common Mistake New QuickJack Owners Make

Hi. When I was a kid I used to try too hard to
fit in. That’s not what I’m here to talk about today.
I have a much more serious matter to address. Every day a QuickJack portable car lift is
improperly installed simply because the owner hasn’t read the manual. It’s important that when you first connect
the hydraulic hoses to never lift the frames up all the way without weight. We even have a big warning in the manual. *points* Is it too small? Maybe we should slap a puppy on it so you’ll
think it’s cute and pay more attention. What kind of monster would have us slap a
puppy? New hydraulic cylinders take a few cycles
to wear in. When first lifting its common for the frames
to move unevenly. That’s simply the hydraulic fluid pressurizing. One frame goes up before the other, fluid
will continue to push against it as the other frame lifts then it gets stuck at the top. And that’s when you folks come and call to
yell at us. If you’re watching this video and you’re thinking
about buying QuickJack, please cycle your frames a few times and never raise them to
the max position without the weight of a vehicle on top. Or we might just have to slap this puppy…on
the label.

21 Replies to “The Most Common Mistake New QuickJack Owners Make

  1. Slap the puppy or maybe even boobs. I READ it like 50 times and still get 1 or the other side slightly slower going up and down with weight. Checked my psi like 40 times too. Next video please show us how its done in a step by step and with NO cuts or breaks in camera & show us your lifts go up exactly the same speed live. I challenge you! lol. Nice funny vid though.

  2. You guys that run this YouTube channel are hilarious. Great example of a company doing its PR right!

  3. My dad caught me slapping my puppy once. 
    He said, "You'll go blind doing that." 
    I said, "Dad, I'm over here."

  4. I had an issue with my quick connect fittings blowing out the "O" rings inside the quick connect. The reason was, I did not lower the jacks completely to zero out the pressure inside the hoses. QuickJack sent me an entire set of new connectors within 2 days free of any charges. Refreshing to have a company volunteer to fix your issue instead of fighting you to fix it.

    Thanks Again.

  5. Great videos and comedy, keep it up! My BL-5000SLX arrives tomorrow! However…
    You should probably remove the picture of a QuickJack being raised to maximum height with no load on it from YOUR OWN SETUP WEBSITE: Haha!

  6. I bought mine a month ago. I got it last week. There was no manual at all. I got the pump and one of the Jacks first and 3 days later I got the second jack.

    One jack was ok but the other one looks like it was a return, it has scratches all over and bent tubes(looks like it has been used and abused).

    At least 2 of my connections leak despite I have followed the instructional video on you tube since I never got a manual.

    I'm kind of disappointed. It's a bitter sweet feeling since I've been longing for having one of these for a while.😢😏

  7. I've just got home with my new QuickJack, everything is still in the boxes and i'm watching this and other set up videos. I'm just going to polish my halo after this. 🙂

  8. Mine are brand new and I followed the instructions perfectly. I bled them before going all the way up.

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