The Property Brothers Renovated The Actual ‘Brady Bunch’ Home | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– So you have a new thing though, is it “A Very Brady Renovation?” – We renovated the actual real Brady home, and most people didn’t
realize, when you saw on the Brady bunch, the exterior, that was just shot for the exterior, but the whole set was
actually in a studio, so nothing matched. It was two story set that was supposed to be
in a split level home, so we, HGTV, bought the actual house instead of developers who
were going to flatten it, and we renovated it to be the real space and we had all the original six Brady kids as a part of the show, eight
different HGTV designers, when you walk into that house
it’s the real Brady house now. – The front facade, it
was a split level home, but inside in the studio
the two story home, with that iconic staircase, so the front facade has not changed. We had to dig down, build back 2,500 feet. – That’s cool, you made
it the same as the show. – [Drew Scott] Yeah, yeah. – Whose idea was that, that’s crazy cool. – So originally we were going to, we were putting an offer on
the house, there were like, Lance Bass was putting an
offer on the house as well, and there were a few people
that were going to bid on it. – I always feel like Lance Bass arrives in all these conversations … (crowd laughing) – He’s like the guy that, you could be talking about any subject and Lance Bass comes up. – When I was German Clogging
in Africa this one time, Lance was there. – So weird. – So, anyways, we were
going to put an offer in, then HGTV said, “hey, we are
going to put in an offer,” “we would love to do a,
to restore the home,” and we said, “okay, know what,” “let’s work together on this,” and that’s why we did it. But it was amazing. The emotions in the end, when all the Brady’s came
back through the house, the emotions were on high,
and it was always nostalgic. – So we’re thinking
next, Golden Girls house. (laughter and clapping) – Here’s my thing man, they
keep remaking everything. I want them to remake Golden Girls. Like designing women,
one of them, come on. – I will play Blanche!

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