The Real Owner Of The Floss Dance

did you guys know that the person that
invented the flow tank is not really the back pack kid okay guys this is a quick video as I saw there has been
a video that’s going viral . i was minding my own daily basis then I had to
log on YouTube trying to research for some dance moves then i kinda checked out the floss dance then i was like okay this is a cool dance move who freaking inveted this freaking cool
freaking move I search up the name the floss dancee that guess what comes up fortnite has been sued by the back
pack boy who inveted the floss dance, dude!! what the heck is wrong with you like
what the heck is wrong with you you invent something like al new dance move and and its being showcased on on a video game and you still see that as lame you
sue it what!! my biggest wish myself is to make a dance move that will be played across
the whole freaking world TV whatever whatever the whole freakin world and you are
being showcased in a video game but you should think that is damn stupid.. did you
guys know that the person that invented the flos dance is not really the
back kidkid, the back card boy, the cardboard boy the backpack kid, I’m sorry about that
okay what am i even taliking about that thats out of topic but umm lets just get straight to the topic and what i want you guys to like this give me a big thumbs
up and subscribe to this youtube channel and bluu rerrreerrr aaaarer keep eating but check this out what do you say thank you guys so what you want me to do it again okay look what I can do that’s like how do you know that that’s
my jam I just wanted to show you guys you know
it’s like I love that sure no one else can do it you can do that I’m not
freaking kidding that was in 2014 and I’m not really freaking kidding
that was in 2014 and if you guys really want to check out this video like
today like right now I’m putting the link down below check it out and who really inveted the floss dance but not really no offense I really like the back
pack kid and i realy think what he does is really great as i know I’m a dancer as well and i do a couple of dancing and i had to discover hi m as a dancer as well i even made a wish that maybe one time in the future im going to make up a dance with him video you know dancing video well why
what else can I make about him lol enjoy this video please please please
feel free to share it subscribe and give it a like. this is myvlogging Channel
and I a post funny videos if you guys really wanna check them out you can check
out one right here and my very finest movie right here AAAHHH IIMMM LOL STOP READING ALREADY BLEEU!!!!!!

16 Replies to “The Real Owner Of The Floss Dance

  1. i have nothing against the backpack kid really i just had to say this because i saw the video on the jstustudio channel in 2014

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