The Spelker Real Estate Team Intro Video

hi I’m Scott Spelker with the Spelker
real estate team I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and
the other members of my team we really feel it’s important to know who you’re
working with and we’re building our brand on one word and that word is trust
we feel it’s important that you know that you can always trust us to do
what’s in your best interest and to be responsive to your needs by way of
background I grew up in the area grew up in Madison really love the
area and I’m involved in a variety of different ways in town Historical
Society or coaching youth athletics what I’m really excited about today is to
introduce the other members of my team Jodie Lupino brings a background in
finance and really enjoys working with buyers
Amy Spelker has a background in interior design and uses that level of
expertise to help people get their homes ready for sale and also to work with
buyers and help them see kind of some of the possibilities that a home may
have and we are really looking forward to meeting you in the days ahead

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