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I’m Josh. I’m Liza.
-26, dude. I mean, we’ve got to be
the same age, give or take. Hey, scaredy cat.
Where you going? Just coming to meet you. We’re neighbors. Neighbor, what’s going on? Good day, sir. Got any plans tonight?
You want to take a stroll? Hey, nut.
You looking for someone? You always seem a little amused. Well, you’re amusing. You’re this cool,
sexy tattoo artist guy. You’re this cool, sexy book
publishing girl. This guy’s really into you. That’s why I’ve got
to tell him the truth. Never mind. You pay attention. And for certain people,
I lavish my attention. Good morning. I think that I can maybe
have another chance. I am all about second chances. I wonder what we’re going
to be like in our 40s. I think I’m going to be a lot
like I am now. Me too. Sometimes you just make
absolutely no sense at all. I’m a visual person. I get turned on
by what I feel and what I see. Of course, I know that. Do you? Well, I figured if I came here,
you know, got a little beat up again,
maybe you’d feel sorry for me and walk me home,
and then along the way I’d say something charming,
and maybe you’d forgive me. Good thing you’re so cute.
You know that? I love this area. What’s it called? Dumbo. This your new girlfriend? We’re hanging out. Hanging out? Yeah.
-Yeah. Okay. You’re the year of the dragon.
That’s not a good match. Oh, no, no, no, no.
We are a good match. I’m the year of the Ti- I’ve never really been
much for words. I’m more a man of symbols.
It’s a dragon. When he first kisses her,
he kisses her very, very softly. Ah, like this? Oh my God, I love you. I love you, too. That’s why I have
to tell you this. I’m a 40 year old mom
from New Jersey. My feelings for you have
always been completely real. I’ve never felt more
like the real me than I have spending
these last few months with you. Nothing was real. Will you give him this? Look, I’m not expecting for us to pick up right
where we left off. All I’m asking for
is a new beginning. Hi. I’m Liza Miller.
I’m 40, I’m divorced, and I have an 18 year
old daughter named Caitlin. It’s nice to meet you, Liza. Hi. Thank you for keeping my secret. Some secrets are worth keeping. You have wasted your last gasp
of youth on Mr. Hunkalicious, when you could be finding
a real partner. Josh is- Oh no, don’t say
he’s a real partner. Michelle sort of pointed out
that the math between us
presents problems. I guess I kind of do worry that
this has an expiration date. I don’t know what our future
holds, but I know that I don’t
want to bail on this. Me neither. Good. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Okay, okay, okay. The cure for 40 year old
shoulders, 26 year old massage. Front row center,
number one fan. Number one groupie. Let’s go rip a huge
bong hit and go whittle. You’re going to be
in the New York Times? Do you want to come interrupt me
when I say dumb stuff. They have fact checkers. The more I talk to Greta,
the more I realize how big a part of my story
you actually are. I guess it just slipped your
mind that you have a girlfriend. You don’t deserve her. This sucks, Liza. I can’t be in your life,
you can’t be in my life. I can’t do this anymore. I’ve thought a lot about you
during all of this, too. You want to be sad together? I missed you. I missed you, too. I broke up with Greta.
I want to be with you. Whatever that means.
I’m all in. Good morning. I like this Josh 2.0.
He knows he made a mistake, and now he’s trying
to prove himself to you. I miss that. What are you doing here? I thought I’d stick around
in case Liza needed a designated driver. You are the real deal,
aren’t you? Nothing lasts forever, and we
sure enjoyed it while we had it. That’s the most important thing. I guess I didn’t have
those years of sexploration, until now. All right. I wouldn’t want you
to regret jumping into this relationship
too soon after your marriage. I could never regret you. And maybe you haven’t
experienced enough to know that, which is why I got you this. Free pass for number four. It’s good for one night only and
I never want to hear about it. I love it. It’s us, living in the now. Because when we’re together,
it’s like time has stopped. I love you.
I really love you. I love you, too. Why did you decide
to have Caitlin so young? I guess you could say
I caught a cold. Do you ever think
you’d catch a cold again? I don’t think so. Okay. Could you imagine a toddler
running around here? Kind of. We would be incredible parents. I thought we talked about this. I never thought I’d meet
somebody like you. It’s a sign.
You see that, right? It’s just like us.
We met at the perfect moment. We could have everything. I think she’s the one. The one? Oh boy. You know there’s no such thing
as the one, right? Okay, whatever you want
to call it, Liza and I
are supposed to be together. I do love him. I really do.
I really love him. Hang up the phone right now
and go get your man. You are everything to me. And you are everything to me. Liza, I chose you. But you’re a liar,
and a cheater. And whether you realize it
or not, your lies are hurting
everyone around you. Why’d you have to kiss him? Because I want you
to have everything. I want you to have time
to decide about kids. And maybe someday
I can be that fun Aunt Liza who takes them to the beach,
and builds them blanket forts. I build the best
blanket forts. Please tell me that
you’ll be in my life. Josh, this is Claire.
Claire, this is Josh. I kind of need you, Liza. You’re going to marry Claire? It’s you, Liza.
It’s always been you. I can’t give you the life
that you want. No, no, no. The life that I want
is any life with you. I keep coming back
to you, Liza. I need to put a
ring between us. Claire just called.
She’s not coming at all. I just keep putting myself
out there for people and I just keep getting
kicked in the face. It’s okay.
Everything’s going to be okay. I don’t know if I have it in me
to make any more commitments. You’ve got all of us. Maggie, and Kelsey,
and you’ve got me. No, I don’t have you. Who knows what the future holds? But I know how much
you love that place. Take that lease.
I’m not going away. I might not always be
the same person in your life, but I will always
be in your life. What are you talking about? The sign, they’re
taking it down. I’m just getting a bigger one. I’m not ready to give up yet. Sorry, I didn’t have time
to wrap it. Oh. Merry Christmas. It’s perfect. He signed that 10 year lease,
and he’s just more mature, and he still really wants
to impress you. I’ve been impressed with Josh
since the day I met him. Think there can ever be a thing
between you guys again? I was ready to walk away
from all this. She inspired me to not give up.
So, thank you, Liza. I was honest about everything
when we were together. I told everyone about it. I wore my heart
on my sleeve for you. You are going to meet
that perfect person, and it is all going to click. What if it’s Liza? Did you get your answer? Yeah. I think I did.

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