The Velocity of Money – How To Buy Multiple Investment Properties

Okay, today is one of the goodies. We’re
going to be talking about how to buy multiple investment properties and I got
to tell you, there is an art to this, there’s a science to this and if you
understand it, you literally can have the keys to the vault and unlock untold
wealth if you understand the real science behind buying multiple
investment properties. That’s what we got coming your way right now. Alright, so here we go. We are going to
launch today talking about how to buy multiple investment properties because
if one property feels good, tastes good, you like it, you’re going to want some more
of it and there’s a lot of investors in like, oh my gosh, you know how many people
I’ve met they’re like, “Oh Kris, I bought a home and it works out so well.” or “I bought
three homes it worked out so well and that was like a decade ago.” I’m like, “Then
why don’t you do more of it?” and they’re always like, “Well, I don’t know that, I
just got stopped somehow from or something.”
We’re going to talk today about our rave system, okay. – Now this isn’t like the Not that kind of rave, okay. This is the
rave and real estate, how to how to grow and how to start with one property and
multiply that because this is what we’re really talking about right now. So we
want to talk about rave which actually does mean something here.
R is return. Okay, the return on investment where I talk about how that
can help you grow from one to many. – Now watch some of our other videos
that basically talk about buying real estate the way that we do, we’re talking
about the most profitable strategies at least time, least effort, least risk, right.
So you’re buying one of these properties, you’re using our system and all the
sudden, you’re like, “Dude, I’m getting a 20% ROI.” That’s pretty amazing and the
question is, we’ve got the returns there because by the way, if you bought some
lame property at like a 3% return but like, hey, I have news for you. It’d be better
if you didn’t have that asset. If you’re going to buy real
estate, buy the right real estate. The right real estate is going to have
return so use our system, we’re giving it to you for free, right. Use as much of
this knowledge and information. Once you have that property though, Steven brought
it up, how do I get this property copulating? How do I make babies? How do I turn one
property and turn it into multiple? You almost killed it. – That’s my explode launch.
– Okay so the question is, how do we do that and this gets into the second
principle which is accelerate. – Oh yeah. – Acceleration comes from letting this
baby truthfully make babies. It’s got money in it, it’s got equity
that I bought with a fuser system, it’s got cash flow and you also put a
downpayment in it so it’s like okay, this is my free equity then
that’s in the property, the rest is some kind of depth of debt load on it, how do I
take that out and transfer that into two more properties? Because more properties
with more returns equals accelerated growth, right? All of a sudden now, you’re
moving a lot faster, you need to be buying your real estate in a manner that
it can make babies. I want the profitability of one home to turn into
multiple properties, that’s the first step of making this happen. – So this
acceleration is actually a lot, has a lot to do with the V which is velocity and
velocity of money is really about the speed at which you’re using it, right? – Or
velociraptors, it could be.. Wait, no. Am I out of picture? Okay, good. Velociraptors, no. – Velocity of money, right? So using the velocity of money will, I don’t know
where we are today. The velocity of money, using this term and this idea of the
velocity of money will help you to accelerate what you’re doing. In other
words, you’re constantly keeping your money moving for you and instead of
keeping it stagnant in one property for 30 years, you’re able to take that money,
put into new properties, different properties, multiple properties and speed
up that process, accelerate it. – And so write this down. Velocitisation of money, it’s
actually a real word, it’s how do I have velocities my money? Now watch. When
the money was sitting over here and then you extracted it and then you moved it
into this property and you also moved it into this property with the same dollars,
then all of a sudden, if I was earning 20% here and now I’m earning 20% here
and I’m earning 20% here, add that up for what are you doing on the same
original dollar? You’re doing 60% on your money, that’s the velocity, the
acceleration is expanding anymore, the velocitising is multiplying and
compounding your returns because guess what we want to do with these properties.
– Do the same exact thing, transfer these two properties, turn them into four
properties and here’s the reality. I want to talk about it because I think it’s
important because I know that well get some questions, right? When you take
that money out of this property and you put it into two more properties,
don’t you incur more costs Now, yeah, you will, right? You’ll get a mortgage
on these properties, there will be a cost associated. – I’m going to have to refinance, that’s going to cost me, that might set me up $5,000. – Sure, that’ll happen and there’s a cost to the money that
you’re refinancing out, right? So there’s that cost but the reality is, think
about this, where our interest rates are right now, to get an investment property,
you’re in the 4%, 5%, 6% range, you’re right in that range right
now in regards to where you are. If your system is producing 20% on
your money and it’s costing you 5% or 6%, is that worth it? Is that
worth it to do in multiple properties? – Would you trade 5 for 20’s? I just
want to ask you right now. Literally, I will give you a five dollar bill and you
give me a twenty dollar bill, would you do this deal? Would you want me to be
giving you 20’s for every $5 you took to the bank? Friends, that’s the
that’s the game that we’re playing right here. We actually just had one of our
investors in our side of her community doing a deal and he’s just starting this
process, he says, “Guys, something’s wrong. I did up, I got lending on my primary
residence at like a great 4% interest rate and these investment
lending dudes, they want 5%. That is a full percent higher.” And I just
had to pause and say, “Okay, let’s educate you. Investment lending is different than
buying your own primary residence.” And he said, “But, Kris, that’s a full percent
higher.” I said, “Listen, it would be great if we could trade 4% for 20%
but now we’re trading 5% for 20%. Does it still
makes sense?” He’s like, “Well yeah, totally.” I said, “Great, cause that’s the facts. Those
are the facts, those are the birds and the bees of real estate, that’s the way
it is, it’s the way it works, it’s the way it’s got to be.” Now if you’re doing all
of these things like Steven is talking about, this last one of the rave system
here is all about exponential growth. – This is where you get into that curve
right, this isn’t just steady growth over time, this is where
your real estate can do something that almost no other investment can which is
to grow on this big massive curve and you start to see one turn in few turn to
4 at a certain point, that 4 can turn into 9 or 10, the 10 can turn
into 25 or more, right? So your growth goes up in this exponential form.
– You know Steven, if you want to zone in on this one, two, three, I
said it took me four and a half years to retire and I want to show it happen. My
first year, I bought one property and then the next year, by the end of my
second year, I actually had awfully three properties but then in
that third year, I ended it around 12 properties and then by the end of my
fourth year, in other words, there was this massive growth that took place and
I want to share with you one thing that you can do right now to manhandle this
strategy claim and own it for your own. Moving with absolute certainty, we call
it partner profits. A partner is someone that has money and and basically what
we’re doing is, we show you how to flash the returns that we offer you to people
that have the money and what they’ll do is, they’ll accelerate your strategy by
bringing in the money to actually say well, instead of waiting for one to
become two, guess what they’re doing? They’re going to say, well, let’s buy
actually two more homes right now and you’re like, whoa whoa whoa, if I start with
three times as many, if one led to one two three four five six seven, then three
is going to learn in to, it’s going to turn into 20 or 30 homes and so it’s going to
accelerate things, you’re going to velocities their money which by the way
makes them super raving fans of you and your exponential growth shared with
their exponential growth is you just getting more of the pie of what’s
available to you. We have a system that we teach on the this really amazing that
really just walks you through how you get someone to partner with you, how you
put that business plan together, how you structure that home. – Hopefully you
can see how this is truly all the rave in real estate, it really is, this is
getting people excited, people are coming in and talking to us from all around the
nation as a matter of fact, we’ve got people all around the world right now
reaching out to us and saying, hey, how could I do more in real estate?
How can I get greater returns, accelerate it faster,
get it moving, velocitising my money so I can see that exponential growth? – It absolutely
produces ravenous results very different from what people experienced in the
retirement accounts, the stupid plan of 401k’s IRA’s, where the velocitiraptors
are like eating away all of their profits and bottom line, guys, is listen,
if you’ve got the right returns, you can accelerate it by doing more velocities
it by multiplying your money and ultimately creating the exponential
returns, you are rocking it in real estate, does not take rocket science, it
doesn’t take uber smart and it certainly doesn’t take money and it doesn’t take
credit, it requires the right knowledge and that’s what we make available to you,
that’s what you’re getting right here today. Love you, guys. Thanks so much for
watching. I’m going to tell you, you can this but that’s also an overwhelming
amount of information. I’ve personally built a team of 200 experts and what
they do for me is they work with me and my clients and they build portfolios
where we can help you start with a home here, a home there
and over ten years, turning into a slew of homes with the right cash flows and
the wealth and if you’d like to learn more about that then check out our
website, click up here in the top left corner and me and my team will get you
those options right away.

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