TikTok… for Real Estate?

Hey guys, it’s Michael here from Back At
You, and today on this vlog I want to talk about TikTok – how to use the hot
new app that a ton of millennials and Gen Z users are using, and whether it’s
appropriate for you to use it for your real estate business. So join me along as
we find out what is TikTok, should you be using it, and if so, how you should be
using it for your real estate business. So let’s tick tock, the clock don’t stop
so let’s get to it guys! So before I did this vlog I wanted to
pose a question to the Facebook Masterminds Group just asking first off
would you use TikTok for your real estate business?
I asked yes, I asked no, and I asked what is TikTok, and the resounding response
from the majority of people was what is TikTok, so let’s begin there.
So TikTok described itself as a short form mobile video platform designed to
empower creators directly from their smartphones. Currently there are over 500
million active TikTok users worldwide with over 40% of them ages 16 to 24
years old, so it’s definitely a young app in terms of users that are on it. So are
they homebuyers? Does it make sense to get on there, right? Popular types of
videos that appear on TikTok are challenges, reactions, dances, duets and
anything that makes you laugh or cringe. It’s easy to download, it’s completely
free, and if you want to download it there are two ways that you can film
videos. There’s a 15 second option and then a 60 second option and some of the
the most fun videos that I’ve seen all have music. Let’s talk about the real estate angle
now. Similar to Facebook and Instagram stories TikTok could be a great way
to capture just you know, a quick snapshot of a feature of a home or maybe
give a quick overview. And I want to also just shout out two real estate
professionals that have posted about their use on TikTok
that’s Chastin Miles who has a great vlog about TikTok and using it for
his real estate business. It’s super easy to upload something and you can just
come in here and click on this icon, open up your camera and you do you just start
recording. Then also an agent at Bay Area Homes is using TikTok to show off a
key feature of the house. (music playing) So what’s the verdict? Is it a thumbs-up
or thumbs-down to TikTok for your real estate business. Well I’m gonna say a
definite thumbs up if you are attracting millennial homebuyers, if you have an ear
for music and you like to kind of put yourself in front of the camera, and if
you’ve done a music video parody in the past,
TikTok would be an excellent place for you to continue to do quick little
music clips that also show off the real estate industry and show off your brand.
And I would say you know if you’re dealing with an older demographic or
maybe you’re dealing with a niche such as luxury, or another sort of you know,
55-plus community or maybe dealing with a group that is not going to be on the
app which is not young Millennials let’s be honest.
Then maybe TikTok is not where you need to be at this time. But it’s
definitely an app that has a ton of power, we’re really excited to see where
it goes. There’s been some predictions that in the future you’re going to be
able to like click on things that you see whether it’s food related or hotel
related, and it could really be used to harness the power of e-commerce. So
that’s still a little ways away but it’s definitely something that we wanted to
let you know about and make sure that you’re on top of it and decide where you
need to be. So that’s it! You can let me know in the comments if you’re thinking
about downloading TikTok or if you have a link to your TikTok profile or
something that you’ve seen that really has made you laugh. I would love to hear
about it. So again my name is Michael here at Back At You and tick-tock the clock
never stops here and make sure that we’re giving you the power that you need
to be successful on social media. Have a great day everyone! Bye-bye.

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