Tiny Homes So Cosy You’d Want To Live In Them

100 Replies to “Tiny Homes So Cosy You’d Want To Live In Them

  1. I'm converting a surf school van into a tiny home, like if you'd be interested in watching the journey

  2. I live in Serbia,Drina is a river what is dividing two countries Bosnia and Serbia,Pozdrav iz Srbije!Burek je dobar!

  3. Just show the cozy homes and not that boring crap of people walking in parks, sitting in parks or whatever they are doing.

  4. The crack must be bumping in London if those gap toothed clowns really asking $450,000 for that lunchbox of a house prime real estate and efficient or not I could sneeze on my wife laying in bed while she in the kitchen not on some half a million

  5. At 4:13 mistake me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it look like in the back of the orange house on call of duty black ops 2.( the map is called nuke town).

  6. cool!, american husbands this is the answer to our american wives for losing weight, You dont fit? GET FIT!

  7. I sure as hell aint want to live in a home like these my house has a 3 bathrooms 6 bedrooms and a kitchen and a basement im good with my home i aint wanna live in a box im good

  8. Yes i would want 1 in my back yard as a kid but for sure not for living life in like enbarresment like how do you have company over and a family bruh

  9. 11.10 – are those stairs above the bench, leading to a loft/bedroom? if so, that means you have to stand on the bench to climb the rest of the stairs. seems like it would be hard to climb onto the bench,too, and not much room to manoover yourself around to get in a position to climb the stairs.

  10. Yeh but the London one is more expensive than an “average home in the uk” but in London that’s a normal price for a 1 bedroom flat

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