Top 6 Stupid Mistakes Car Owners Make (DIY Fails)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to give some warnings, I’m going to
talk about bad things that you shouldn’t do to your cars, the first thing is, don’t
steam clean your engine, it’s alright to clean the outside of your car with one of
these cleaners, but don’t clean the engine, there’s too
many electronic parts you can destroy, some people have this cleanliness thing, where they want everything to be clean, but hey, you don’t live under the
hood, and you don’t eat your lunch there, so just leave the grease alone, I’ve had
quite a few customers do thousands of dollars of damage to all the sensitive
electronics, spraying them with steam, so just leave it, it doesn’t hurt anything
being a little dirty, and if you have some really dirty spots, use some brake
cleaner and just hose it off with that, it evaporates, and all the oil will be
gone, just keep water far away from your engine and electronics, the next bad
thing not to do is electronic too, never remove one of the battery cables while
the car is running, years ago guys use to do that to see if the alternator was
charging, if they took a cable off and the car ran, they knew the alternator was
working, but modern electronic fuel-injected cars have computers in
them, and if you do that, you can burn the computer out, so never take it off while
it’s running, if you’re worried about the charging system, have somebody with one of
these checkers, check it, most stores like Autozone do it for free in a parking lot
anyway, the next bad thing not to do is, never drive a car when a temperature
gauge gets to the H, I’ve seen more people blow engines driving a car when
it gets to the H until it stops running, and then the engine’s gone, now if you
notice that your temperature gauge starts to rise, you can quick turn the
heat on, because when you do that, that can start dissipating heat through the
heater, and if the gauge starts to drop, then you could drive it to a safe place
and get it fixed, but never drive it with the temperature all the way to the H,
because even a hundred and fifty dollar tow job beats a four thousand dollar
engine job, the next bad thing not to do is, don’t waste your money on gimmicks
that say you’re going to get better gas mileage if you stick them on your car,
this particular one claimed that it made the air go like a vortex in a tornado,
and give you a better gas mileage, it doesn’t do anything except waste your
money, another bad thing not to do is, not to pay any attention to your tires, checking air pressure is simple and easy, and a lot of people say well nobody has air
pumps gas stations anymore, but hey get your
own, I stick them in all the trunks in my cars, I bought this husky at a Lowes, it
cost $8, it just plugs in the cigarette lighter, and then just screws onto the
tire, and one push and it’s on, they come with built-in gauges, so when it gets to whatever pressure you want,
you just turn it off, and they come with really long
extension cords, so you can do all four tires, no more excuses, and it’s really
better to fill your tires at home anyway, because you always want to put tire pressure
in when the tires are ice-cold, once you drive it, they get hot and the pressures
will be different, and the last bad thing not to do, as dumb as it sounds, is don’t
put the wrong fluids in the wrong containers, over the years I’ve seen
everything, from power steering and radiators, to engine oil and brake fluid
containers, don’t do it, I’ve seen people put power steering
fluid in a brake system, it can do thousands of dollars of damage if you
have an anti-lock brake systems, it will destroy the whole system, and in
many modern cars, it’s even more complicated than that, they’ll often use
a special power steering fluid or a special transmission fluid, so look up
your car to make sure you’re using the right fluid for it, so now you’ve learned
from other people’s mistakes, and you won’t have to pay dearly like they did, and remember
if you have any car questions just visit Scotty

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