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This is the new Toyota Land Cruiser. Well
it’s actually the old Toyota Land Cruiser that’s been give serious make over to make
it more appealing to people who think an SUV is more about posing than off-roading. There are some subtle changes round the back
like the new tail lamps. Up front the most obvious updates is the brash new shiny grille
which looks like it has been inspired by the James Bond villain Jaws. There’s also some
new headlamps while the whole front bumper has been mounted higher to prevent damage
to the new face when off-roading. Inside Toyota has refreshed Land Cruiser’s
dash as well. The button layout has been revised, extra bits of trim added and there’s a new
4.2inch display for the driver which can show off-roading information. Meanwhile the centre
screen gets Toyota’s new touch2 infotainment system. If you need to carry more than five people
you can get the Land Cruiser with a third row of seats. And on higher specification
models they are electrically operated, which makes them easy to put up. The Land Cruiser has impressive in car storage
too and is available with a cool box under the central arm rest. Oh dear I’ve getting
hungry now… Compared to many SUVs which really can’t cut
it off road, the Land Cruiser is built like a traditional 4×4. This means that it has
a ladder chassis which all the suspension and stuff is attached to and on top of that
you have the body you sit in. And this means it’s tough enough to go pretty much anywhere. Admittedly this is not one the most extreme
off-road course but it could still flummux some less capable four by fours. The Toyota
Land Cruiser however, take it all in its stride thanks to a low ration gear box and lockable
central differential. Make no mistake this in one rugged vehicle. But does it feel just
as tough on road… And the best bit is that, unlike another brand
of go-anywhere vehicles, which shall remain nameless, the Land Cruiser is far less likely
to break down and leave you stranded. And in the rare event that something does go wrong
there’s always Toyota’s 5 year warranty. Speaking of which you can tell us about your car’s
reliability by visiting In the UK you can only get the Land Cruiser
with a 3.0-litre four cylinder engine and a five speed automatic gearbox and it can
go from 0-60mph in under 11 seconds and returns 35 miles per gallon. And while Toyota has made some revisions to
the diesel to make it cleaner it’s slightly off the pace in terms of emissions and economy.
And while it has enough oomph for most people the four cylinder BMW 25D feels a lot quicker
despite being a 2.0-lutre. Then there the driving experience itself.
Yes the separate steel chassis may pay dividends off road, but the old fashioned set up makes
the Land Cruiser feel agricultural on road. I wouldn’t say it is uncomfy It bobs up and
down over undulations in the road, it rolls through the corners, and the steering feels
baggy. The permanent four-wheel-drive provides plenty of traction but still even a Mercedes
GL feels like a sports car by comparison… Then there is the pricing structure… The entry-level car is really cheap. But it
has cloth interior — that’s not a problem if you are a farmer, or a UN peacekeeper,
but most people who want an SUV want leather and a sat nav and you’ll have to step up to
the next trim level for those and to do that will cost you 10 thousand pounds. And really
if I’m honest the interior just doesn’t feel as upmarket as many SUV buyers will want. Finally there’s the boot. Yes it’s huge with
all seats folded, and it still big with the middle row in place. But if you want to carry
seven people well, they had better travel light. Still you can always load in tight spaces
by opening the glass. Nice save there Toyota. And that sums up the Land Crusier. It may
not be the poshest SUV but it still has loads going for it — but so does the Land Rover
Discovery. And if you want a seven-seater that you’re going to spend most your time
on road with, why not try the Mercedes GL? And don’t forget to click the logo to subscribe
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100 Replies to “Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) 2014 review – Carbuyer

  1. You don't buy it for it's looks. You buy it because you need a beast. If you live in West London you buy an X5 or Cayenne or Q7 because you care what other people think. If you live on a farm or in the desert you buy a Land Cruiser because you don't care what other people think. It gets the job done, no questions, no frills.

  2. Honestly, the 4Runner looks a lot better than either the Lexus GX or this truck. The Prado has a very ugly body in my opinion. 

  3. No one gonna drive this piece of shit man
    My chevrolet car is way better than yours.
    Chevy runs deep

    Fuck Toyota Cars they are expensive cars, but they ain't worth it, because they break all the time.

  4. A 4×4 not a SUV. The only comfortable offroader in EU. The most reliable car this one. I own the Lc 120 and this one. which is lifted and put ob 33 mud tires, driving around Iceland volcanoes and East Europe bogs with ease! This is an off road car in which you can take your gf to a restaurant. btw in marshlands Defender stays behind me couse of low power engine, ok Rubicon then, but its a beach car with no comfort. Dont compare to x5 or WV tuareg or audi q smth, they are asphalt only cars. And foresters dont go to 4×4 competitions in East Eu 😀 wanna go off road traveling? Buy this one and put it on right suspension and tires and have comfort travelind desolate parts of the world even Arctic, check out Arctic truks LC 150 edition. Looks are ok, interior is much more better than it looks like, no cheap plastics! Thumbs up! Eat asphalt you SUVs couse you cant get to dirt to eat it!

  5. I have the Lexus version of this. I actually wanted a full size Land Cruiser V8, but it was almost 85K for the same level of equipment. It's an amazing vehicle nevertheless. I recently switched from driving Infiniti and Nissan SUVs, and I must say, Toyota is making some really nice products nowadays.

  6. Horrible car, Id personally choose a Range Rover as it also provides good off roading, luxury and much better to drive.

  7. I got same model as shown in this video (3 litre diesel without crawl control) but sadly in my country we have 3 year warranty or 100.000 km on car. But price in UK is enormous 50k pounds is roughly 75k $ and i got mine brand new 2015 from toyota for 60k $. And oh man as i was configuring Prado on UK toyota website there was same color as mine White Pearl for 900 pounds and here i got same color for 300$

  8. There is no doubt that this car is rugged,powerful and durable but the toyota should work on the looks as well.This looks quite boring.However Toyota kluger looks more sophisticated then this beast.

  9. If 'some 4×4's built in the UK' are unreliable, why are there so many of them around.  5 years in a Freelander/LR2, and top reliability.  Land Rover every time.  The rest are just pretenders.

  10. Pretty much our 4Runner (same platform and body of a Lexus GX460), ours is even bigger, and the Lexus version is just insane.

  11. Why don't you set up a tripod behind you so that we can see the entire dashboard while your driving. We don't need to stare in your face to hear you while you're driving.

  12. The looks are OK in my opinion, my biggest problem with this car is the engine. It's badly underpowered for the sheer bulk of the thing.

  13. bitter Brit having to admit toyota landcruiser is reliable. so he's trying to find little things to talk down this car. Lmao 😅

  14. We are driving around the world by Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO from Japan. If you interested in our travel, Please come our Channel.

  15. No bull "does what it says on the tin" car. No way in hell I'd trek a Range Rover, Jeep or any other Euro into our Aussie Outback. I've had enough 4WD's on my hoist at work to know how fickle electronics & factory air suspension systems can be.

  16. Don't judge me but I think the land cruiser is great but it just doesn't look as good as a Range Rover

  17. Comparing TLC 150 to BMW X5? I only have one question to you, sweetie. HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS JOB? Were you couch auditioned or something? TLC is made for off-road where it's heavy frame comes into play. Its engine is low revving for better torque, not a high-rev German for long autobahn cruise. Do your homework!

  18. Come on guy, you just made me aware of 'Jealous professional rivalry'. It isn't a fair review but an effort to downgrade a very good brand and vehicle for …… you know. You have disappointed, seriously. As I see this review again and again, i can't control my laugh, good effort!!!

  19. I would buy a Toyota Landcruiser happily I'd love to try it, but, the only engine in the UK in the 2.8 diesel. Which compared to its chief rival the Land Rover 3.0 v6, is a bit puny by comparison. Not only would the V6 leave it standing in a 0-60, its also got 150nm more torque, and actually does MORE mpg than the Toyota does. Toyota need a seriously better more refined engine than that 4 pot d4d. Because, in fact the 2.0 diesel in my friend's Discovery Sport does the same figures in power and torque virtually as something thats nearly a whole litre greater in capacity.

    I know somebody will point out how crap and unreliable my discovery is, and how unreliable his disco sport is compared to the toyota, and how they will be breaking down all the time, but Im not a brand man, its just with the exception of Toyota nothing else in the UK compares off road. All of our "4x4s" save for LR and Toyota Prado are fake ones that can cope with a grassy field and that's about it there are some others but for the most part if you want off road the best two in the UK are LR and Toyota LC Prado. Also since Im only a casual off road driver, my car would spend literally 26 days out of 28 per month on road. And I know for definite the Discovery is better on road.

    If the Toyota engine in the prado was better, I'd buy. As for reliability, well, touch wood. 70,000 miles in and my Disco is still rolling along without hitch.

  20. My nephew has just bought a 51 plate 150,000 mile land cruiser. I am not sure that it would be a wise buy for many other makes. Even in new vehicles they are sluggish for a vehicle likely to cost £40K plus

  21. Big rear windows, great for kids to look out of? Well you arent going to get small windows in a car this size are you? Sometimes I despair with the things reviewers say. He also mentions about its height and visibility. If you need a high up car to safely see where you are going then you are a bad driver. I would have this any day over a Land Rover group 4×4. The Toyota will be more reliable and last longer. Buy this to keep, let all the muppets keep trading in their Range Rover every three years and wasting even more money (thats if it lasts that long haha). Failing this, get a diesel Subaru Forester. The smart choice for those people who prefer substance over style.

  22. Land cruiser is the daddy over Land Rover discovery any day,, fuck’n discovery’s second home is the dealership every 2 months hundreds of pounds spent on it,, whereas the land cruiser would be in the garage once or twice a year just for a service only.

  23. I'm from a small island nation in the South Pacific called Fiji, Northeast of Australia… And this giant is a ruler on our roads! Most Government Ministries uses it due to it capability!!

  24. Some people say that its ugly. But personal taste is personal taste. I think its beautiful. And if i had to choose between LR Discovery, Merc GL (GLS), Q7 or Land Cruiser, i would choose Land Cruiser. Why? Well, i want a car that i can take to some unpaved roads and dont worry about it too much. I want a car that is built tough and is reliable. If i ever want to go on a journey of 1000-1500 KM, i want it to be trouble free. Yes, RR Sport looks nice, but its 30-40% more expensive and it breaks down every month, GLS is also a lot more expensive and it has 0 off road stats against the LC. Q7 is not that high, so off road is a no go. And even Porsche is not made for anything else but asphalt. Not to mention double the price. To be realistic, in Europe, for the price of Land Cruiser you cant buy any other capable off road car that is full equiped like Toyota. The brand new one is 75k full. No other comes close.

  25. I actually like it when the middle seat is smaller than the side seats in the 2nd row, because then the front seats and the 2nd row side seats are aligned which makes leg room that much more usable since your legs can be straight instead of offset to one side

  26. Euros think it's ugly. It really isn't. It just isn't over-styled like some euro cars. However, it is built for ruggedness and reliability – i.e. something that Euros are still trying to get right. If you want reliability in all terrains and all conditions, this is certainly the car for you. It's just a solid vehicle

  27. Landcruiser the best will still be going strong in 30 years with 300k mileage when the rangrover, Merc etc will be long rusted and gone.
    Those who really know drive a Landcruiser.
    Posers and fools drive the rest

  28. The worst looking 150 series Cruiser by far. The pre-facelift wasn’t too handsome, but it certainly is compared to this. And the newest 2nd facelift is very handsome.

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