Trevally & Cod on Surface Lures. Land-Based Australian Island Fishing – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)

Alright so this is another great example of
another great fishing location. The sand-spit comes out and as the tide is
rushing out, its going out the tide? Nah it’s coming in. As the tide rushes in, it’s bringing all the
bait past this point and there is a rock bar at the front of this which makes it even more
impressive so a lot of predators are just going to be hanging around here waiting for
that bait to be pushed around and then its just a matter of coming up and stealing lollies
from a baby as far as they’re concerned. Oh there we go! Woah! Absolute monster Holy dooley Thats a biggie. Oh there’s, one there’s one. Woah he’s got me. Woah. My goodness me. Woah My thing isn’t playing kids games. Alrighty. That is what you call a trevally,
and my cup of coffee is still warm, that was our very first cast – double hook-up. And these are the bad boys that have been
hunting all the bait thats been splashed around everywhere this morning. That is a monster Morgs, that is a genuine
monster. Simmo’s is a decent fish but this one in particular
has got a bit of size and a lot of girth too if you look down the barrel there thats where
his muscle is. Oh he’s heavy. There must be another hundred of these out
there just hanging on the edge of that reef just waiting for the bait to get washed over
the top and absolutely slamming it. Look at those eyes it’s about those eyes too,
they have just got such good vision, such incredibly efficient movers under water they
can get so much speed. Impossible if you are a bait fish and these
guys are locked on to you. It’s all over. I’m going to get mine in the water. We better get them back in the water because
we want them to live. Alright that’ll do us. We are literally 150 metres away from camp
and to be able to do that is just very very special. Anyway that’s North east Arnhem Land. Let’s put some proper gear on and walk across
the other side. Yeah alright. Look at that. There she is. Wow
What are we calling that? “Cod Alley”? Cod Alley. Look at that that is superb. It’s completely protected by that rock wall. If that doesn’t say cod and trout then I don’t
know what does. That looks like prime real estate for big
Flowery Cods. Look at all those rock holes. These’s going to be some fish in that shallow
water. Come on. This is the Rubik’s Cube bit. Simmo and I have fished a lot of the north,
we have come across pretty similar situations like this, and this says to us big Flowery
Cod. There are a lot of advantages for the fish
in this situation. Real shallow water they live under all the
bombies so they’re going to fight dirty and take us and wrap us around a piece of rock
and cut us off. But to our advantage we are going to stay
nice and high so we can better angle on our rod. Yeah so these cod are under the rocks, they’ll
see these surface lures that will go on top of them, they’ll rush out bang them and try
to take us straight under. Its a bar fight in here, sports-fishing at
its best. Come on big boy. Yep yep yep there’s one… Wait here he is. Look at them look at them, here they come. Theres two, three there! Jesus you scared the hell out of me Simpson. Here we go here we go can you see them in
the corner there? There’s three of them just right there. Wow here we go. Simmo. They’re a bit suspicious now. Nah I think you yelled out too loud. Uh Oh. Yep yep. Go Simmo. Go Simmo. There he is, head up, get his head up, get
his head up. Yeah oh geez, he nearly pulled me off the
rock. Get him up mate. You’ve won this one. Wait. Simmo. Don’t let him get in those rocks. I’m trying. Simmo. You got him? He’s on the rocks. Oh I got him. He’s hand-lining him out. Ah beauty! That’s half mine. Thats not yours. That’s half my catch. Yes. That is exactly what we thought we was going
to find here. Look at that. Flowery Cod. Look at that for a tail. That’s like a flipper. Look how well camouflaged he is on these little
bombies here and look how shallow that is. That is a metre of water so as the tide rushes
out all these mullet have to go that way. Its like a conveyer belt of food and these
blokes just hide behind rocks and do what they just did to Simmo’s lure. The analogy would be….they’d be a 100m sprinter,
they sit under a rock all day and rest and don’y do anything and as soon as a bit of
bait goes past they ambush with all this power in their flanks this massive tail. But as you can see now after the race he is
absolutely gone, he is spent. Another thing is his teeth are basically mechanisms
to grab prey and then drag them back to the hole, they don’t swallow the fish then and
there its a matter of gripping them and ripping them back to their cave where they came from. There’s teeth the whole way down. All the way down into his throat down to his
oesophagus all backward pointing pincer teeth. So once you’re in there the only way your
going is that way. He’s got coral in his mouth there. Possible vegetarian. He didn’t want his girlfriend to find out
that he just hit a popper though. Oh get him high Simmo get him high. I’m going in. Now I’m stuck. that was amazing the lure was in the water
for no longer than 2 metres and the fish jumped on top of it. These guys are so active. I’ve got him! It’s a two-man job this. Two in two casts. This is, I’m enjoying this more than catching
them. I’m like a sheep station dog. Like a sheep dog. Goorrn get back! Get around! Get around Go back! Oh no that’s dangerous. That’s crazy. Oh. Oh! I’m on. I’m on straight away there. No. I’ve got him. I’ve got him. Get up high get up high. Uh oh. Oh! Uh oh, it’s best I turn away here. Its best I turn away and not smile at his
face. It’s like never looking into directly into
a lion’s eyes at this stage. Walk away. Alright Simmo what about that? That’ll do hey? That whitewash is just where obviously bait
have been pushed around unwillingly, kept in a sort of a washing machine environment
and they are just plucking them off. Absolutely brutal fighters though. Alright I’m stuffed. Let’s do it. Alright. Let’s go walk back.

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