Unlock Self Confidence [Tips for Business Owners]

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  1. Neil stop being so humble just jk but seriously you’re like the Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan of the marketing space to some of us. Maybe it’s because you’re also bald and skinny like them? Lmao Idk Keep it up man!

  2. I'd like to add, the most costly mistakes are the ones that take years from your life. It's surpringly easy to fall into the trap of working on a business or project that has no merit, staying in a dead end job you despise and being in a terrible personal or busines relationship. If you can avoid major personal and and financial problems and are happy. you already are successful.

  3. hi Neil,

    You been posting great videos. thanks for that
    I have started a website which is tech tutorial blog. I have been doing it for past 3 months. My site gets 30-40 visitor daily, but how many day will it take to reach 1000-2000 visitor per day ?

    I have been writing articles about 2000 words length.

  4. hello!i want to know about my website it has been drop downed by google because of it's update so i want to know if there any solution for that please let me know……if the links are not correct or the contents i want to correct my problem please help me with this

  5. sir.. i am computer science engineering student..i know little bit program skills..but nowdays programmer need high level skills…what i do for my carrear confused…. SEO learning save my carrear possibile…and provide seo guidance please sir…

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