USF Student Managed Investment Fund

The student managed investment fund has a
two semester course named Applied Security Analysis. We manage stocks and investing. We actively select stocks within the U.S.
market. We use real money in the real time investment
world. The student investment fund has outperformed
the S&P 500 index on a 3 year and 5 year basis. So in this program, we pitch stocks, we analyze
them. We do fundamental analysis, some technical
analysis, and we put together stock reports and pitch them to the board of investors brought
in by the University of South Florida and they will either buy our stock or tell us
we need to go back to the workshop and hit the books a little bit harder. The advisers’ main purpose is to come in and
give the students a sense of what it is like to be a practitioner and to have the tools
that are necessary to make them be practitioners in this field. The advisory board will definitely push back
against you because they want to see you succeed and they want to see you fully develop your
ideas, and you are working with real money so it’s important that whatever decision they
do help to make is the best decision. The ASA program prepared me for a job in many
ways. One, acting more professional while knowing
what it felt like to have push back on ideas and not just accepting of those ideas. Especially in a qualitative analysis scenario
where there is no right or wrong answer until a year from now when you see what the stock
does. The advisers will ask different questions
regarding their models and companies. The students must grasp a deep knowledge of
the company as their modeling. The students are well prepared, as you can
tell from their investment pitch reports and presentations. They are ninety percent of the way there. Any firm, that is an investment firm that
needs an intern, within two weeks or a month, they are productive. And that two weeks or a month is really just
them learning what that firm in particular needs them to do, and what their investment
status is. I think what you achieve after you graduate
college is derivative of what you do in it for the vast majority of us, and you want
to be around people, you want to be around the best and brightest individuals in your
college, and that is what the Student Managed Investment Fund gives you. You’re learning, you’re competing, you’re
growing with the smartest people that you will be around on this campus, and it is a
great way to set yourself ahead before you go into the professional workplace. Every student in the past has told me this
is the most rewarding experience they have had at USF. I believe the training they receive from the
program will benefit them for their entire career.

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