Value Portfolio – Value Stocks to Invest in for the Long Run – 2019 Value Stocks – Value Stocks

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  1. What do you think of these value stocks? Which value stocks would you add to this portfolio? Which would you take away?

  2. Love your videos jimmy, I love the depth of analysis. I take so much away from every one of them. Thanks alot

  3. Thanks Jimmy, what's your opinion on adding Altria? Do you think there's any value right now? Thanks again for the video!

  4. What do you think about the nordic bank Nordea as a value investment, it pays very high dividends and has done so for a long time.

  5. I wouldn't invest in Intel months after they for the first time in 10 years have been beaten hard by AMD on the chip market. I'm heavy in on AMD

  6. ABBV is a huge value play that you could consider as well. Perhaps, you can expand away from the DOW and just do the S&P 500 companies for these type of folders instead

  7. Retail REITs is a place where there's some major discounting going on. There're some significant unknowns going forward, but you can find some tasty yields. I look for strong balance sheets and covered dividends yielding well over investment grade bond rates. VER, SKT, and KIM are some I've dabbled in lately.

  8. Great video! I love the value investing. Im confused with your percentages, however, especially when you start adding in the add-ons and VOO. How does that adjust your percentages?

  9. Intel is currently really threatened by amd. Because Intel's tech is way behind for the next couple of years.
    Probably why they are trading lower than expected. Because people in the know suspect that they will take multiple hits from AMD s newer and more innovative solutions.
    But currently AMD (I have read this in a another analysis) is trading above its value and people have bought in on the hype of new technologies.

  10. Great video, really appreciate the effort you put into it.

    I've also got many of these in my portfolio, I'm also bullish on RDS.B (Royal Dutch Shell), BTI (British American Tobacco), and BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb) as my "value stocks".

  11. For international businesses Iยดd consider LVMH and a two gamling (sort of) stocks here in Sweden, Kindred and Evolution Gaming.

  12. I think ASML would be a good addition, although currently it trades on a all time high. Itโ€™s a Dutch company and they do build the most advanced chip machines.

  13. Jimmy – Another very good video but as you stated is it the right time, when the market is at a record high, to be putting together a value portfolio?

  14. Do you hace any video about leveraged etfs? I personally hold BRZU but there are many others around like YINN etc what is your view on these types of etfs do they have a place in a portfolio ?

  15. How could you miss DOW (chemical)? Look at the EV / EBITDA. Not to mention the dividend and the CEO is a disciplined capital allocator.

  16. Jimmy I noticed you mentioned in this video 14 stocks was not enough diversification. I looked into this before and found some interesting research that concluded that statistically you can achieve diversification with as little as 3 stocks (in different sectors) and quite a bit of diversification with 10-15 stocks. Beyond 15 names, statistically you might as well just own the SP500. As a result I'm trying to reduce my portfolio from about 39 names down to 15 or so to achieve more concentration. Maybe you could do a video on this.

  17. Jimmy, great knowledge and great communication skills, your videos are really good. If you are looking for international diversification, it is maybe time to take a look in Brazil. For many this sounds scary, but the country is finally going through necessary economic transformations, there are some interesting opportunities.

  18. Dude all these companies are SOOOO UNETHICAL that I highly doubt ppl are going to put money in them. 3M has done massive damage to the environment. Pharmaceuticals rob ppl. The banks…..we don't need to go there…

  19. love these videos! Keep 'em coming. BAC for sure… CSCO if you consider cloud based average p/e ratios… CVS is the only one of these I like a lot (personally own). But we have to know whether it is a damaged stock or a damaged company. I was holding GE as a spec play, but it is way too unpredictable with limited upside… they have cauterized their business, but a great value play if that is the only criteria we are using. Another thing is, I think dividends are paramount to a value investing strategy. You can always collect the dividend while damage is being repaired.

  20. I am a huge fan of your work! I think you provide great value to the investing community. I was wondering what your thoughts are on eBay. I have noticed they have been trading at a much lower PE than their peers and they seem to have decent profit margins with management looking to create value for it's owners. I know they aren't much of a competition for Amazon, but do you think they are perhaps undervalued? How would you analyse eBay? Would love to know your thoughts

  21. OK, so last night I fell asleep with my headphones in while listening to this channel. Somehow I incorporated this channel into my dream. I started thinking that the commentator was Tom Cruise. Yeah listen, he does sound like Tom. Anyways, in my dream, Tom Cruise had gone crazy and could only talk about stocks. He had lost a lot of money in stocks but thought he knew a lot about it and he couldn't understand how he lost so much money. He would talk and talk and nobody could get a word in. I wanted to tell him, numbers are important but that you can have all the numbers right but in the end stock price is determined on how people feel about the future on the economy and the future growth of the stock. The story is all-important, not the numbers. Now I'm not saying my slumbering self is right, I like this channel, but I thought was a funny dream and he does sound like Tom Cruise, Really.

  22. I was sure Disney was going to be that last one! I wonder why you left it out – it still has a low PE compared to the market and growth potential as well with the new streaming service

  23. what do you think of VZ? The yield is 4.31% and it hasn't moved much this past year, but 5G looks promising…

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