Vanderpump Rules’ Katie and Tom Home Makeover! | Mr. Kate OMG We’re Coming Over

100 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules’ Katie and Tom Home Makeover! | Mr. Kate OMG We’re Coming Over

  1. Her shirt reminds me of nursing meets pajamas and I keep asking myself why. Sorry its just a prob with my brain.

  2. Joey and Kate are literal couple goals.
    If you don’t have a relationship like Joey and Kate’s then what are you doing?

  3. man you guys are so talented!!! I wish you guys would go to other states! I would love to have you guys working some magic at my place!

  4. Came across this by watching lots of youtube, lol I love everything that you do. inspiration for future decor ideas. Thank you,

  5. I didn't like the details first but when they combined together they look nice. I trusted your green color choice. But did not like the string art and the chandelier.

  6. Oh! Who painted the little picture of Gordo? It's fab! (Of course, the entire thing is fab, but…confirmed and unapologetic animal lover here.)

  7. Green is my favorite! This shade though I'm not super in love with.. idk what it is. But everything else is gorgeous! And I've loved every other makeover I've watched! I've been binging out on you guys the past week! 😍

  8. "I think Joey thinks that he's started a new tradition, which is pulling me down on a newly rolled out rug"… little did she know, it would become their most iconic tradition! #rugcuddles

  9. I never would’ve thought that all of these individual pieces and colors would look good together but once again… you guys killed it

  10. 13:15 emma chamberlain has the same rug and says she hates it lol. If you're wondering where I saw it it was from her "Empty Apartment Tour" video

  11. I was watching Vanderpump rules and i saw the diy project Kate did with the nicknames and I was like omg they are that tom and Katie

  12. When u do someone’s place do u charge the person at all bc my mom says that u do even tho u spend ur own money for everything

  13. Hi I love your show I have learn so much watching you on youtube I am slowly doing up rooms in my house I will be doing up my bedroom lounge room and turning one room into a studio

  14. I love these vids they are amazing, good work, I can see all the effort put into this and I don’t now anyone that that do as good job as this well done👏👏👏👏

  15. Katie, I hope and pray that Joey is truly in love with you as much as it shows on your video's!! His love for you Shines!!!

  16. am i the only one FRIENDS fan here whos freaking out seeing that yellow frame hanging on the front door? and while they taking that ladder on the staircase, im screaming inside "PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT!"


    yassssss! rewatching all OMG we're coming over series! 💙💙💙💙💙

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