Video Theory In Private Practice: Private Practice Owner Month

hello there private practice owners this
is Lisa Wozniak with Woz Marketing coming at you with another episode of
private practice owners of the month where we celebrate practitioners who are
thinking outside of the box and going against the grain to market themselves
and their practices for those that they serve so we are fortunate enough today
to have with us Cassidy Russell. Cassidy is a mental health professional who has
found a very unique way of reaching her clients and impacting their lives by
reaching out and touching them on common ground
so Cassidy welcome Hi, hey thanks for having me oh we are so thrilled to have
you here and your practice is therapy for nerds right yes so tell me how did
you come across the idea of therapy for nerds of all names well I am a nerd
myself so I noticed when I was working with teenagers when I was an associate
that this nerdy knowledge that I had was actually really beneficial in building
that rapport and so when I started moving into private practice I started
realizing like oh hey yeah this is something that kids actually really want
to see me for in particular they don’t want to see like old old guys or
whatever they want to be able to talk about the latest episode of Steven
universe they want to be able to talk about what they thought of the last Star
Wars movie which yeah some people would be able to do but I have a pretty good
hold of that niche well you know I think that’s so brilliant because you know you
specialize in working with teens and the thing that’s so great about that is you
know you don’t have the Freudian kind of approach of some staunch psych
apologist sitting on a hard chair going will tell me how you feel I mean when it
comes to there is no quicker turn off than that right oh definitely especially
for teenagers teenagers are not having the blank slate if you try that they
will be out the door so fast so you’ve found a really unique way of reaching
them we actually are our listeners should note that Cassidy and I actually
met on Instagram which all by itself I think is fantastic because at the point
that you and I met there weren’t a whole lot of mental health professionals
hanging out on Instagram that’s changed since then
but so right away I was like oh this girl gets it she really gets it and and
then you did an episode so listeners hang in there with me as I’m but on my
way through it and Cassidy jump in if I start screwing this up but you did an
analysis of a cartoon called Bojack Horseman, and how the implications of
that show related to people in everyday life psychologically am I getting that
right yes I actually I should I been doing that with a few other shows as
well but for Bojack horseman in particular I showed how to make your own
family genogram and just the implications of the family history
Bojack has had with his father having severe depression and all the substance
use that’s in his family and how that’s been passed down to Bojack and how it’s
affected Bojack and his adult life and how he’s become an adult with severe
substance use and depression and anxiety and he’s he’s I’m gonna really have
rough time this latest season he was shown to get some help and I’m hoping
that continues to this last season that’s about to air oh it was just
fantastic so I think that you had posted a small
clip of that your Instagram account and had a link to
your YouTube channel kudos to you by the way for doing that which had a link to
your YouTube account where you had several other of those kind of videos
some with different types of cartoons different mental health challenges and
different approaches to the same subjects so what I love so much about
that is not only are you able like right away to cut through a lot of that stuff
with a teenager which would be really difficult to do but the parents can go
to your YouTube channel and witness your approach in in-process which i think is
fantastic so how did you come across the idea of putting this whole thing
together I know that you had said that you were looking for a way of reaching
teens but how did you come across this particular approach to it so I
personally really love watching like Theory videos on different cartoon shows
or whatever shows and I also love watching video essays on shows so I just
thought you know why couldn’t I do the same for mental health and so I looked
all around YouTube to try to find someone that was doing something along
the lines of what I wanted to do and I couldn’t find anything and I was like
well I guess I’ll just have to be the first born out of necessity you’re a
pioneer that’s fantastic so um so here’s the million-dollar question though what
kind of an impact is this happening having when you decided to go ahead and
and create this since there wasn’t a whole lot out there in the marketplace
mm-hmm how how was this met with your clients this approach
well my Instagram in particular has gone a lot a lot of buzz and then I have it
linked to my website so when clients see my website they see in my last six post
on Instagram and so I’ve had clients that are like oh yeah I saw that you had
a Steven universe quote on your Instagram on your YouTube on your
your website so like I knew I wanted to pick you oh that’s fantastic
yeah and I mean I know a lot of therapists have like very standard brené
Brown quotes and there’s nothing wrong with Brene Brown quotes I I love a good
Brene quote but it’s not very personal in most cases whereas mine I
find to be very personal and it’s something that a lot of kids can really
identify I was like oh hey she likes that show that I like I can talk about
that and that’s a safe topic that we can talk about within the first few sessions
to build that rapport until they feel safe to let me know what else is going
on in their lives yeah huge icebreaker right yes huge icebreaker and it just
already has that sense of relief before the first session because it’s so
anxiety provoking for these teenagers to come into therapy and not know what to
expect and so if they have that idea of like oh she gets it so I would I would
imagine that once word of this amongst teens started getting out you likely
have referrals from their friends and you know people in the same school
district and outside of the school district as well right yeah it’s funny I
was talking to one of my clients and they were like oh by the way you’ve
become a meme in my friend group now and has like like my my life goals are
complete I mean they were just like no Cassidy do right yeah WWCD what would
Cassidy do oh my god so if if you don’t mind my saying you now have aside from
this following that you’ve got you you’ve branched out into some other
really cool things like speaking as well right so word of this is getting around
mm-hmm yeah I’m excited to this our building the top of this and start
doing the next thing which i think is going to be a some speaking engagements
in the future and I will definitely keep everyone posted on that when it happens
fantastic so the goal then would be to teach this approach to other
practitioners yes awesomely awesome yeah because I mean you know with with the
group of teens that you’ve been able to help imagine if there were a bunch of
other practitioners doing the same thing you know imagine what that would mean to
the youth of America I just think it’s fantastic so with all of that in mind
Cassidy for people who want to learn more about what you do or book you for
speaking engagement or find out where your next one is so that they can come
watch you what is the best way for people to reach you and follow you so I
have my website it has literally everything on there it has I think it
even has my LinkedIn um but that’s just therapy for nerds comm you can find me
on Instagram I think I’m pretty much most active on Instagram I have a
Twitter not as good about Twitter but Instagram is definitely my sweet spot so
if you want to go and follow me and I had to do licensed therapy for nerds
because unfortunately on Instagram and Instagram only therapy for nerds is
taken so I had to add something to it what did you add for instance therapy
for nerds licensed therapy for nerds okay that’s good we’ll have to put that
down along the bottom as well for for people to to be able to see and for
parents who want to see samples of your work with the videos that you’ve created
what is your YouTube channel it is therapy for nerds okay so that’s forward slash therapy for nerds yep okay listen
Cassidy thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your brilliance with us
I just so appreciate practitioners and we’re able to think outside the box
embrace an idea and just run with it and it certainly paid off for you so
congratulations on all your success thank you so much and thank you for
having me absolutely our pleasure so folks this is Lisa Wozniak with woz
marketing with another episode of private practice owner of the month
where we are celebrating Cassidy of licensed therapy for nerds at therapy
for nerds dot-com all right thank you and we look forward to coming to you
again with another episode of private practice owners of the month this is
Lisa Wozniak with woz marketing helping you navigate your yellow brick road have
a great day everybody

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