Wakatū Incorporation wins Supreme Court appeal

The Wakatu Incorporation is celebrating a win
for Maori land rights. It’s won its Supreme Court appeal enabling it to make claims against
the Crown for land claims and treaty breaches
in the Nelson region after it lost an earlier hearing
in the High Court in 2015. Eruera Rerekura reports. Wakatu Incorporation is celebrating
the Supreme Court’s verdict. I’m really happy
that we’ve won our case in the highest court of the land. Wakatu said it was seeking the return of all land in Nelson
that was, or should have been, included in the original
Tenths Reserves estate, from which descendants
created Wakatu. 10,000 acres of rural land was never obtained
and added to the tenths reserves. Mr Taylor says they’ve been fighting
a long time to get to this outcome. It’s been a long journey from where we started
right up until now. The judge’s summary will be a
difficult task for us to comprehend. He says what they have to do now is carefully evaluate the supreme
court decision and from there, they can move forward. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

4 Replies to “Wakatū Incorporation wins Supreme Court appeal

  1. that is a great outcome. usually one would expect that the supreme court would not be likely to overturn the high court ruling – wow

  2. Beautiful whanau I cannot wait to apart of such a great organisation. My dad mention we have connections in the south island through wakatu incorporation. Also you have tried to make contact with dad in regards to this. I'm just waiting on him there's a few things regarding paperwork that he needs to sort I had a look on the wakatu incorporation and I was amazed. What a magneficient job you have all done beautiful whanau.

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