Want To Invest In Farmland? You Need To See This First

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  1. So this seems like the perfect place to ask this, it is my dream to reside in the country side of the States as a farmer. Now you would ask why so, is there no land in India? Yes, there is, but the technology is absent. It is almost completely manual work. On addition to this, India sure is beautiful in it's own different spheres, but the scenery and landscape of the US just fascinates me. Notice that I'm NOT talking about the bustling cities of the United States, but the farmlands. It is my dream to own agricultural land in the US and live as a farmer there. Despite all the hard work it is totally worth it. So keeping the financial requirement aside, which I assume will be fulfilled in 8 to 10 years, kindly tell me what other problems I might face, as an Indian citizen who wants to migrate to the US to start a farm. Also please tell me if the dream that I dream of is even practical or not. I just hope it is possible. Thank you. Anyone who has knowledge on this matter, feel free to input. I'll appreciate your suggestions.

  2. This platform seeks to bind food production to market forces. Every common citizen should seek to separate these two forces. I do not want the fertility of the land around me dictated by a global market that is far beyond human control. Life is sacred, and industrial agriculture is a life-destroying practice.

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