Week 1 – Real Estate Appraisal Principles and Procedures

Real estate appraisal principles and procedures I’m Matt Boxberger, your instructor for the class.
I want to begin this first lecture with just a short
video clip of myself so you can get to know who
the voice was behind the presentation. As we noted in the
Syllabus, these lectures will be a supplement
rather than the primary method of instruction, interaction will be through the online
discussion groups and recommend you start each week with the
ratings assigned from more textbook the fundamentals of real estate appraisal by
Ventolo and Williams followed by listening to
these lectures were some additional background in review and then the quiz NE
online discussion groups five in whichever were
you have long as you probably also no one else insist worse is approved by the California Office
of Realestate raisers for 45 hours of credit we
need to have a proctored final exam on campus so all get to meet all of you face to face at the
end of the semester and then hopefully as well will have a optional meeting on campus really
runs faster so we can meet in person as well for giving your instructor this semester and
interacting with you on line through the
discussion groups as well as these lectures let’s get started week one the appraisal profession in this chapter will learn about the types of
assignments an appraiser can receive talk about
the savings and loan crisis of the eighties that led up two appraisal licensing as we know it
today talk about the organization that was founded out
of that crisis that assists Congress by
developing the appraiser an appraisal criteria of identify the qualification criteria for the four
categories of appraiser licensing and the Federal regulations that have more
recently come into effect that have an impact on appraisal practice and then discussed briefly the
major appraisal trade groups so we’ll start by looking at the appraisers work what does an appraiser appraise and how does he do
that as a brief overview what will be talking about his
real estate appraisal as opposed to personal
property appraisal real estate consists of land and buildings or improvements personal property may be jewelry or farm equipment, industrial
equipment or you can also be intangible things like the goodwill associated with the business or if
the going concern value, so for example as a real estate appraiser I might work with the
business valuation specialists to look at a
service station that is in operation selling gas that has
recognized name in the market like Chevron for example sold that entire operation consists of
some of real estate bowl and the building and some
personal property V trade fixtures E inventoried ND market presence were a reputation that that
operation and the typical real estate appraiser
goes residential properties which are essentially a Koll real estate when the properties sold there are some personal property
that the owners may take with them and in an appraisal report there may be a fuel items that
could be considered personal property that are sold with a home for
example the washer and dryer or refrigerator and those in the video praise or reports it will be
talking about or segregated out so that V parties involved no, the read the state value
distinct from the personal property value now the scope of work that highlighted here and green it is a phrase
that high is used to talk about OV, research and analysis and D reporting of the results of that
research and analysis of the scope of work in an appraisal can vary from the verbal report
five QV most common kind of residential report
which is called warm report QE 100 plus page narrative report, that might be used for A commercial property a large and industrial or
commercial building where are the one that’s typically used doesn’t provide, adequate
detail were specific kinds of details that affect
the value but for the purpose of this corps will be talking primarily about residential
appraisal and four V exercise will do as part of

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