1. Spreadsheet with all the decor details: http://bit.ly/EFTI_OfficeDecor If I missed anything, just leave a comment.

  2. Hello dear! I love your whimsical and upbeat presence. I appreciate you sharing with us. It takes major authenticity with what you do. Take Care!

  3. I know I love you but sometimes I find it so hard to take in all your greatness and that's because I'm not used to seeing women like me so free and happy and just in control. You have done so much for my self-esteem and that shows in how I carry myself. Society speaks of black women empowerment but rarely do I see black people like me. "shout out to the black girls in London who feel left out". Hello Tim was awesome and thank you for just being a genuine creative in these spaces.

  4. Love this video! So much inspiration and makes me feel so good knowing I'm not the only big grown as kid…though I'm many years older than you! The spreadsheet though….is EVERYTHING!!! Thank yoU!

  5. That sesame st rug is EVERYTHING 🙌🏾😍🙌🏾 and i dont know if it was on purpose or by accident but the blue plant pot near the rug with the eyes stuck on makes it look like the cookie monster 🤣 14:31

  6. I love your personality, it’s not what you do when you do it, but who you are and how you do it! When you do it! 🤯 AUUTHENTIIC!!!

    Inspirational !!!

  7. I looovvveeed this tour. It’s the most original and real office your I’ve seen!! Thanks for always showing up authentically it’s so appreciated.

  8. I Loveeee this! Such a wonderful reflection of your personality and encourages me to accept my inner child too! Thank you for always showing us your authenticity and reminding us that it's okay to be different and have fun in what makes us unique 😄🌼

  9. Best "show my space" video I've seen in such a long time. Beautiful office! Love the spunk and energy!! "free 99" had me cackling but it's now in my vocabulary. Great video!!

  10. This video just reminded me that play is such an important part of productivity. I'm gonna go implement some of this advice for my own space!!! Thanks cousin!

  11. Just wondering why the master bedroom as your office and not the 2nd bedroom? You "lost" easy access to your private bathroom and large closet by doing that. Is your 2nd bedroom THAT small it couldn't have been the office space?.

  12. Great video. We praise fake/nonsense/bullshit: 1 million plus+ subscribers. We dislike realness/naturalness/positive-self awareness: 214K subscribers. The world!

  13. love your space. watching your videos make my work days so much better (and bearable). and you have inspired me to change up my home workspace for 2020. 🙂

  14. Ross and Roses were my faves when I was in the South. Inspiring as usual. You're a unique, creative, funny content provider.

  15. Me: Lemme get up offa the YouTubes, stop procrastinating and actually finish my work like a civilized, productive being.
    Also Me: Hol' up, wait a min… Don't Evelyn got a new video YouTube video about her hew office tho'?!!!!

    Gets a snack and here I am…right. Na!

  16. Omg. I love you!!! Hell yeah Skeeter was black lol and Susie Carmichael’s dress matches your office aesthetic 😄. To answer your prompt though, my dream office space is just filled with a bunch of shit I like.

  17. My ideal work space would be my own office that also happens to be in my own production company. but that’s a lil too presumptuous rn so lolol

  18. You’re one of the few youtubers whose sense of humor/editing style keeps my ADHD ass entertained 😂 love the vid!

  19. I love the authenticity in this and the subtle jokes you slip here and there. To prove I went back and started and viewed all your pre video ads.
    FYI I first knew of you from crash course and you are amazing there.

  20. your space is so lovely 🌈✨ the colors just pop and i love it. this is actually lowkey inspiring haha. also i must say that bathroom? wow i never thought of decorating hygiene spaces like that i feel like it adds a lil bit of fun and energyy when going to shower or something. idk this is just wow to me i love it

  21. Stops the video and browses the internet for an affordable jelly bean desk and pattern rug…🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️

  22. Sooo much info!!!!!!!!
    Ok ( whew)
    1. Play basketball for 3 minutes instead of Instagram for 45 min!!! 😩
    2. Frame anything! Make it art!
    3. Don’t👏🏾sleep👏🏾on 👏🏾ROSS👏🏾
    4. Get “Hey, nice butt” sign for my bathroom
    5. Elevate my plants for oxygen!
    6. Store secret snack stash!

  23. Hey Evelyn, not sure if you’ll see this or not since it’s now like a week later but has any of our internet cousins gotten a Serena Williams wheaties box to you? If not let me know and I can send you the one I got 💜

  24. Peace. For a calendar you can 👀, try mini black chalkboards(4×6 orv5x7) with or without clips. I found clipless at dollar tree. I got idea from an art studio. They had 31 mini chalk clip boards. I purchased 7 a while back. You may need 2 wks or maybe the entire month. I think that will be a great idea. Peace.

  25. The playfulness and authenticity of your style really comes through!! P.s. I have that shower curtain print as a tote bag!

  26. I'm still deciding how to best arrange my office, and this has given me a bit to think about. I like the light having my desk by the window, and I painted the walls light purple which makes me feel excited to be there and do productive work. I love how you bring pops of color and art into your space. I think it's important for our workspaces to reflect who we are to be comfortable, inspired, and productive.

    I try to keep my office a no-phone-procrastination zone; I go in another room I'd that's what I'm doing. With your big space, having a well-stocked decompress/relax corner accomplishes that well.

  27. I could watch this 1,000 times. You are inspirational, funny, and incredibly creative. Thanks for sharing tips on how to transform an office space from drab to fab. Cheers!

    Down to the fact I spent a coin on the society six shower curtain. Can we talk about how those coupons be a little bogus!
    But yes color/ Black&White base gold accents
    I LOVE YOU! You’re my soul sister!

  29. Can I live in your bathroom???? Because that shit's better decorated than anything I could ever do in my whole life

    Jokes aside, your office is SO well decorated, all the colours and the art seem like they would stimulate creativity and give you inspiration. I felt happy and light just looking at it.

  30. No one else can create an office tour video and got me grinning and laughing the entire time. You just continue to be the best on da 'tube.

  31. Triple thumbs up from me. I finally found your channel again. You are so funny and carefree. I don't usually watch 'tour' videos of people's offices or homes etc.. Glad I watched this one straight from 🇬🇧 that shower curtain thooooo 💯💯😍 where did you get it from? Plus your art work of black women on your walls? (looks like cartoon painted)

  32. You’re such a genius: how you integrate yourself into your space is so inspirational and on point, makes me want to make sure everything in my life suits my vibration🙏🏾

  33. lol, people argue the most in yellow rooms. #justSayin #Justkidding #ButItsTrueTho i LOVE your office, and i love you internet cousin!

  34. The door cracked and I wanted 3 things 😟. I too have an eclectic style, nothing can just be neutral or plain lol. Love it

  35. I've always wanted to decorate MY DEDICATED SPACE in my home with lots of color. HOWEVER, I've always dialed it all the way back to basic because of what my husband my say to me but after seeing how you incorporated color into your space. I am definitely going to use some of these tips and tricks to put some "colour" in my office space when I move next month.

  36. Evelyn, if you happen to see this, I just wanted to let you know that you truly make me happy watching your content. As god once said, “you’re doing amazing sweetie”

  37. Your videos always bring me joy! Thank you for reminding me to let my inner child thrive. I love your office ❤️

  38. Evelyn: "We're so close to a million! Hahaha… we're not."
    Me: looks down at current subscriber count and immediately burst out laughing

  39. Rewatching this on the treadmill and I can tell Baby Blo is behind the camera. Cuz I feel like when you are together, you're trying to make each other laugh. It's extra, "and it pleases me."

  40. They may call it the snake plants in the USA, but here in brazil they are a protection plant, you should keet it next to the door of your place to keep bad energies to getting inside (I know it sound crazy, but it's just candomble juju).

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