WELCOME TO MY HOME – Unmasked Vlog (#17)

Hello! Oh hello! Wof wof Is that the famous Happy? Welcome! What is this? Unbox therapy? Yes Be quiet unbox therapy I don’t talk about products I just open What is this? Stay This is stuck A package in the package Woah! Oh I like colors! Woah Who made this? Martin Whatson This is the logo we used around the release of Tired. And he also painted the original artwork for tired as well. Where are you going to hang it? Somewhere around here I guess Up there? Yeah 100% Happy? Nothing is better than invisible candy Basically this is the livingroom no TV room So this is where you connect with people What happened to your pipe? The past 6, 7, 8 months, the house has been under renovation They had to take those down I don’t know why the paint They haven’t finished There were like, yeah we are going to stop for the winter And now you can see how beautiful it is It’s been like that for the past two weeks They still haven’t come back? They haven’t returned They forgot about the house And one of the sides is still white And what is that? It’s my skate park Do you use it often? No I can see the logo is.. fading awaaay I did it. Yes you heard me. Such a bad joke And in here, its going to be, I don’t know Office / bedroom Everything here is pretty much automatic You can just tap, then everything opens Happy? Open this? Open this Open Open door No that was me That was you ok Happy Yeaaaaah And here is going to be a walking closet Everything is in progress Is that an electrical toilet? Whaaaat Electrical toilet with a view The oven has been on for two hours I was going to make pizza then I forgot Its been on for two and a half hours Having the time of his life 1, 2, this is the 3rd floor? This is the new TV How big is it? 85 inches It’s going to be right there But originally there wasn’t enough space And the entire house is hard concrete They had to kind of cut the entire wall They cut maybe this much Is that why the light it stops a little bit over there? This is going to be the studio room Oh people have seen this room When you showed them how to make a beat in two seconds. This one was the first one I ever got From January 2016 It’s for Faded Presented to Alan Walker to recognize the achievement of 3 billion audio streams on QQ, Kugou and Kuwo Holy Sh** that’s a lot of streams Yup And here is the garage It’s a Ferrari 488, Spider Bye So how is it to be the little brother of Alan Walker? it’s like being a potato, but smaller For some weird reason, I felt like that was a very good example What do you do for Alan when he is not here? I drive his car And steal some burn Skate Do you want to see an amazing trick? What happened, haha? What happened? It was like this far from Happy’s head Nooo Already going well That dog is crazy What would look better? Lets try with white The W is going to be red, and the A is going to be white Correct? Are you sure the toilet paper is going to hold though? I think so, its going to be amazing Hey! Its the potato here Just got the task to buy some more paint and record it. Its going to be great. Hey its me again. Just bought paint. Now its back to Alan and back to Mo What did you get Andreas I bought all the colors in the rainbow, blue and green and black Black is the main color in the rainbow Is it? Ok, should we go and get some food? Yeah Whats the thing you do the most when you are at home? Chill, play games, go bowling Look at the plane And your living close to the airport Ok, so what are we buying? Burgers Haha 1 left When you get back home from tour I’ve heard that you bring True love That’s like the first thing you buy, right? No Don’t lie So, true. Happy loves these. He loves everything Oh it looks like Happy Yes, apple cider vinegar with garlic Potato Big potato Small potato I potato…you Thats the trunc? In front of the car Ooh, you got your present, huh? He’s always like this. He goes silent for like two seconds. I gave him food downstairs But he doesn’t eat that But this one he happily eats Its done Lets do the last stroke Its time to see the result Now we can do limbo Yes! My man! Haha, surprised? It was ok to be from uhm..invoice paper It looks kinda cool Yes Yes a Walker board Alright! Thank you guys so much for tuning in. Basically this was a regular day of my life here in Bergen. I’ll see you guys in the next one Subscribe and leave your comment, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Alan walker the best, I like Faded was the first music I heard Greetings from Argentina (I had to use an English translator


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