What Did Toy Story Land Cost Andy To Build?

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
might not be the most expensive land, or the most technologically advanced, or the most
impressive, or even the most shaded, apparently. However it’s still a pretty solid land that
sticks to Disney’s history of giving everything they build a backstory. The backstory of Toy Story Land is that it’s
a little toy amusement park that Andy built in his backyard using his toys. Today I want to take a look at what it cost
to build. Not what it cost Disney to build, but what
it cost Andy to build. Just how many toys does Andy own, and how many were needed to build his backyard amusement park? To find out I went to Toy Story Land and I
counted… and counted… and then I cursed Disney Dan’s name for giving me this video idea and then I counted some more. It turns out Andy has a ton of toys, and his
little backyard project was worth around $1,511 To lay some ground rules, I priced everything
I could find off of the internet using today’s prices. Now could I have gone and done endless digging
to try and find the 1990’s prices for all of these toys? No. I would have lost my mind. Besides, Disney just put Forky into Toy Story
Land, so now it’s canon that the backyard exists whenever Toy Story 4 takes place. Does that itself make any sense since Andy
gave away his toys in Toy Story 3? No but don’t think about it too hard. Just go see Toy Story 4 featuring Forky in
theaters this Friday. There were also instances where I needed to
make a best guess at a price. While the land is full of classic games and
toys many of us grew up with, there are also a number of games and toys that were made
up for the land. So in those instances I tried to find the
closest real-life example. There’s also going to be a little 4th wall
breaking time loop action, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. If we want to jump into the higher numbers
first, Andy apparently loved K’nex. Personally I think LEGO is better, but I
think for obvious reasons Andy, uh, “decided” to prefer K’nex. He used them mostly for fences and lamp posts,
but I counted over 1700 pieces. The Imagine 25th Anniversary Ultimatebuilder’s
Case Building Kit comes with 750 pieces, so at $25 each, three of those kits would cover
Andy’s needs. I’d imagine my parents would have drawn
a line at the first or even second kit, but apparently Andy gets what Andy wants. Second to the K’nex, Andy really leaned
on these basic wooden building blocks as a crutch when he was constructing his backyard
amusement park. I counted just over 600 of them between the
land itself and within Toy Story Mania. Need to prop up a ceiling? Building blocks. Need a wall? Building blocks. Just want to fill an empty space? Sprinkle a few building blocks. Way to put in the effort, Andy. I found a set of 100 building blocks for $18. If Andy put seven of those on his birthday
list, like a psycho, he’d have all the blocks he would need for $126. The last of the big three were the Tinker
Toys. Andy really stretched his abstract art muscles
with these, as the land is peppered with giant tinker toy sculptures. I counted nearly 600 of these pieces. Tinkertoy sells a 100 piece essentials value
set for $24.49, putting the Tinkertoy budget at $146.94. What really gets me is that the majority of
the Tinkertoy monoliths serve no functional purpose. They’re pure eye candy, and stand as a tribute
to just how much power Andy holds over his mother when it comes to getting the toys he
wants. Now for the most part after that, things get
more reasonable. A board game here or there. Some crayons, some chalk. Nothing too over the top. There are a few exceptions however that I
need to point out: I counted 123 wooden alphabet blocks and 118
dominoes across the land. Neither comes close in price to the other
stuff so far. They’re both pretty cheap at $15 for 50
blocks and $6 for 55 Dominoes. But like… what’s up Andy? How do you end up with 100 alphabet blocks
and go “No no no, this does not satiate me. I need more blocks.” The dominoes I can understand. It’s not like he’s playing dominoes. You set ‘em up and knock ‘em down, so
the more the merrier. I also counted 41 checkers pieces, meaning
he needed two sets of checkers. Why? Good question! He also has 26 monkeys, which means he either
owns three barrels of monkeys, or managed to find some kind of bulk set at Costco that I didn’t know about. Oh, and he owns two Etch-a-Sketches. Who owns more than one Etch-a-Sketch? Now the rides at Toy Story Land is where this
all gets a little tricky. There is no real-life toy version of Toy Story
Mania, Slinky Dog Dash, or Alien Swirling Saucers. So I had to get creative. Toy Story Mania was the toughest. Even doing this fun “what-if”, it’s
hard to imagine a world where Andy built all of these functional midway games complete
with shattering dinner plates and popping balloons. I know they visually look like that’s the
case, but the complexity is just a touch too far. As an alternative, I’d suggest the Midway
Mania Playstation 3 game. It’s essentially the same mini game, just
played with a move controller, and while a video game doesn’t make much sense in a
backyard, Toy Story Mania does take place in Andy’s bedroom. Plus this kid apparently has every toy he’s
ever wanted, so it’s not like a video game is really a stretch. There is another video game version of Toy Story
Mania that includes a controller made to look like the controller from the ride and plugs
right into the TV, but look at this. You think the kid who has gotten everything he’s wanted so far is going to settle for graphics like that? One of the details I actually really love
about Toy Story Land is that Slinky Dog Dash is a product of Andy’s creation. The story the details of the queue tells us
is that he combined a fictional Dash and Dodge Mega Coaster Kit, an expansion pack, a launcher,
and his own Slinky Dog to create the one attraction. Since there is no actual Dash and Dodge Mega
Coaster Kit, I had to look for other toy roller coaster sets. The two common mediums for such a build were
LEGO and K’nex. I opted for K’nex because Andy clearly already
has an obsession with K’nex and, let’s be honest, it’s LEGO. If we picked LEGO the budget for this whole
park would instantly triple. To match the general length of the coaster
I went with two $28 sets. As for the launcher, that’s actually a toy
that Disney subsequently produced and started to sell. That runs for $20 And that actually leads me to Alien Swirling
Saucers, which is where things get strange. You see, there is no alien themed toy set
like Alien Swirling Saucer. However, since the opening of Toy Story Land,
Disney has begun to sell the Swirling Saucer ride vehicles as toys. They cost $10 each. There are 11 vehicles to a side, and there
are two sides to the ride. So with 22 vehicles in total, that’s a cost
of $220. Yup, those are Disney prices alright. Of course we need to ignore the fact that
the toys only exist because the land exists. So really Andy wouldn’t have been able to
buy the toys to begin with to build the land, meaning the toy wouldn’t exist and so- listen,
don’t think about it too much. All in all I counted out over 65 different
types of toys and objects that amounted to over 3,500 items in the land to make up the
Toy Story wonderland in Andy’s backyard. It turns out Andy is a toy hoarder and probably spoiled. And it turns out that that was a good thing. Because while the land is probably not going
to leave as much of a mark as, say, Galaxy’s Edge, it’s still a pretty fun place to visit.

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  1. To be fair andy’s may’ve just accumulated all the toys over the years instead of all at once

  2. putting Forky in actually helps explain how Andy afforded to build the park. He built it in his backyard after returning from college and invited the girl over to enjoy it. That's also why the rides are all so slow and boring. She's the one playing with the toys and she doesn't really care for things flying around really fast.

  3. Can someone point me to a the direction of where I can hear the lore of the other attractions of the park

  4. Andy probably just had a surplus from Christmas and birthday presents from friends and family. Either that or his mom is Mrs. Moneybags

  5. But Andy imagined it like it was a life size theme park

    I always imagine there’s hundreds of people and I only have 10

    So just divide it by something like 6

  6. The slinky dog in other countries are super cool! I always ride the slinky dog in Hong Kong Disneyland but it's not like other slinky dogs in other countries….Like other countrie's slinky dog is like a roller coaster but in HK Disneyland is only going circles😂

  7. You have to remember though that everything at Al’s toy barn at the end of Toy Story 2 was 1 buck.

  8. Great video, but with one exception: Perhaps you could move the final price drop to the end? That way people will be more compelled to sit through the rest of this masterful work. Great job on counting all the stuff, by the way!

  9. Child: "I'm going to enjoy my one time at Disney"
    Guy counting Knex pieces: "67…68…69"
    Child: "Mommy, why is that guy counting the piece of the fence?"
    Mother: "don't look him in the eye dear"

  10. Great Job on this video. This will make me smile for a long time and I will never look at Toy Story land the same. Lol

  11. I bet Andy’s mom just got him the same toys over time, he may have had another chess set in the attic after getting one, and so on.

  12. You gotta conceptualize Andy as the son of divorced parents and suddenly the doubles/triples of toys makes sense. His dad is trying to by the favor of his son he only gets to see once a week or less and him and mom dont communicate clearly.

  13. 2 etch a sketches? well its not like he had a sister. and alot of the toys are older that are likely found at grage sales or hand me downs. Oh and substitute anything spacecomand related with predisney starwars or startrek thats basically what itys a refrence too.

  14. This was a really fun video laughed a lot love the part "unless Andy found some bulk set at Costco i did not know about" and the Disney prices lol
    And the toy hoarder and spoiled part 😆😂

  15. I completely AGREE about the shade and rest spaces. Disney should really think about shade especially with the increased heat these past few summers.

  16. Andy could have gotten this over several years of christmas gifts and birthday gifts, also you can see how many presents get in toy story 1 when they are spying on Andy’s birthday. Plus his mom has been through a lot and wants him to be happy, this could also be toys passed down from him from his dad who died of polio so yeah not that crazy that Andy could get all this.

  17. Well if he didn’t get Knex how the hell would he be able to make that slinky RollerCoaster you can’t make RollerCoaster with goddamn legos plus there’s also already a lego land so maybe disney doesn’t want to get sued

  18. I don't know if anyone pointed this out, but sorry if this is a repeat:

    In DCA, it shows you exactly what Toy Story Mania looks like at the end of the ride. It is a small diorama he made. It is small enough to fit in the living room. So it wouldn't be a video game, it is literally cardboard he painted. Andy is just creative….

  19. As a child who hoarded building toys like Andy in this situation, the way you get crap tons of them is actually pretty simple. A birthday or Christmas comes around, I only ever got new toys at these two dates so I strategized, and lets say you're like me and want endless legos. What you do, is ONLY ask for legos. (Diversify a little if you want something else with your parents, but stick to mostly legos to anyone else.). First of all it makes it really easy on your family who don't see you often cause they don't need to find anything specific, but secondly you end up with a TON of them. Parents, Grandparents, aunts and uncles, suddenly I got at least 5 legos sets at once and are set for an entire year. lol

    Bonus points if you have siblings who also love legos, get the same proportion to you, and like to share.

  20. "Who owns more then one etch a sketches?"
    Well you gotta need more for your portraits and your doodles and a tiny one for on the road

  21. My parents spent a lot of money on toys until I was about 3 and then i had to make do with cleaning product bottles

  22. Interestingly enough, K'Nex were probably more practical than Lego's for Andy's purposes. Funnily enough, Toy Story Land might actually leave more of mark than Galaxy's Edge.

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  24. I left my 3 year old daughter in the baby changing station there last week. And it worked. It changed her to a 15 year old THOT on TikTok. Thanks Disney.

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