What is the Best Way to Make Mochi at Home? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– All right. (claps) It’s the moment I’ve been
waiting for all week, because I have been wanting
to test the mochi maker. For the longest time ever, I’ve been obsessively
watching all the YouTube clips on the guy pounding the mochi. (men shouting) That inspired me to make mochi at home. Very simply, mochi is a
chewy Japanese rice cake that is usually made with
sweet glutinous rice. So, what is the best way
to make mochi at home? Can use a machine, which I have here, or you could do it by hand. So this one is the Tiger Mochi
Maker for about two to $300, and then we got the Zojirushi
for about three to $400. We’re gonna start the machines first because it’s gonna cook
the rice, then pound it. So you’re gonna take the bowl out, add the water first, and the steam from the water
is what’s gonna cook the rice. Okay, water in, basket
in, in goes the rice. And this is already pre-soaked rice. Very simple. Same with this. Rice is in. Level it out. Lid on. Okay, so this is what we figured out with these two machines. So for the Tiger, it’s pretty simple. You click on steam to cook the rice, and then you’ll press pound and it’ll start pounding the rice. For the Zojirushi, there’s an auto button right in the middle and this will steam and
then pound it for you, like straight through. Also, if you wanted to do it separately, there’s a two separate
pound and steam button. So we’re gonna move these to one side, and then start making mochi by hand. So one of the hardest
things about making mochi is the process of kneading
and beating the rice to make it super elastic, super glutinous, you want it to be stretchy,
the stretchier the better. Because this requires a lot of work, I am going to invite my
friend Ian to come help me. Come on, Ian! Join me in the pounding
party, pounding party. And we’re just gonna
put it on the counter, and then we’re just
gonna start beating it. This is kinda fun. – It’s getting–
– Yeah it’s getting there. – Stretchy. – Definitely getting there. So if you look at our mochi,
it’s looking pretty good. We’re gonna try to act like
the professionals in Japan, and there’s on guy kinda
like flipping the rice and the one guy’s pounding it, but you can’t pound my hand. Every time I do that, you beat once. Right? (machine buzzing) Oh, beep! See the rice is cooked,
and we’ll press pound. I’m fascinated with
what’s going on over here. Been the same amount of time, but you can tell the Zojirushi
definitely has more power. Also, if you look at it side by side, my ball here, it’s
definitely more developed than the Tiger machine. I mean, I have faith that
this is gonna achieve what this is achieving eventually, it’s just slower and less power. Okay guys, the Zojirushi,
first one to be done. I think we kinda gave
up on the hand method just because the rice
seems a little overcooked, it seems too, like, too wet. I’m a perfectionist and normally I would
just like finish that, but we have the mochi gadget, it will make your mochi perfectly. You don’t even know how
excited I am about this. The Tiger. Grab this guy out. And then it comes with
this little rolling pin so that you can roll out your mochi and shape it however you like. Obviously there’s so many
different ways to enjoy mochi. You can fill it with red bean, or something sweet, or
chestnuts or whatever, or you could just roll
it out into cylinders and dry it out and cut them, and add it to your soup
or stir fry or whatever. But this is like cooked, you know. It has good texture. Honestly, it’s a tad dry, but it doesn’t mean that
it’s not gonna work, you can just add a
little bit more moisture. Comparing the two mochi making gadgets, I would say the Zojirushi
is much more powerful, and you can tell by the
way the product came out. The Tiger, it’s still a little
bit, it’s not as smooth, right, I can still feel a
little bit of the kernels. I’m sure if we left it on longer it could maybe achieve that, but guess what, this did
it in less than an hour, it was super quick, and very precise. So in conclusion, if
you are a mochi lover, or maybe you’ve just
never had mochi before, then you definitely have
to get this product. I love it. I mean, I just love it, I love mochi, I love anything mochi, so I’m probably gonna take this one home and make mochi all day. (upbeat music)

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  1. Are you supposed to be using the large impeller for the Zojirushi? We bought it and trying it the first time, it's behaving just like the Tiger one is, just vibrating the rice and not rotating. o_o

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