When a Day Care Owner Retired, These Parents Did an Amazing Thing

(folk music) – Dina has been taking care of children, first her own children, and
then the past thirty years for other people’s
children in her own home. Every morning she greets
those kids on her knees at eight o’clock in the
morning until four o’clock. – So caring, so loving. She is really a special person. – People are like, “Are
your kids in daycare?” I’m like, “No.” I’m like, well actually they are but it’s like sending them
the grandma’s house, right? They’re loved and they’re
fed and they’re held and they’re talked to nicely. There’s a book called The Giving
Tree about this little boy and he goes to the tree and the
tree gives the boy his fruit and then his leaves and then
his branches and then the wood and then he makes a swing
and there’s nothing left but a little trunk, and if
he could have given more the tree would have. That’s Dina. – There is times in life where
you encounter people that you feel are contributing
to you so much, to your kids that you’re just waiting for
the opportunity to give back. This is one of these moments. – [Emily] Dina is retiring and
downsizing from a larger home to a smaller two bedroom condo. – She’s closing it. Parents
are coming to me like, “What are we doing for her?
What can we do for her? What can we do for her?” – Parents from like years and years ago, they’re kids are in college now, they all wanted to be part of this. – We said to her, “What can we give you for a going away present? We’d
like to get you something. Can we do something for your house?” And she said, “No. Thank you
for giving me your daughter.” And what could I say to
that? What can I say? So, um, I don’t think
there’s any gift in the world that would be big enough to give her. – The space actually
has a lot of potential. – Yeah. – When Jen contacted us and
told us about Dina’s story, we really wanted to be a part of it. – We want to make sure that
her retiring goes smoothly and that she’s actually in
a home as special to her as her home was to us and our children. – [Emily] She’s getting a full renovation. The great room is where
Dina will be spending most of her time relaxing,
cooking, entertaining. So we definitely want to make that space comfortable and cozy and brighten it up. The cabinets are making the
space feel really heavy, because it’s a really dark
wood finish. It’s worn. – The biggest transformation will be really brightening up the space. So it will be really nice to
see it with lighter paint, and more modern LED light fixtures. – [Emily] We’d like to bring
in some new appliances, some clean stainless steel, something more modern and functional. The granite counter top,
we’d like to pull that out bring in something more simple and clean. There’s a dining nook
adjacent to the kitchen. We want to make it a
more cozy space for Dina. We’re thinking of adding a banquette bench so she can kinda lounge.
There’s a good view. – Her floors are in pretty good shape, so instead of replacing it, we’re thinking of using an oversized rug. And it’s on the brighter
side to lighten up the space. – Mm hm. – And we can add more contrast
by adding a pop of color with the sofa. – Mm hm, yeah that looks good. – The plant’s right here. Hide the vents. – Perfect. – Probably do a round coffee table. – Mm hm. – Right here. – Oh, that’s perfect for
her. She’ll be very happy. – What’s great about this
project is that Dina’s given so much to the community over
the years, and it’s going to be great to be a part
of giving back to her. (upbeat music) There’s a clear step
down between the kitchen and living area. It’s
kind of a safety hazard. So what we wanted to do was
bring in a different flooring to make that transition very clear. She’s getting a under-mount
stainless steel sink. We’ve repainted the
cabinets. New countertops. – For the breakfast
nook, what do you think of these two things? We already ordered the table. – Mm hmm. – But I think this bench is
the perfect size for that wall. – It’s a little traditional,
but I think since the table’s modern, it can still work. – Yeah. – Put some throw pillows on there. – Let’s get it. What do you think about these mirrors? – I think that would
look great behind Dina’s existing vintage trunk. – Yeah. With plants? – Yeah – Mm hmm.That’s great. – Using the Houzz app was really great for collaborating with Jen
on which pieces to purchase and bought them directly through the app. Dina has a lot of antiques.
She has a lot of plants that we’re definitely planning to
incorporate into the design. This is the part of the project that you never want your clients to see. It’s the chaos before the beautiful. (bright music) Dina’s master bedroom was not
originally part of our scope, but we had a little bit of budget left, so we replaced her old
carpets for new flooring, and got her a new bed and
dresser and a few pieces to make the space more inviting. (upbeat music) – I think we’re done! – Looks great. Let’s get ready for Dina. – Perfect. (soft music) – I’m so excited. Are you excited? Okay, let’s do this. – I’m super excited. – Okay, come. – I can’t wait to see it. – Let’s go upstairs. Close your eyes. Follow me. I gotcha, I gotcha. I gotcha. Follow me. There you go, and… (crying) This is your new home. – So beautiful. – This is your new home. Come over here. – God, that’s beautiful. I didn’t… I couldn’t imagine something
like this that will fit here. – There’s lots of good
lighting that they put in and they did beautiful fixtures
and they have some gold. – Oh look at it. – Yeah. – [Dina] I love the blue couch. – Mm hmm. – It’s beautiful. Wow, look at that. – Yeah, so that’s just a
little memory of all the kids that used to mess up your walls. And now you’ve got some hand prints. – Wow. (laughing) – That is just amazing. – You can look on the back of each one and you’ll see who’s hand it was. And here’s your statue. – Well look at that mirror. – And the mirror and your chest. – Oh my goodness. Oh, gosh. It’s so calm. – Well there are no kids here. (laughing) – The colors. It’s beautiful – I know. – Look at that. – Her home was overrun by the
school and children’s items and toys and juice boxes, and
now it can be all about Dina and she can have a space for herself. – I really don’t know what to say. – I think Dina’s going to be
in shock for at least a week. I love how Jen, me, and
Emily captured Dina’s taste with the gold accents and the blue couch and the white kitchen. They
just, you know, the plants they totally got her. They just got her. – Jen told me that the
parents got together and wanted to do something
for me in the condo, and I thought it’s gonna
be a rug or a couch. And they did all this. I’m just overwhelmed. It’s so beautiful. You think that their child, leaves, goes to preschool. And they’re there. They’re
still there with me. I never thought that
people will do this for me. – Just seeing Dina’s
reaction, and I can’t wait for all the other parents
to see this reaction. It made everything so worth it. – Really happy to do this
for her. And hopefully she’ll enjoy, you know, the
next chapter of her life. – Dearest Dina, We hope hope
that you love your new home. We hope you feel as comfortable
and loved as we all felt leaving you with our children
over the past twenty-two years in your home. We are eternally grateful
for all you have done and for having you in our lives.
With all the love in the world, the parents, the children,
and the families. (bright string and piano music)

40 Replies to “When a Day Care Owner Retired, These Parents Did an Amazing Thing

  1. Wonderful and just what she deserves for a life time of looking after children. Whoever did the house staging has good taste.

  2. the apartment is beautiful and the gesture from the parent's / family was even more beautiful I was moved to tears❤❤❤

  3. The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

    If all caregivers treated those they care for as well as they would appreciate it would be a far kinder easier world.

  4. Who would ever dislike this video? What a beautiful way to honor someone who has one of the most difficult jobs in the 🌎 ❤️

  5. " I thought they were gunna give me a Rug, oR a Couch "… Awww, isn't Dina the Cutest. She's so humble, she got a whole Remodel without asking oR expecting it. Bless heR heart.

  6. What a blessing this lady was to these parents and what a blessing they have been to her 💜. May they all be continually Blessed. Thank you all for your love and kindness.


  8. Just knowing that when these parents dropped off there children they would be happy and treated well gave them a safe feeling💖 what an awesome way to honor her and know she is loved by so many! God bless💕

  9. This is so touching and being thankful is a great character and these parents have shown it in a great measure to this Dear Lady ,this is speaking loudly to all to see ,learn and put into practice ,Thank you Patents 💐👏🙏

  10. I’m not crying. You’re crying!

    Actually my aunt who had two boys already in high school started watching a neighbors little boy for free for his family. He went to her house everyday as a baby till high school. And as an adult he was the one who made sure her finances were good and advised her in those matters and even managed her end of life care and legal paperwork as her own two, my cousins were selfish and always had a hand out, never helped her. We who live over 3k miles away were always grateful to him.

  11. Such a beaitiful way to give back to somwone who took great care of their most valuable possessions.. their children.
    This care and compassion for Dina is inspiring! Still really good people out there.

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