When do landlords need planning permission?

Hi everyone, so today I am with Claire and
Sam from Planning Potential, hello. Hi. Thank you for joining me today. So, I have had a couple of questions from
some of my landlords and I thought I might just put them to you today if that’s ok? Absolutely yes. So, if one of my landlords has some vacant
office space and wants to turn it into apartments what advice would you give them? Well in some circumstances you don’t need
planning permission to change use, for example between an office into residential apartment,
however there are certain restrictions such as listed buildings, conservation areas, where
you might need planning permission so in those circumstances we would say come to us, we
can tell you whats what, guide you through the process and we can help you submit a planning
application. Harrogate Council for example, most of the
town centre is conservation area so in those circumstances you would need to get planning
permission. We have got some beautiful listed buildings
haven’t we. So, question number two then, some of my landlords
want to extend some property they have bought to turn into a buy to let or they want to
extend their own houses, at what point do they need planning application as opposed
to they are just allowed to do it, permitted development? That’s a good question. As Claire was saying under permitted development
there are options available to allow those, you can do single storey, double storey extension,
conversion of roof space and sometimes garages. However, in Harrogate specifically those restrictions,
those provisions sorry, don’t apply to flats and maisonettes. As Claire was saying, in certain areas, such
as conservation area or listed buildings, again those provisions are removed. There is also restrictions on the amount of
extra space you could create through an extension or conversion, that’s something that people
need to be mindful of but at the same time that is something that we could advise on. Again, as Claire was saying, if any of your
landlords had any specific questions or wanted us to look at any proposals we would happily
do that. If it was needed, an application, typically
that would take eight weeks to determine, so that’s something for them to bear in mind. We work with some really good, reputable local
architects who could assist them with the design and come up with really solutions for
them. Again, that would be something we would help
with. I know one of my landlords in particular has
got a garage in their garden that they are thinking about maybe converting that into
apartments so that’s something that they might be interested in. Thank you for answering those questions for
me but whilst you’re here, what other things do you do here? We take on a number of projects, different
scales from large scale commercial projects to the type of projects that we have been
discussing today. So, we deal with residential, leisure, retail
and we deal with all sorts of things. So if one of my landlords has got a commercial
and residential portfolio and wants to do something with it it would be quite good for
them to get in touch. Yes that would be great. Lovely, thank you so much, you’ve been really
helpful. Thank you

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  1. A change of use from an office to a residential unit does not need planning permission, but I was told I need to apply for a prior approval application. I don't know what the difference is in the way the council treats an application for full planning permission as opposed to a prior approval application. They both seem to take more than 8 weeks due to backlog of applications.

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