When Showing The Property GOES WRONG!!!! Wholesale Real Estate

Alright guys, so we’re out here at a property out in Englewood in Chicago guys were waiting. It’s me and Candance here. Hey guys We’re waiting on Que and Bleu to pop-up right now. Those are a couple of my clients. We’re gonna be going into this property They they have a cash buyers scheduled to come out here in about 20 minutes guys So we’re gonna go in I’m gonna get some footage of the inside of this property So you all can see it as well And we’re going to chat with Que and Bleu in a little bit in here as well guys. Stay tuned Back here we go All right guys We’re kind of out in the hood y’all to be a hundred percent honest So, you know, I’m not trying to be on the to on blast just camera and stuff on people getting paranoid out here Shoes on the front porch. You see that. it’s real out here y’all. It’s a real out here in the field Anyway, this is the property guys we are outside waiting on the buyer to pull up and Yeah, we’re gonna continue in a little bit Let’s get it so this is the front of the property As you can see what’s going on around here You kinda see some of the community So a nice quiet street, Not too much going on around here So it’s not too bad guys oh Yeah this backyard is gonna need some work for sure It’s the top lock or the bottom lock? Should be bottom You sure I’m bout to call her alright guys, so We’ve been out here for about 20 minutes trying to get up into this property man do struggling out here man the lady says that She locked the top lock The she liked the top lock and climbed out the window and we don’t have a Key to the top lock and that window is apparently locked because we damn sure can’t open it. I have no idea What’s going on guys? We out here trying to make it happen. I don’t know Okay, we just gonna have to deal with it and keep it going Can we do we got our buyer out of here the buyers about to lead? The buyers straight up about to pull off. There’s some other random bar. Just pull it up What’s interesting? Hi John, so we finally got into this property, uh, finally took long enough, but the One of the family members came hopped in the window Popped through that window somehow And got us into the place guys. So long story short we in here got some nice fresh windows up in here It’s really really not much work that needs to be done apparently This is the window that we were trying to go through the same Look like he’s kind of broken off the wall though, but it’s easily fixable. I’m just gonna slide through here. So you all can Check out this property. We got up here. Oh Snaps another another set of stairs. That’s the basement right there. That’s the upstairs we’ve got okay whoa It’s tragic Okay, so we’ve got the wall broken down over here. But this is a easy fix just a little wall right there And if I’m not mistaken Yep, there’s some finishing materials here for the walls is right in here. Okay? So not too bad guys. She’s not too bad We finally got up in here guys. I thought it was a bust. But it I work out. It’s very bright up here This floor is real tricky. I’m not about to go up a hand got me my stuff not today Not about to fall through no wall today Yeah, do I trust this yeah, I guess so so I’m sailing I’m not going about to judge me like This is gonna be a quick flip I’m sure we’re gonna be able to buy up in here real real quick guys. We out here at the property No that random buyer that drove up. We waiting for him to come back. We may have a deal already Okay, so if the people if this guy if he’s willing to put down like twenty-five thirty thousand dollars what we may try to Do is have them create a? Finance and situation have a person be able to pay the rest of that off all the time get that passive income coming in purchase the first property with the thirty thousand dollars and then just be Renting it out to him pretty much until he pays it off the rest of the way creative financing guys. That’s what I said Hey, we may have a deal today. Stay tuned Anyway, though. All right guys, so we outside the property just got done checking it out We waiting on this guy to pull it back up, but he kind of dragging right now So we’re probably about to be leaving from here and we’re gonna try to do some open houses this weekend but I just want it for my audience to be able to actually meet these two gentlemen right here and actually a And actually learn a little bit About how they were able to come across this deal what they plan to do with it and stuff like that So let’s just kind of dive in so guys How did y’all end up coming across this property fellas? Actually, we came to this property through one of our house, okay? Some like dazzles that like one of its first batches and needs the right way and see them somehow senses be out there kind of getting it like as far as laser things the right way So we came across it we came to and we looked at it. These are their cells we see in great condition It was man and we immediately got it under contract because I right away. It was easy So this is one of these do we do first the right way and detect a few times – yeah Like four to five times. Yes Make sure you follow up. Okay. Okay. Okay, so and then so then what we are able to get into the contract for again 25 for 25 All right, and I know on by running my comps that We could offer other to me Father. Okay, what did y’all get y’all come from? So–but, so that’s what we did was we got a realtor. Okay, right, right So we bid on that ship with you. So good the relationship we never did We sit them up the property he gave us the market update in the last six months We knew that all if the house was on the street sold for a hundred and three thousand Right way, right right, right the same criteria. That’s what we’re doing now So we knew that we could offer them offer her to rather twenty five Okay, yeah Notice how looking forward to having somebody come through to hopefully be able to get this property closed for y’all or whatever this weekend So guys I’m gonna be back over here if need be I’ma be back over here this weekend. I’m about to send this property out to some of my cash buyers I’m working hand in hand with these guys to try to actually get these deals knocked out guys We now hear playing no games, you know This is just the beginning of me actually, like getting out in the field with some of my clients But it definitely will not be the end We’re gonna be on here actually checking out a couple more properties that these fellas got under contract. They’ve been knocking it out char They got like oh five properties Right, yeah, this is definitely gonna be the first of many guys so stay tuned y’all gonna be seeing Exactly yes, so eight like Lake Lake Basin for real stay tuned for these IRL videos these in real life videos I’m gonna have these fellas and some of the other clients that’s in my my wholesale coaching We’re gonna be doing a lot more like walkthroughs of these properties gonna be out here getting money together guys So if you pumps go ahead subscribe to the channel don’t miss out on this good content, you know I Appreciate It man hi guys, so I’m just walking off now Man, Canada’s about to head back to the house I just wanted to give you all a little bit of IR real footage guys How can see see me out here in the field man we out here we did Back in back in the good old vehicle good old can dance We out here. Alright, though guys hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you know shedders concert guys until next time Alright guys, so

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