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Product Owner is a role in a product development team or a scrum team who is responsible for
the product backlog, making sure that it is up-to-date in terms of priorities and has
the items which translate back to the vision. The Product Owner represents the business
or user and is accountable for collaborating with the consumer to define what features
will be in the product release So what do product owners do?
The role of a product owner is really critical as it shakes hand at both the ends – the
development team and the stakeholders. The Product Owner works with the stakeholders
to get the right requirements, right in the sense, help the users to devise the requirements
which they might not see or comprehend at that point. This not only improves the relationship
with our customers but also helps to build up the trust. And at the other end, the Product
Owner helps the delivery team or development team to understand the vision and the requirements.
Hence, this role is a kind of bridge between the two ends, holding tight the two corners
and effectively enhancing the smooth communication. Now let us see the different responsibilities
which a product owner has to undertake- Defining the vision
The Product Owner has the responsibility of creating a vision so that the development
team clearly visualize the expected outcome by the user. It is the Product Owner who majorly
interacts and collaborates with the users to understand their requirements, thus, it
is really important to translate this in the form of a vision to the team. Also, it is
equally significant, to communicate the vision and goals to the stakeholders so that everyone
talks the same language and have an identical understanding of the outcome. To make sure
every item from the goal is aligned to the business objectives, the Product Owner should
create a product road map, which is a high-level, tactical graphical summary that shapes the
vision and direction for the product. Managing the product backlog
The most essential responsibility in a role a Product Owner is managing the product backlog.
Today’s market is really dynamic. The items in the product backlog might require some
movements due to changing priorities. It’s the Product Owners responsibility to build
up a stack of items in the backlog and prioritize them as per the business goals. The product
backlog is a dynamic list of items which should be frequently updated based on changing project
requirements all the way through development. Prioritizing needs
The product owner has to prioritize the product backlog items in such a way that they deliver
the maximum outcome. We live in a world where help is readily available in term of awesome
tools, hence, there are heaps of tools to help Product Owners do this. The Product Owner
is required to have the Backlog sequenced prior to the Sprint Planning Meeting. This
means that each user story must be ordered by relative importance. Overseeing development stages
Once we have the basic entities in place – vision, product backlog, and the prioritization, the
product owner has to make sure that he or she is participating in the overall development
stages of the product. The team might need their Product Owner to get the clarity on
a few queries or they might need to demo the committed item. The Product Owner will participate
in the ceremonies with the team, in some ceremonies, this role can be active such as planning or
backlog grooming but can be passive or inactive such as in the daily scrum Evaluating product progress at each iteration
The product owner makes sure that the development works upon the priorities and monitors the
progress of the items over the course of a sprint. Work that is either not complete or
un-done needs to be re-prioritized or sequenced. The Product Owner makes sure that the development
delivers the expected outcomes from the stories they worked upon and accepts it. So these were some of the many responsibilities
a scrum product owner takes. We hope that this video helped you understand who a scrum
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